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NYT confines justice to US paradigm

[TamilNet, Saturday, 30 January 2016, 06:59 GMT]
New York Times being happy about genocidal Colombo’s President Maithripala Sirisena righting “Rajapaksa government’s tilt toward China” is of no concern to Eezham Tamils. But whether Rajapaksa or Sirisena, the USA refusing to see genocide and imposing the ‘Sri Lanka’ paradigm on the genocide-affected nation of Eezham Tamils is the core injustice to world Tamils as well as to peoples of similar plight in world humanity. Justice cannot come through fundamentally unjustifiable resolutions spearheaded by the USA at the UNHRC that failed to recognize even the name Tamil, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island, responding to NYT editorial “Time for Justice in Sri Lanka.”

While reducing the issue to mere “atrocities” committed by both sides, forgetting the role played by the USA; and while reducing the affected nation to ‘minority’ and duping that it is now included in the “country’s governance,” the New York Times talking of the domestic investigation hoodwink alone, is not only ‘no substitute for justice’ but also preparation for further injustices to come.

Every year, a few months before the Geneva sessions the drama is re-enacted. Media, some INGOs and a group of Eezham Tamils are orchestrated to simulate an image that the US justice is coming, and later on to defend that the first step to justice has come.

What actually takes place is only periodical assessment of ‘progress’ in the agent State preparedness of Colombo in granting reconfirmation to it and granting further impunity to its genocidal quest.

The cosmetics listed by NYT, as ‘bold’ achievements of the Colombo regime, were the ones told to NPC Chief Minister Wigneswaran by US diplomats when he expressed his concern about no achievements in the fundamentals.

As the NYT has now set the scene for this year’s discourse, the media corporates in India would soon follow.

While both Srisena and Wikremasinghe are equally unprepared and not orientated to the delivery of justice, the NYT singling out Srisena may have reasons.

It is time for world Tamils seeking justice to identify where the fountainhead of injustice lies.

Civil disobedience to injustice is the way shown by Mahatma Gandhi. But the tag civil itself could be hijacked.

If ‘Sri Lanka’ paradigm is the way through which injustice sets in, the civil disobedience response, possible even at individual level against those who impose it, is to boldly denounce the paradigm in any discourse.

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