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Led by extremist monk, Sinhala colonists launch hate campaign against Tamil officials in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Friday, 11 November 2016, 23:31 GMT]
More than 200 Sinhala colonists led by extremist Sinhala Buddhist monk Ampitiye Sumanarathna Thera in Batticaloa took to the streets on Friday with an intention to accelerate the demographic genocide against Eezham Tamils in the southwestern part of Batticaloa district. A systematic ‘hate campaign’ is being taken up by the Sinhalese monks and the colonists as a tool to threaten Tamil administrative officials in the East. The behaviour of the extremist monk captured in video is being released with this news for the perusal of the nature of the hate campaign under the genocidal ‘Sri Lanka’ paradigm, which accords ‘foremost place to Buddhism’ in its constitution with a genocidal intent against the sovereignty of the nation of Eezham Tamils in the North and East of the island.

Describing the Tamil GS and DS officials as ‘Kotiya’ (Tigers) and ‘Balla’ (dogs), the monk also demonstrated how Sinhala racists deploy the term ‘Paraya’, in a derogatory context against Tamils according to their thinking.

The monk was questioning who the GS and DS officers were to lodge complaints about illegal encroachment. “Is this your fathers’ and mothers’ place,” Sumanarathna Thera asked. He went verbally abusive against Tamils stating that they deserved attacks and death. “Tigers were killing us,”he said.

While the ‘venerable’ monk went on record expressing his ethnic hatred directed against Tamil officials, the Assistant Superintend of Police from Maha-oya was silently watching the monk to go amok against the Tamil GS officer, who was also a government employee.

The monk came with a remark saying that the officials were being spared [from physical attack] just because of the respect he had to the uniform-wearing police officer.

Yet, the Sinhala ASP of the SL police continued to ‘politely’ watch the verbal abuse of the monk without any objection against the derogatory performance of the monk against public servants.

The Village Officer (GS) Mr Jeevithan and Divisional Secretary Ms Thadchanagowry Dinesh were present at the site. The monk was particularly targeting the GS officer Jeevithan, who was patiently watching the monk.

The monk has come up with the hate campaign after the civil officials last month launched some sort of a legal action against the illegal encroachment. The move came on the instructions from the District Secretary, who was forced to act after repeated complaints from Tamil farmers. The matter was also taken up at the District Development Council meetings.

The Sinhala colonists have seized Kathirak-kal-malai pastureland at Kevu'liyaa-madu and have converted it to their agricultural lands. Tamil cattle farmers have been traditionally using the pasturelands, especially during 3 months each year, for several decades. The Sinhala settlers have been capturing the cattle of Tamil farmers and lodging ‘legal’ action against the Tamil farmers.

Recently, a fence to protect the villagers of Kevu'liyaa-madu from rampant wild elephants was put up. The DS and GS officers proposed a compromise solution suggesting that the cattle farmers could use the area on one side of the fence as pastureland while the Sinhalese settlers engaging in agriculture could use the other side for their agriculture. The Sinhala colonists and the monk were not tolerant to the proposal and the protest was sparked by them on Friday.

While the monk went abusing the Tamil officials, around 200 Sinhalese colonists were blocking Ampaa’rai – Kandy Road.

The monk has been personally involved in putting up houses for 20 to 25 Sinhala colonists at Kevu'liyaa-madu while more than 60 Sinhalese colonists have settled with the backing of SL military, Sinhala officials from Ampaa'rai district receiving funds from Colombo government and other groups from South. The Forest Department operating under the instructions from Mahaweli Ministry of SL President Maithiripala Sirisena is also trying to impose ‘pass’ restrictions to farmers in Batticaloa to access pasturelands, which are being systematically targeted by Colombo for demographic genocide against Tamils in the Batticaloa district.

* * *

The Pa'raiyar are prestigious ancestors of the Tamil social formation. In fact, they are also very much the forefathers of the Sinhalese, whose elite now try to parade themselves as 'Aryans' and speak of "Para Demala" and “Paraya” in a genocidal context.

The social ideas of Brahminism, made the term Pa'raiyar 'untouchables' and the colonial English endorsed it a derogatory term in their dictionaries. Sinhala Theravadha Buddhist extremists, for their turn, have made it a term to bash a people, who according to their so-called Mahavansa mind-set, ‘deserve’ genocidal treatment.

* * *

Kachchatkodi Swami-malai GS division is one of the 24 GS divisions of Ma’nmunai South West (Paddippazhai) DS Division, situated southwest of Batticaloa lagoon and is located 13 km away from Batticaloa city.

The GS area with the extent of 14.8 sq. km, comprises of three villages – Kachchat-kodi, Swami-malai and Kevu'liyaa-madu.

The disputed Kathirak-kal-malai pastureland is located in Kevu’liyaa-madu, which is situated at the southwestern border of Paddippazhi DS division.

There are 448 families of a total population of 1,533 individuals in Kachchatkodi GS division.

901 of these individuals are Sinhalese, according to the statistics obtained in 2015.

The entire GS division has been heavily Sinhalicised by the Sinhala encroachers from Ampaa'rai district with the active backing from the genocidal unitary State.

365 Sinhalese families are living at present in Kevu’liyaa-madu village. Most of them are illegal encroachers.

Only a few Sinhalese were living at this village before 1980s.

Occupying Sinhala military expelled Tamil families from Kevu’liya-madu village on October 16, 1985. More than 96 families were uprooted from the area at that time.

Around 60 of the uprooted Tamil families have been resettled in Kevu’liyaa-madu, but they are not provided with facilities matching that of the Sinhala colonists as most of the infrastructure support to the Sinhalese settlers come through different institutions and organisations that are not answerable to the DS or GS administrative officials in the district.

Many of the resettled Tamil families are now afraid of raising their children at an ethnic hostile environment.

The Sinhalese encroachers also want to change the administrative system of the entire GS division, which has been demographically transformed into a numerically Sinhala-majority GS division.

The extremist monk and the Sinhala colonists want to annex the GS division with Sinhala-majority Uhana DS Division of bordering Ampaa’rai District.

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