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Uprooted Tamils in Jaffna to launch occupy movement carrying ‘white-flags’

[TamilNet, Saturday, 27 February 2016, 21:31 GMT]
The uprooted Eezham Tamils from Valikaamam North in Jaffna, languishing in so-called welfare camps in Jaffna for 25 years, on Friday resolved that they were no longer prepared to wait in silence trusting the empty promises from David Cameron made in 2013 to Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein in 2016 that they would be soon resettled. The genocidal State of Sri Lanka and its occupying Sinhala military, being groomed as a ‘Lascarine’ force, have transformed their lands from ‘High Security Zone’ into ‘Sinhala Military Zone’. Now, the SL Defence Secretary in Colombo has claimed that Colombo is to sign an agreement with India in June on transforming SL military occupied Palaali airport into an international airport and that the uprooted people should only expect alternative lands citing ‘development’.

The British Prime Minister David Cameron visited the Sapapathy camp of the uprooted Eezham Tamils from Valikaamam North at Maruthanaar-madam in Jaffna during his 2013 CHOGM visit to the island. Donating shoes to the school children from the camp, the British PM told the uprooted Tamils that he was expecting them to walk in those shoes and resettle in their lands.

David Cameron's high five
David Cameron tries to high-five some children during his visit to the island. “This goes about as well as expected,” was the satire comment by The Huffington Post, which featured the above photo under its comedy section in November 2013. [Photo courtesy: The Huffington Post]

In 2015, Maithiripala Sirisena, the newly sworn in president of the Agent State in Colombo was also visited000000 the camp and promised resettlement to the people who have been uprooted for quarter a century.

The resettlement is being dragged on as usual and the messages coming from Colombo indicate more uncertainties.

In 2016, Jordanian Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, who has become the ‘facilitator’ of Human Rights politics to fit the designs of West, also visited the same camp. He told the uprooted people that he wanted to see them resettled before his next visit to the island.

Now, the Defence Secretary of genocidal Sri Lanka has gone on record dashing their hope for resettlement, saying that their lands would remain confiscated as India plans to develop the military occupied Palaali airport into an international airport.

As the global powers and the regional power, regardless of competition or collaboration among them, were all approaching the affairs of Eezham Tamils through Colombo, the uprooted Eezham Tamils, who have been waiting in a renewed hope of resettlement, have now decided to agitate and wage a struggle of non-obedience.

They have been uprooted from their fertile lands and the most resourceful coastal belt in Jaffna since 1990.

Sensing the despair among the uprooted people residing in 32 temporary shelters or ‘welfare centres’, Colombo-based diplomatic operatives of the West have advised them to carry ‘white flags’ in an attempt to manage the situation not getting out of their sophisticated ‘containment’.

Eezham Tamils have already seen the white flag deception and the genocidal solution at Mu'l'li-vaaykkaal.

On Friday, the representatives of the uprooted people gathered at Sapapathy camp and formed a common committee to take forward the next stage of their struggle.

Antony Quinton, the president of the committee, in his address echoed the sentiments of the people and conveyed the pathetic messages from various stakeholders.

The Welfare Centre's Common Committee (WCCC) comprises of representatives from 32 ‘welfare camps’ where a section of the uprooted people from SL military occupied camps reside.

Mr Quinton commented that it was perhaps better to expect justice from ‘our president’ as everyone from British PM to Al Hussein have not been able to deliver what they had promised.

However, the representatives of the WCCC were sharp in articulating their own message that they were not prepared to give up their demand of resettlement in their own lands under any circumstance of deception.

“We are prepared to accommodate any development only through our resettlement,” Mr Quinton said.

The WCCC is also planning to meet the Indian officials at the office of the Indian Consulate General in Jaffna.

The uprooted people will launch peaceful hunger strikes at every centre on a rotation basis from next Friday and a peaceful ‘white flag’ carrying occupation movement will be the next stage of struggle, he said.

The representatives from the following camps took part in the meeting: Sabapathy, Ka'n'naki, Mathavadi, Koa'nappulam(1 and 2), Neethavaan, Thumpu-thozhit-chaalai, Pi'l'laiyaar-1 (A'laveddi), Pi'l'layaar-2 (Kantharoadai), Oo'ra'ni, Kaaraikkaal, Sinthu, Neethiman'ram, Aaladi, Ilanthaiyadi, Iluppaiyadi, Krishnan-koayiladi, Yoaka-puram, Chelva-puram, Kompanip-pulam, Ikkiraa'nai-2 and Koappaay Welfare Society.



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