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Tamils, Muslims need strategic alliance to counter worsening paradigm of genocide

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 06 March 2018, 22:48 GMT]
Sinhala Buddhist extremist monks and sections of the SL military intelligence, directly or indirectly serving the interests of external agenda setters, have been trying to trigger off an island-wide pogrom against Tamil-speaking Muslims, starting from Kandy, the capital of Theravada Buddhism in the Central Province. It is not a shocking development, especially when the global powers competing for geo-strategic access to the island in the Indian Ocean are determined to uphold the genocidal paradigm through sustaining impunity for the unitary State. It is under the prevailing State impunity, the ‘Sinhala Only’ attitude, which manifested as an Act in the late 50s now taken an extreme form of imposing ‘uniformity’ from the southernmost Dondra point in the Sinhala country to the northernmost Chakkoadai cape in the occupied Tamil country, in every aspect of life.

The Jaffna Commander of the occupying SL military was recently demonstrating this ‘uniformity’ projecting it as ‘diversity’ and ‘strength’ at the northernmost point of Chakkoadai cape near Point Pedro.

The US bandwagonism which promoted the Singapore principles based constitutional discourse of larger designs has enabled the ‘Sri Lankan’ Establishment to advance the ‘chosen island’ model of Mahawansa mindset further strengthening the ‘unitary State’ outlook.

The current discourse is taking the form of ‘uniformity State’, as in the legal interpretation of the Sinhala term Ēkīya Rājyaya (ඒකීය රාජ්‍යය).

Colombo-based Tamil Quislings have rendered a perfect translation to this Sinhala concept in Tamil as Orumiththa Naadu (Orumitta Nāṭu/ ஒருமித்த நாடு).

In the meantime, the Colombo-centric diplomatic community of the West has been deceiving the Tamils by equating the meaning of ‘uniformity’ with the meaning of the English term ‘united’ as if it was an achievement towards creating space for future federalism in the island. Tamils were consistently told that terminology should not be a key issue. What a fallacy and political counter-insurgency of international dimensions.

The Tamil-speaking Muslim leaders, who are also skilled in the Sinhala language, are better placed to understand these linguistic deception. But, they are not politically prepared to address it.

It is no wonder that the sections of Sinhala masses could easily get insinuated to enact a pogrom under the prevailing globalised paradigms and the lack of principled politics among the Tamil-speaking peoples as a whole.

The extreme Sinhala Buddhist elements are also made to think that Eezham Tamils are vanquished by them and that it is now time for them to deal with the Muslims.

One should not forget that the Sinhala Establishment actually learned to commit pogroms against other ethnicities by attacking Muslims 103 years ago in Puththa'lam in 1915.

The attitude of the Sri Lankan Establishment is that it has got a permanent trump card to trade off any external investigation or rights-oriented intervention against access to its geo-strategic location in the Indian Ocean.

The extreme Sinhala Buddhist Establishment views this task as the primary duty of the ‘Sri Lankan’ State.

The State is there to trade-off the crimes with interests, protect the so-called sovereignty, territorial integrity, accord foremost place to Buddhism, take care of corporate interests and carry out structural genocide of North-East to achieve ultimate uniformity through militarisation and Sinhalicisation.

To the external powers, Colombo is a comfortable Agent State, and that is what they ultimately seek. For them, everything else is next to nothing.

Let us also not forget that the UN system and its Geneva-based Human Rights regime is also paying a role in sustaining the ‘Sri Lankan uniformity’ paradigm through not imposing international investigations on genocide.

It is under these circumstances the SL State has been accelerating the structural genocide to choke the territorial integrity of the traditional homeland of Eezham Tamils, including that of the Tamil-speaking Muslims in the North-East.

There is the thinking among the Tamils that Muslims, unlike Tamils, have several States to voice for them in the State-centric international system.

But, their State systems have not been able to put an end to the genocidal persecution of Rohingya Muslims by the extreme Theravada Buddhists in Myanmar.

Likewise, they have been unable to course-correct the global system to address the heartbreaking seven-year-long onslaught in Syria.

Had the people of Syria been non-Muslims and had their country was a European one, the world would have reacted differently. Such is the political nature of Islamophobia.

The UN, despite passing resolutions, is not even able to create a humanitarian corridor to the suffering population in Syria.

Sharply emerging Islamophobia, the divide-and-destroy tactics being experimented on Muslims by the counter-insurgency of the big powers and the forces behind the creation of the so-called ‘clash of civilisation’ paradigm of waging wars, have disabled the capacity of the States representing Muslims to confront the challenges. Their disunity and the modus operandi in which the militarised sections among them respond to the injustices experienced by them have also not been helpful.

Eezham Tamils, as a people subjected to discrimination, pogroms, massacres and at the end a genocidal war and as well as as being a nation without State facing international injustice, should be mature enough to understand where the Sinhala Establishment in the island is heading to, with its next target being the Muslims.

Reliable reports coming from Ampaa'rai and Batticaloa in the East as well as from Vavuniyaa and Ki'linochchi districts in the North indicate that a section of SL military intelligence is trying to insinuate communal violence between the Tamils and Muslims in the North-East.

Eezham Tamils should not allow themselves to get deceived by the counter-insurgency designs of the Sinhala military Establishment and the extremist Theravada Buddhist elements, which want to create a clash between the Tamils and the Tamil-speaking Muslims, particularly in the East.

The prime task of Eezham Tamils at the moment is forging a greater understanding with the Tamil-speaking Muslims in their homeland.

The main responsibility of taking such an initiative remains at the hands of Tamils who are still numerically larger than the Tamil-speaking Muslims in the North-East.

The Tamil-speaking Muslims in the island also need to realise the significance of re-instating a political balance of power between the nation of Eezham Tamils in a merged North-East and the Sinhala nation in the South to ensure their rights, security and prosperity in the island.

If Tamils and Muslims are not prepared to embark on this journey demonstrating statesmanship, they would be doomed to end up as second-class ‘Sri Lankans’ complying with Colombo's genocidal ‘uniformity’.

“Not all that have fallen are vanquished,” should be the courageous thinking of Tamils in advancing the struggle without falling prey to defeatism and to the traps of the ultimate culprits.

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