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Tamil genocide, controversies haunt UNSG aspiring and outgoing

[TamilNet, Friday, 27 May 2016, 12:09 GMT]
As Mr Ban Ki-moon is looking forward to get elected as South Korea’s president after exhausting the United Nation's tenure by the end of this year, New Zealand’s Helen Clark, who is accused of penalising a UN official for exposing the role played by the UN in the Tamil genocide in 2009, is aspiring for the post of the UN Secretary General. Recently, while the UN has ostensibly detracted crucial global questions by downgrading and sending the questions to the UNHRC for deliberations, even at the UNHRC level ‘Sri Lanka’ is selectively the most soft-pedalled one. This only means the highest importance is being silently given to the ‘genocidal Sri Lanka paradigm’ by the ultimate culprits of world humanity, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island, citing ‘Sri Lanka’ constantly haunting people in the UN.

Helen Clark
Helen Clark was Prime Minister of New Zealand between 1999 and 2008, and for the last seven years she was steering the UN Development Programme (UNDP) agency of the UN.

“In the most controversial move, Clark’s top managers allegedly drove one UNDP official out of her job in retaliation for participating in a investigation that sharply criticised the agency’s response to mass atrocities in Sri Lanka,” said Foreign Policy (FP) website on Tuesday, citing internal UN emails and several current and former UN-based officials and diplomats.

Ms Lena Sinha, a Swedish-American dual citizen, was forced out of the UNDP after a 15-year career, for helping craft a landmark report on the UN’s shortcomings in the final months of the Sri Lankan civil war, the FP feature said.

Ms Sinha was chief of staff of the UN panel that produced the Petrie Report, which talked about the “systemic failure” of the UN in the protection of Tamils. The report criticized the then UNDP leadership team in Colombo and said that the department heads at the UN Head Quarters were not instructing them otherwise.

FP cited a former UN advisor saying that “It seems that UNDP, and Helen Clark in particular, took the Petrie report personally”.

Two days after the release of the report, Sinha’s role in the report was discussed and her career was threatened, FP cited emails.

According to FP, while Sinha commented, “I was, of course, shocked by the developments following the completion of the Sri Lanka review,” Petrie’s response was that Sinha’s penalisation was “an extraordinary demonstration of vindictiveness and abuse of authority.”

“Those who were criticised in the report suffered no disciplinary action while Sinha saw her career destroyed,” FP cited Human Rights advocates.

The FP feature was also citing HR advocates inside and outside of the UN, accusing the UNDP under Helen Clark for weakening Human Rights initiatives and repeating ‘Sri Lanka’ mistakes in Myanmar too.

The FP feature was sympathetic to Ban Ki-moon and to the competitor of Clark, Ms Susana Malcora, former chief of staff of Ban. Like the so-called ‘national’ media in India, the US-based FP also didn't alert the world about the genocide when it took place.

Ban Ki-moon
Meanwhile, Mr. Ban Ki-moon’s intention to contest the South Korean presidential election in 2017 violates a UN General Assembly resolution, said The Korea Times on Thursday.

“The resolution stipulates that a secretary-general should refrain from accepting government positions "immediately" after retirement because confidential information learned in the course of their duties might be a source of embarrassment to other members,” The Korea Times commented.

But whether the UN General Assembly or the masters behind the UN have the final say is the question, commented Tamil political observers.

Last month, Mr. Erik Solheim, star-crossed in peace facilitation and appetite lacking in calling genocide as genocide, was nominated for a post in the UN in the rank of Asst. Secretary General. Citing masters behind the UN, the deceptive handling of the Eezham Tamil case by the current UNHRC chief, is well known.

As all are in their own games, the Eezham Tamil diaspora has a prime duty to the people in the island, in creating a righteous space for them to internationally fight their case. If the diaspora becomes meek, subordinate and gullible, and pretends that it doesn’t know the ultimate culprits, then it ruins that space, said the activists in the island.

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