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SL military intelligence behind systematic increase of crimes in North

[TamilNet, Thursday, 26 October 2017, 23:33 GMT]
The intelligence wing of the occupying Sinhala military is said to be behind the systematic and rapid increase of thefts, sexual harassments and narcotic spread in the Mullaiththeevu district within the last 2 months, civil sources in the district told TamilNet on Thursday as Councillor Thurairasa Ravikaran moved an awareness motion at the Northern Provincial Council at an NPC session. In a move to arrest the situation, Tamil youth and concerned grassroots activists have set up ‘vigilance committees’ and put up civil sentries at several places. However, they are unable to curb the culprits. Now, the Sinhala military intelligence is hatching plans to suppress the activities of the civil mobilisation including the vigilance committees. The occupation by Sinhala military stands at one soldier per two civilians in the district.

The civil population of Mullaiththeevu district is around 135,000.

But, there are around 60,000 Sinhala Army personnel stationed in the district in addition to SL Navy, Air Force and Police personnel.

The number of civilian family units in the district stands at 42,620, according to the statistics provided by Mr Ravikaran at the NPC session.

25% of the entire Sinhala army (60,000 of 243,000) soldiers are stationed at Mullaiththeevu district, Mr T. Ravikaran said.

There is no need to explain who is instrumental in the sudden increase of the crime rate at the district, civil sources in the district said.

The freedom of movement of Tamil women and children has been severely restricted due to the prevailing menace to their security.

The SL military intelligence is said to be behind deploying gangs to destabilise the peace and safety of Tamil civilians in order to disintegrate the community and keep them suppressed through terrorisation tactics, the civil sources said.

Whenever Tamils show a tendency to political mobilise, they are confronted through externally planted gang violence, thefts and sexual harassments since the military experiment of ‘grease devils’ during the times of Rajapaksa regime, they said.

The systematic deployment of crimes by SL military and gangs groomed by the occupying military is also observed across the entire Northern province from Mannaar to Mullaiththeevu.

In October last year, Arippu, a coastal village of Musali division in Mannaar district, witnessed a civil unrest when a Sinhala military intelligence operative attached to the occupying Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) was caught red-handed by Tamil villagers while he entered a house with knives.

Last Sunday, on 22 October, a Tamil fisherman was shot allegedly by SL military intelligence personnel at Kozhumpuththu’rai, a suburb of Jaffna city.

The victim, 25-year-old Don Bosco Richmond, later succumbed to his injuries.

Another youth, who accompanied him in motorbike, narrowly escaped from the gunmen, who had stopped their motorbike and fired at them.

The surviving fisherman has blamed that those who fired at them were SL military intelligence personnel and that the vehicle used by them was seen at the SL Navy base at Ma’ndaitheevu.

The alleged SL Navy intelligence personnel operating from Ma’ndaitheevui base are believed to be linked with narcotic smuggling, legal sources in Jaffna said.

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