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Making Eezham Tamil ‘Shiv Sena’ meaningful

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 12 October 2016, 23:39 GMT]
The chief coordinator of ‘Siva Cheanai’ in Jaffna, Ma'ravan-pulavu K. Sachithananthan has come out with a statement on Wednesday that on the Vijayadasami day (Tuesday), the Buddhists, Christians and Muslims disturbed Saiva Tamil religious rituals of Muththumari Amman temple in Anuradhapura Old Town. They chased away the devotees and one devotee who escaped into the sanctum of the temple was fatally stabbed by a Buddhist and a Muslim. Both of them also smashed the image at the sanctum. Condemning the act on behalf of ‘World Hindus’, Mr Sachithananthan urged for the supply of a replacement statue. The Eezham Tamil Siva Cheanai would be more meaningful if it could focus on countering the paradigm of Indian Shiv Sena that mischievously patronizes both genocidal Buddha and monkey god statues for geopolitical purposes in the island.

If the game of using religion for geopolitical engineering in the island could be understood, the Eezham Tamil Siva Cheanai could come out with a better paradigm that justifies the spirit of Tamil Saivism, which originally stood against ultimate elements responsible for all kinds of oppression, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island.

The Tamil religious uprising could be more geopolitically meaningful if it could consider the Veerashaivas, the majority but oppressed people of Karnataka who had rejected Brahmanism and the Hindu tag, as friends. The Veerashaivas (Lingayats) are in Andhra, Telangana and Maharashtra also.

At the moment, the strategy of the BJP-RSS-Shiv Sena-ruled New Delhi is to isolate Tamils from the neighbouring States in India as well as to counter the justified international geopolitical say of Tamils through the genocidal Sinhala Buddhist State in Colombo and its military.

The Tamil religious uprising would be geopolitically more meaningful if it could consider the Tamil Catholics, Tamil Muslims, the Konkanis of Goa, the Dalits of India, the vast tribal populations of Odisha, Chhattisgarh etc., the peoples’ movements that fight for their rights, the peoples of the Northeast frontier States of India, the Sikhs of India and the Bengali-speaking Muslims, as their friends.

This was the spirit of the Tamil Saiva Bhakti (devotional) movement pioneered by saints coming from communities such as the Veddhas, Paraiyar (so-called untouchable drummers), cowherds, artisans and women. The movement was against bogus elitism in religion and against State authority using religion as a form of oppression.

The current religious conflicts unleashed in the island is a result of the design of Washington and New Delhi to camouflage their crimes and agenda in the island.

Whenever think of genocidal Buddhism in the island all should remember Washington, New Delhi and the former ‘communist’ Beijing and their geopolitical games.

If the Jaffna Siva Cheanai that has imitated a wrong tag even for justifiable demands, could not be able to take up the right lead, and the Dravidian movements in Tamil Nadu that now worship the Mammon god are unable to take up the geopolitical cause, the younger generation of Tamils all over the world should grasp the issue.

On a still higher plane, it was the Tamil writer, Puthumaip-piththan, who has said that all the religious preceptors of the world had left behind their ideologies as dogs to hunt the humanity forever (Annaiyidda-thee). That is the spirit of the religious struggle of Tamil civilisation.

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