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Genocidal Colombo schemes fresh Sinhala military colony in Champoor

[TamilNet, Friday, 05 May 2017, 19:41 GMT]
After a prolonged period of discrimination against the resettled Eezham Tamils in Champoor and keeping the resettled people under military conditions, the occupying SL Navy in Champoor has now started to scheme a Sinhala colony for 145 families of the occupying SL Naval training base named Vidura (SLNS Vidura). The Sinhala colonial Governor to the Eastern Province, Kalupage Austin Fernando, a former Defence Secretary of the occupying Sri Lankan military and Sinhala Government Agent of Trincomalee District, N.A.A. Pushpakumara, another Sinhala official of Colombo have made the necessary arrangements. Initial work has already started for the construction of houses. A hospital and a Sinhala school are also included in the plan, informed Tamil-speaking sources in Trincomalee told TamilNet this week.

SL Navy managed to seize more lands than what was being officially referred in media. The information put out to public consumption by the SL Defence Ministry was only talking about 180 acres of lands for SLNS Vidura. In reality five to ten times more lands in extent have been seized. Since much of the lands are public lands, the transition has been silently carried out only involving the officials who are on the pay-list of Colombo.

In addition to public lands, the SL Navy was to hand over all private lands. But, the SL Navy has not handed over all the lands back to the land-owners.

Out of 8,400 acres of lands seized by Colombo and transformed into Heavy Industry Zone, only a few hundred acres of lands have been given back to the uprooted Tamils. The remaining lands are to be utilized for military and strategic purposes of SL State and its strategic partners. This is completely unacceptable and the entire Tamil community throughout the globe should know what exactly is going on in Champoor.

“The Tamil collaborators, who opt for Colombo-centric ‘development’ and the secret agents of the International Establishments promoting the Colombo-centric development outlook should be exposed to the Tamil community,” commented a Tamil-speaking Muslim official who revealed the details to TamilNet this week.

According to a news release put out for public consumption by the SL Defence Ministry website on 07 May 2015, the re-location of SLNS Vidura was a lucrative arrangement benefiting the SL Navy.

“The new location was selected to ensure the safety of the naval base and the Trincomalee harbour. The camp will be relocated to an 180 acre land which will have a 4 km long stretch of beach front. Even though the former land was larger (237 acres) it had only about 1.5 km of beach front. The new location would be much conducive for training and security purposes,” stated the news release along with the following graphic:

SL Defence Ministry
[Image Courtesy: SL Defence Ministry]
SL Defence Ministry
[Image Courtesy: SL Defence Ministry]

* * *

Eastern Naval Area
‘Eastern Naval Area’ as defined by the occupying SL Navy [Image courtesy: navy.lk]
CNBs in Eastern Naval Area
There are 13 so-called ‘Commissioned Navy Bases’ in the Eastern Naval Area of the SL Navy [Image courtesy: navy.lk]
The SL Navy has divided the entire island into 7 ‘Naval Areas’.

The ENA covers the longest eastern belt of the occupied country of Eezham Tamils, and consists of 13 Commissioned Naval Bases (CNBs). The ENA is the largest establishment within the SL Navy in the entire island.

Of these 13 CNBs, ‘SLNS Gotabaya’ is the only one at Mullaiththeevu distirct.

‘SLNS Kashyapa’ is the other single CNB, situated in Vaakarai of Batticaloa district in the Eastern Province.

The remaining 11 commissioned bases are all situated in the strategic Trincomalee district.

For comparison, Western Naval Area covering Colombo from Chilaavaththu'rai in North to Bentota, 60 km south of Colombo has only 8 CNBs while Northern Naval Area covering the Palk Bay and the Bay of Bengal maintains 7 CNBs.

North Central Naval Command having 5 CNBs and North Western Naval Command constituting of 4 CNBs are situated between Jaffna and Colombo areas covering the Palk Bay and Gulf of Mannaar.

Southern Naval Area is having only 3 CNBs and the recently established South East Naval Area, which was part of Eastern Naval Command, is having one CNB at Paa'nama in Ampaa'rai district, which is also subjected to intense Sinhala Buddhist militarisation.

Several commanding cantonments have been put up along the Eastern Coast, especially after the end of war and each of these CNBs are coupled to particular projects of structural genocide with the intention of causing demographic changes.

While the provincial administration of previously merged North-East is separated into Northern and Eastern Provinces, the SL Naval Command for East extends to North and South of Trincomalee.

The CNBs are permanently wedging the territorial integrity of the Tamil homeland at its strategic locations.

The detachments linked to each of the CNB level base have been classified as Naval Deployment (ND), Naval Sub Units (NSU) etc., and vary in strength.

‘SLNS Ranweli’ at Pulmoaddai, ‘SLNS Walagamba’ at Thiriyaay, ‘SLNS Vijayaba’ at Nilaave'li, ‘SLNS Mahaweli’, ‘SLNS Tissa’, Naval Military Academy and ‘SLNS Dockyard’ surrounding the harbour of Trincomalee, ‘SLNS Gokanna’ at Ki'n'niyaa, ‘SLNS Vidura’ and ‘SLNS Parakumba’ at Champoor, ‘SLNS Lankapatuna’ at Thoappoor, are the commissioned SL Navy cantonments dotting the coast of the Trincomalee district.

Several of these SLNS cantonments also have a so-called ‘Fisheries Coordinating Offices’ embedded into them to operate behind the scene in bringing Sinhala fishermen from South to the rich seabeds in the territorial waters of Eezham Tamils amidst protests from the native fishermen.

While Colombo has conceived its plan for Sinhalicisation and Militarisation of the coastal stretch from Nalla-tha'n'nith-thoduvaay in Mullaiththeevu to Thu'rai-neelaava'nai in Batticaloa district, actively deploying its naval Establishment, the so-called ‘development’ agenda, being backed by the West, is targeting to seize the fertile interior lands of Eezham Tamils operating through the so-called ‘Mahaweli Master Plan’.

SL President Maithiripala Sirisena, with his ‘Polonnaruwa Chinthana’ is also the minister responsible for ‘Mahaweli’ occupation plan.

‘System L’ of Mahaweli project targets the fertile areas in Mullaiththeevu while ‘System B’, the largest of the current projects under the Mahaweli scheme, aims to seize the resourceful interior lands of Batticaloa district. The deployment of Sinhala ‘home guards’ paramilitary, extremist Buddhist monks and the SL ‘Army and Archaeology’, Forest Department and Wild Life Department are all operated along the ‘master plan’ of Sinhalicisation.

In the meantime, another ‘urban’ development programme, conceived already by ‘Mahinda Chintana’ targeting Trincomalee has been transformed to ‘Singapore’ based scheme with the advice coming from USA, informed civil sources in Trincomalee said. SL Prime Minister Ranil Wickramsinghe is spearheading this urban development project, which targets the city of Trincomalee and its suburbs.

The colonial Governor of Eastern Province, Kalupage Austin Fernando, who is close to US Establishment facilitates the ‘smooth’ implementation of the structural genocide in the East.



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