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‘Sinhala Ravaya’ colony in Jaffna, outcome of US-Indian policy

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 25 May 2016, 23:42 GMT]
SL President Maithiripala Sirisena, genocidal Sri Lanka’s occupying Sinhala military, the Special Task Force (STF) and Colombo’s ‘National’ Housing Development Authority (NHDA) have all joined hands with a Sinhala-Buddhist extremist group, ‘Sinhala Ravaya’, in extending the Sinhala military colony at Naavatkuzhi, which is situated at the entry point to the Jaffna City. In recent days, the Sinhala colony has received a new name board, naming the village as “Sinhala Ravaya Gama” (Sinhala Ravaya Village). What is practically evolving after 7 years of Mu’l’livaaykkaal tells the actual agenda of USA and India, commented political observers in Jaffna, urging the affected nation of Eezham Tamils to identify and act against the ultimate culprits and their ‘vision’ of genocidal handling through Agent States.

Why can’t Sinhalese live in the North like Tamils live in the South, is an absurd question, often asked by people defending the genocidal ‘unity’ of the island. Tamils could never have a ‘Eezham Tamil Voice’ colony in the South and that makes the difference in the parity of the nations in a genocidal context, the political observers in Jaffna commented.

Adding to China-built military camps of Rajapaksa, the US-India sponsored ‘regime change’ is bringing in Israel-model colonization to the country of Eezham Tamils. The headache will be later faced by India at its doorstep, the observers further commented.

According to a journalist coming from the South, the ‘Sinhala Ravaya’ group had met the US embassy officials in 2014 requesting US assistance under the pretext of fighting (Islamic) terrorism. For outsiders, it may appear that they are now defunct. But, the Sinhala Ravaya and other groups are deeply involved in accelerating the colonization schemes instead of organizing publicity seeking protests in Colombo these days.

In the meantime, sources in Jaffna said that a ‘top-level’ Sinhala Buddhist delegation, consisting of 8 members, is currently visiting the military village.

More lands have also been seized for the expansion of the colony in total silence and the absence of protests during the last year.

The notorious STF has been given 5 acres of lands for a permanent base through the involvement of SL President Maithiripala Sirisena, informed sources in Jaffna told TamilNet.

The recently put up name board “Sinhala Ravaya Village” at Naavat-kuzhi in Jaffna. “Sinhala Ravaya” is an organisation led by Buddhist monks working in parallel with the “Buddhist Power Force” (BBS). Note that the name of the extremist group is not given in English in the name board. The English text only states ‘Since 2011’ as a smokescreen to protect the current regime. The full name is rendered in Sinhala and Tamil as ‘Sinhala Ravaya Village’. “Ravaya” literally means “Sound” or “Voice”. The term is also used to imply news.

Sinhala military colony at Naavatkuzhi
A Buddha statue has also been erected inside the colony in recent weeks.

There are two military camps giving ‘protection’ to the Sinhala colony at Naavat-kuzhi.

The colonists, who were supposed to be living at the colony are mostly residing in the South as their children have to attend Sinhala schools. Some of them use to visit Naavat-kuzhi and stay in the houses during the weekends. Some of the houses are also used by the families of the SL military personnel, the informed sources further said.

Plans are now afoot to expand the colony into a full-fledged Sinhala village, also encompassing Naavat-kuzhi Railway Station.

Colombo has already given instructions to build a hospital, school and a Buddhist temple at the locality. Tamils are not allowed to enter the ‘Sinhala zone’, which is guarded by the SL military and the STF.

The Northern Provincial Council (NPC), having its headquarters a few kilometers away at Kaithadi, has been silent on the issue, uprooted Tamil villagers from Naavat-kuzhi complained.

More lands have been seized within the last year at the rear side of the locality, where houses were initially constructed during the regime of Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Naavat-kuzhi is situated at a strategic location that bridges Valikaamam and Thenmaraadchi sectors of the peninsula.

After the end of war in Vanni, 193 Sinhala families were brought by the SL military in civil buses and lorries to Jaffna on 08 October 2010 and they were staying at the abandoned Jaffna Railway Station at that time.

SLN Vesak at Maathakal
While the occupying Sri Lanka Army was staging Vesak festivities near the Public Library in Jaffna, the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) celebrated Vesak at the north-western tip of the Jaffna peninsula at the Sinahal military colony and the ‘Sacred Zone’ Sinhala Buddhist establishment of Thiruvadi-nilai.
The Sinhala settlers, who were not genuine residents of the peninsula, were claiming that their families had lived in Jaffna before 1983.

SL Minister of National Housing during the Rajapaksa regime, Mr Wimal Weerwansa, was the person behind this colonization of Sinhala families in the North in lands claimed to be the property of the NHDA.

A month later, on 09 November 2010, the ‘Sri Lanka’ Army (SLA) took 32 families of those who were staying at Jaffna Railway Station to Naavat-kuzhi. 

The SLA and Sinhala policemen chased away hundreds of Eezham Tamil men and women, who were uprooted from their housing scheme at Naavatkuzhi when they tried to erect sheds in their lands on 11 November 2010. 

The Sinhala colonists were allowed to erect houses with the roof and timber of the ruined houses of Eezham Tamils. The SL military was also blocking journalists from inspecting the illegal settlement.

In the meantime, the occupying SL Navy was marking Vesak at Thiruvadi-nilai in Maathakal, which is one of the two closest spots of communication between the country of Eezham Tamils and Tamil Nadu.


Coastal military establishments in North
Sri Lanka's large military establishments that choke Jaffna peninsula and threaten Indian security. Sinhala colonisation is carried out in places no 11, 13, 14, and 16. The locations: 1. High Security Zone, Valikaamam North, 2. Kaarainakar naval base, 3. Vallan, Pungkudutheevu, 4. Periyathu'rai and Saamiththoadda-munai, Delft (Key location for Kachchatheevu and Rameswaram), 5. Kunthavadi, Delft, 6. Thalai-mannaar, 7. Mannaar Fort, 8. Tha'l'laadi, 9. Poonakari Fort, 10. Elephant Pass, 11. Vettilaikkea'ni, 12. Naakarkoayil, 13. Ariyaalai East and the opposite sandbar Ma'n'niththalai, 14. Naavatkuzhi, 15. Ma'ndaitheevu and 16. Jaffna city. The innumerable small military posts and the newly planned cantonments in Vanni are not shown in the map. [Satellite Image courtesy: NASA, Visible Earth. Legend by TamilNet]

While Thalai Mannaar in Mannaar district is the closest to Rameasvaram, Maathakal in Jaffna Peninsula is the closest to Koadikkarai (Point Calimere) in Tamil Nadu. Colombo’s archaeologists claim Thiruvadinilai as the landing place of Sinhala-Buddhism to the island in 3rd century BC, and are building modern Buddhist establishments there, while the very name of the place Ko'la-patuna (Kozhu-paddinam, the harbour at the tip) mentioned in the Pali chronicles themselves is of Tamil etymology. [Satellite Image Courtesy - NASA, Visible Earth. Details & Legend by TamilNet]

More photos from Vesak celebrations staged by SL Navy at Maathakal follow:

SLN Vesak at Maathakal

SLN Vesak at Maathakal
SLN Vesak at Maathakal
SLN Vesak at Maathakal
SLN Vesak at Maathakal

SLN Vesak at Maathakal

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