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Book urges Tamils to focus on geopolitical struggle

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 October 2016, 23:45 GMT]
A book published in June 2016 by M. Thirunavukkarasu on the constitutions of Ilankai [Ceylon/ ‘Sri Lanka’], from the 1931 Donoughmore constitution to the one currently in the making by Sirisena, pivotally elucidates on a theme that all the unitary constitutions of the island were ultimately targeting against India, and in the process the Eezham Tamils became scapegoats. In tracing the roots, Thirunavukkarasu exposes the British colonial and postcolonial policies keeping the island as a checkmate against India in the region. The author urges Tamils to get awakened to the geopolitics in shaping their future struggle. The calibre of Thirunavukkarasu’s book is that what has been implied is more important than what has been written. The book has to be read in between the lines to get the thrust.

Ilangkai arachiyal yaappu by M. Thirunavukkarasu
Tamil Research Centre based in Ilankai and Britain has published the book.

Thirunavukkarasu’s book has to be read by all Tamils to understand the importance of handling geopolitics appropriately, rather than gullibly assenting to ignorant and easy-way-seeking geopolitical approaches of the powers that were blighting the Tamils for a long time, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island.

The book aptly catalogues the blunders made by articulating Eezham Tamil political leadership of the past in not taking geopolitics into their hands in challenging the British colonial and postcolonial designs.

The calibre of Thirunavukkarasu’s book is that what has been implied is more important than what has been written. The book has to be read in between the lines to get the thrust.

If all the constitutions of the island and its very State formation itself are against India because of the Tamil factor, the question comes whether New Delhi also has decided to play ‘strategic partnership’ as an easy way of handling geopolitics, by hemming stateless Tamils and making them geopolitical non-entities in the region.

Evidences are plenty, from practical experience of the past to elements articulating in India. But Thirunavukkarasu currently based in Chennai could only set the space for the question to come, for he would easily be branded as ‘agent’ of China, if the said possibility is discussed.

All what the book say on Britain have to be now ascribed to the USA, for the latter is the one that continues the legacy; and all what the book say on Tamil political articulators of the past go to the present ones engaged in the same power politics, forgetting against whom the real struggle – the geopolitical struggle has to be waged. Thirunavukkarasu would be accused of being diplomatically offensive if he is explicit on this.

If geopolitical mishandling by Eezham Tamils was the reason for their failures in the past, what elements led the Tamil struggle into the hands of the West to end up in genocide, is another question that cannot escape the minds of the readers.

Thirunavukkarasu must be having an idea on this, for he has been closely witnessing the struggle for a long time as a student of history. His geopolitical analysis leading to that question is the antidote for all the historiographical hijacks that have come and will be forthcoming from the US-UK camp.

Thirunavukkarasu’s book doesn't come out with defeatism, which the adversaries wanted Eezham Tamils to gulp. The book is positive about new awakening coming among Tamils, after seeing all the Establishments of the world naked at Mu’l’livaaykkaal.

To his great credit Thirunavukkarasu is not a product of the universities in the West or in India or in the south of the island. Nor he received any ‘scholarship’ from anyone at anytime. He studied and lectured at the History Department of the University of Jaffna to come out with the unique perspective of analysis.

However, he notes that the younger generation should study social sciences in suitable foreign universities to envisage and lead future political directions of Eezham Tamils.

He may be aware that the main ‘counterinsurgency’ programme on Eezham Tamils in these universities, orchestrated from the ‘top’ through preceptors, funding, employment etc., is to hijack and brainwash the youth.

Eezham Tamil youth need a special orientation programme to liberate them from the ‘agenda’ of these foreign universities. Hopefully, Thirunavukkarasu’s book could be an eye-opener.

The book launch arranged in Jaffna a few days ago is a good example for what Thirunavukkarasu has said in his book about local power politics sidelining geopolitical struggle of Tamils in the past. In a way, the book itself has provided space for the deviation by unnecessarily delving into suggestions to ‘improve’ the constitutional proposals.

Thirunaavukkarasu's Book launch
Thirunaavukkarasu's Book launch
A section of the audience at the book launch event held at Sarasvathi Hall, Naachchimaar-koayiladi, Jaffna. The event was presided by Professor K. Sitrampalam
If the British geopolitical design for the island, required by the times of colonial monopoly of the world is the fundamental evil for the island and for the region, countering the continuation of the evil should begin from rejecting ‘Sri Lanka’ conceived by this design.

The USA, India and China have to be told that one congenitally genocidal State in the island, which constantly plays opportunism to maintain its ‘right to genocide’, is dangerous for all of them competitively looking upon it. The concerned players should be made to realize that for the multi-polar actualities of today, a balance has to be struck in the island, breaking away from the colonial-monopoly design.

But the book-launch was only used by one section of Tamil polity to attempt proving that the other is only equally good in compromising fundamentals and in compromising with the current Washington-New Delhi agenda.

Justice Wigneswaran cited another programme for excusing himself from the book-launch. But he did send a written speech. He may attribute his absence to Providence, but he seems to have made a judgement.

* * *

Messages and addresses by some of the guests invited to address the book launch event held in Jaffna on 01 October 2016, follow:

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