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Victimised Tamil women from East exposed to nightmare on Valentine's Day in Colombo

[TamilNet, Thursday, 15 February 2018, 12:27 GMT]
A Colombo-based NGO, known as Families of the Disappeared (FoD), was inviting 30 Tamil women from the East on Valentine's Day to Western Province to narrate their ‘love stories’ with their husbands, whom they later lost due to enforced disappearances. It was shocking that the personalities involved in the outfit, known to be making money on the plight of Tamil victims, would go to this level of ‘Human Rights’ exploitation, commented Mrs Amalanayaki Amalaraj, the chairperson of the organisation for enforced-disappeared in Batticaloa district. She characterised the stage event of traumatic exposure as psychological and cultural ‘torture’. There is no point in blaming the arrows while the real archers operating the Colombo-centric paradigm sustaining the exploitation, commented informed sections of Tamil activists in Batticaloa.

A Colombo-based human rights activist, Brito Fernando, is chairing the FoD.

During the regime of Mahinda Rajapaksa, almost no one except a few Colombo-based HR activists and Tamil politicians, who were prepared to assist the families of enforced disappeared in their search for their loved ones.

Mr Fernando came forward to help at that time. The families of enforced disappeared also thought it was good to have a Sinhala activist representing them, Mrs Amalraj

However, as the time went, they felt like being used to collect details for reports, and their participation in the meetings ending up in photographing sessions for fund-oriented applications, Mrs Amalaraj said.

The district organisations of enforced families from North were quick to realise the exploitative nature of the FoD and the personalities associated with it. As the women activists from North were becoming cautious, Mr Fernando was canvassing among the Eastern Tamil victims injecting views opposed to Northern women and their organisation, she further said.

Now, the FoD is engaged in causing divisions among the Tamil women in the East itself, she further said.

There are also other NGOs and personalities closely associated with the FoD. They have all based their income generation on the Geneva discourse and the ‘Transnational Justice’ funds from the West.

Similar exploitations of NGO operatives with much higher profile were earlier exposed in the cases of Netherlands-based Tamil NGO operative Ram Manikkalingam and a Sinhala consultant cum academic Dr Udan Fernando in the case of Colombo based NGO outfit, both of whom waging political ‘counter-insurgency’ on Tamil Diaspora.

* * *

The foreign forces effecting regime-changes in Colombo have also been locking Eezham Tamil ‘victims’ from North-East into a dependency-culture on Colombo-based civil-society- and ‘Non-Governmental Organisations’ serving their interests as well as that of their Agent State in Colombo.

The Colombo-based NGO outfits were provided funds through the facilitation of Western diplomatic missions in Colombo.

The foreign State-funded ‘Non-Governmental Organisations’, so-called ‘development’ agencies and the desks for ‘Peace and Reconciliation’ within the ministries of foreign affairs in the countries like Noway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, the European Union and the USA were all consistent in promoting this paradigm.

The outright rejection of Eezham Tamils Right to sovereignty-based Self-Determination and a sophisticated denial of genocide are fundamental characteristics of this paradigm, which the US bandwagonism advocates.

The architects and advocates of the paradigm would have a ready-made recipe for Tamils that as ‘victims’ they should expect justice through the Geneva-based UNHRC discourse.

Conveniently avoiding their historical role of setting the paradigm, they would pass the blame to the ‘two sides’ of the conflict.

They would also start labelling those challenging the farce as ‘extremists’.

If Tamil activists from North-East come with their criticism to the paradigm, the diplomats in Colombo would tell them that the governments in Europe and North-America were setting the trend and those in Colombo were only following the instructions coming from their respective governments.

If diaspora Tamils approach the ministries in their host countries and place their criticisms to the outlook, the carrier diplomats there would tell them that the ‘development’ and ‘peace-building’ priorities were all being decided by their expert diplomats on the ground in Colombo. They would also add stating that there is a working relationship between the various actors in the Colombo-based ‘diplomatic community’ and point the Tamil diaspora critics to the Geneva discourse.

It should be the duty of the genuine Eezham Tamil students of history to come forward to spend their time and energy in deconstructing the paradigm to the common public and their activists.

Rhe articulators advocating the Colombo-centric Quisling paradigm were ranging from those associated with the agenda-centric International Crises Group (ICG) to the failed peace broker of Norway, Mr Erik Solheim. Time and again, they have left behind a lot of traces in writing as well as in recorded media.

The statements that have come straight from the horse's mouth are out there in various media and in their biographies. It should not be a difficult task to compile their records along with a reading on how and where the protagonists have spent their millions of dollars in the conflict on the island.

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