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Post-UNHRC needs show of Fourth World solidarity

[TamilNet, Friday, 30 March 2012, 06:03 GMT]
Pointing out that the UNHRC resolution is not the First Step to liberation but a Closing Step conceived by Globalized Establishments to conclude the process of Tamil subjugation started by the 2002 CFA, mere exposure of the collusion games of the Establishments is not enough, but action is needed rather than the euphoric diaspora chasing mirages, writes TamilNet Economic and Geopolitical Analyst in the Asia Pacific. Being in the Fourth World of nations without state, Tamils paid the price for not building solidarity with fellow peoples of the world. We paid the highest price and should take the initiative otherwise even our future struggle will be organized only by our enemy in a reactionary way. Our alliance with Tamil Nadu is of great importance. As Globalized Establishments cannot survive without consumption and consumers, they will certainly respect the strength of numbers.

The much hyped US resolution in the UNHRC has been just passed in the recently concluded 19th sessions amidst euphoria that it is the first step to Tamil Eelam among the Diaspora who campaigned for the passage just as the CFA was welcomed by the Homeland Tamils in February 2002.

In 2002, it was the first exposure of the Eezham Tamil nation to geopolitics and till then our “God Fathers” had been either India or the West. Since we had burnt our fingers with India after the IPKF episode, the Co-chairs threw the net of the CFA. We all know the price paid in May 2009 and we are yet to recover.

In the three years after the disaster of May 2009, many of us have invested in the understanding of Geopolitics as well as in the understanding of the context in History but apparently the similarities between the CFA and the just adopted US resolution have been missed.

In short, the CFA was used to crush the LTTE and the present US resolution is designed to disarm the Tamil diaspora. This will be clearly seen when viewed in the geopolitical and historical context as well as in relation to the relevance and relationship to National Liberation.

* * *

In the recently concluded 19th sessions of UNHRC, USA and India played a “Collusion Game” to hide the real issues of sharing the spoils of war among the main foreign partners of the War- India, USA and China.

The US resolution was proclaimed as anti Sri Lankan but initially the US wanted to move it jointly with Sri Lanka and invited Sri Lanka to participate at the draft stage.

Though the Foreign Minister GL Peiris saw the advantages of “sealing the issues with minimum sacrifice by the Victors of the War”, Mahinda saw the usefulness of opposing the US Resolution as anti West and anti Indian Rhetoric will help him in diffusing the rising local protests.

While Mahinda is still continuing with anti Indian and anti Western Rhetoric and sections of the Tamil Diaspora are still in the euphoria of the first step, “pragmatic measures in sharing of the spoils of war” are being discussed by US and Sri Lankan teams including IMF, World Bank etc.

It is unfortunate if oppressed peoples cannot see these collusive (for and against) cries of human rights to hide the real issues of sharing the spoils of war.

* * *

In order to understand “where do we go from here”, we need to draw the correct conclusions from the history as well as the current status of geopolitics described above.

From a scientific outlook of social and spiritual point of view, completion of National Liberation is the next critical stage evolution.

As the liberation theologists and many spiritualists say, the ultimate liberation is dependent on social and economic liberation in this World.

As many socialists say, socialism is not possible without the completion of the National Liberation.

The oppression of one nation by another nation is imperialism and so long as imperialism exists, a more equitable world or socialism is not possible.

Thus completion of National Liberation is very important for progress and change.

The pro status quo, Globalised Establishments have realized this more than the oppressed peoples and are all out to block National Liberation as a preemptive move to maintain the Status quo and they are uniting more and more for this purpose.

It is to be noted free market of the first world and socialism of the second world are mere Rhetoric of the past and all Globalised Establishments are moving towards State Capitalism and that in turn encourages the structural Unity of the Globalise Establishments.

Thus we have well uniting Oppressor of Globalised Establishments (1%) on the one side and the divided oppressed peoples and Nations without state (99%) on the other side.

Where we should go from here is obvious. Unity of the oppressed Peoples and oppressed Nations without state for a more equitable world is the target. The Occupy Movement and its call for 99% against 1% is the light house of the times.

* * *

While pessimists have silenced themselves and joined the oppressed who have been silenced by the enemy (simply by making them to work without spare time to make ends meet), one could hear the voices of “pragmatists” who say that the Light House is light years away and that the suffering people, particularly in the Eelam Homeland, need immediate relief.

One cannot see any effective relief being given to the Homeland Tamils except by their kith and kin abroad.

In any case nobody is asked to stop the relief that is being provided for whatever the reason and however effective that may be. What needs to be understood is that such relief is only like the immediate pain killer but neither a long term nor even short term solution.

This is again like the “lobbying of parliamentarians and officials of Globalised Establishments particularly from the West” by certain Diaspora groups.

These groups even claim with euphoria that their lobbying contributed to the passage of the UNHRC resolution. However there was no such euphoria in the Homeland and it was short lived even in India as pointed out by India Today on 28.03.12 as follows:

“The euphoria was short-lived. The hopes generated after India's vote at Geneva for holding Colombo accountable for war crimes, have now evaporated.

With Prime Minister Manmohan Singh bending over backwards to placate our tiny southern neighbour, there is nothing much to cheer about.”

Also Malaysia has clarified that its abstaining was to give more time to Sri Lanka as if the time given till the 22nd sessions of the UNHRC (with the hands of the UN High Commissioner tied by the Indian amendment) is not enough.

Further more the Sri Lankan Island paper of 30th March 2012 Reported online the following:

“A very different kind of powwow: Soon after Geneva episode, US here for trade and investment talks, deepen 150 year relationship.”

* * *

Do all these not show that the US Resolution in the UNHRC was a “closing step” and not a “first step” for the foreign partners of war to share the spoils of War and the local partner to continue with the genocide in “peace”?

Some “pragmatists” may even say : “Wait till the 22nd sessions of the UNHRC”.

We need real structural changes” and not “regime changes” as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and the like.

Neither silence nor inaction will bring about real structural change.

Many in the Homeland, in the Tamil Nadu and in the Diaspora had similar views even long before the passage of the US resolution as continuously reported in TamilNet with news items from Homeland as practical evidence and these certainly helped to expose the “Globalised Establishments”.

But exposing the Globalised Establishments is not enough.

* * *

We need action to develop solidarity among the 99%. We failed to build up this solidarity base during our 60+ years of struggle and paid the price for it.

We in the diaspora now have an opportunity for developing such a solidarity base and we should concentrate on that knowing that, being far away, we cannot influence organized resistance in the homeland.

The form and nature of organized resistance will be determined by the enemy not even by the people in the Homeland except as a reaction to enemy action, matching his technology.

We need to act fast so that the international environment will be ready to support the Homeland struggles as and when they occur.

Already efforts have begun in few countries like Canada, UK, France, and Australia in this direction for the development of solidarity base.

It is difficult as it is new not only to Eezham Tamils but even to other nations without state. But there is no other way. Since we have paid the highest price, we are in a position to invite other nations without state.

When the other oppressed peoples (including those among the Sinhalese) realize that a more equitable world cannot be built without completing the National Liberation, they will also certainly join us in solidarity.

We should understand that there are 6000 Nations without State in the world representing 1/3rd the population of the world and in any major city in the world, you can find representatives of more than 200 Nations.

It is also important to remember that 1/3rd the nations without state (in the world) are in India. This and not Rajiv was the main reason for the vengeance with which India moved against the National Liberation of Eezham Tamils.

For the same reason, India is likely to be the next “boiling point” in the world. So our alliance with the Tamils of Tamil Nadu is of great importance as they along with other Tamils of the world will be our partners in stopping the genocide of Eezham Tamils and our strongest partners in National Liberation.

Let us move in this direction and in that process we will also get the strength to make use of the contradictions among the Globalised Establishments.

Since the Globalised Establishments cannot survive without consumption and consumers, they will certainly respect the strength of Numbers.

* * *

The analyst further elucidates on the historical background of Globalized Establishments operating against the Fourth World:

Nations are historically and naturally evolved communities with common territory, common language, common technology (economy) and common culture in the rising period of capitalism, i.e. in the period after the industrial revolution.

Capitalism developed into imperialism when powerful nations conquered weaker nations for obtaining cheap raw materials and ensuring captive markets for manufactured goods.

When imperialistic countries shared the whole world for exploitation, it was also the beginning of the first phase of globalization and the beginnings of geopolitics on a global scale. The first two world wars were about redistribution of colonies and the beginning of cracking of imperialism giving birth to National Liberation.

However imperialist countries marked the borders of independent countries artificially for political considerations after the end of the World War II without any consideration to the natural and historical boundaries of Nations and devolved political imperialism to the dominant Nations of the countries who became agent imperialist. Eg the Sinhalese nation in Sri Lanka is an agent imperialist.

To date, this drawing of artificial boundaries of Countries, remains the most successful preemptive against National Liberation because even the dominant nations who won their Liberation through protracted armed struggle are drunk with their “agent imperialist political power” and are turning their back to the completion of National Liberation.

* * *

Geopolitics that developed as a “Cold War between imperialist west and socialist east” after the World War II and the establishment of the United Nations while the countries that got political independence (in reality it was devolution of political imperialism to make these countries as “agent imperialists” by the former imperialist countries who retained economic imperialism) grouped themselves as “Non Aligned Countries” also referred to as the Third World to distinguish from the First World of former imperialists and the Second World of the “socialist countries” that in reality promoted not socialism but State Capitalism.

So the “Cold War” was in reality an attempt to resolve the developing contradictions in capitalism developed to a new form of imperialism of trade as opposed to the physical conquest of earlier times.

While the First World talks of free trade and the Second World give preference to bilateral or even barter trade, the terms of trade are always manipulated and if a country gets better terms than in the World market (which again is neither free nor fair), then it has to be compensated in political terms.

There are nearly 6000 nations in the world but only 193 countries in the UN meaning that there are 193 dominant nations who are either former imperialists or agent imperialists since they are oppressing some nations without state, who are collectively called the Fourth World. Eezham Tamil nation is a member of the Fourth World.

* * *

The Cold War came to an end with the collapse of the Soviet Union and for a short time (between the two Iraq Wars); we had Unipolar World instead of the Bi Polar World of the Cold War days.

The Unipolar world also symbolized the transformation of imperialism to Globalised Capital. The unipolar world is unstable and hence since 9/11 an artificial pole of ‘terrorism’ was conceived and terrorist phobia was used as a cover for continuing the oppression of the peoples of the world.

The evolution of a multipolar world necessitated the need for a coalition of 30 to 40 countries whether it is in the Afghanistan war, Iraq war or war against Eezham nation to cite a few recent examples.

30 to 40 Countries uniting in a coalition of aggression is new phase in the development of imperialism, a transformation from “Globalised Capital” to “Globalised Establishments”.

The first step in their strategy is to “isloate the target” and the convenient method in the age of terrorist phobia is to “call the dog terrorist and then shoot it”.

The terrorist phobia is no different to the “communist phobia” in those days when there was no communism or not even socialism but only State Capitalism.

It is to be noted that even the First World is now entering to a stage of State Capitalism by “bailing out” big capital with the resources of States instead of bailing out the suffering poor. It should also be noted that terrorism and terrorist phobia invented by the First World are becoming “catch words” even in the Second and Third Worlds.

Thus geopolitics of the Globalised Establishments is entering into a stage of greater unity of the oppressor (1%) while the oppressed (99%) are divided and isolated.

* * *

Of course, there are contradictions, real and collusive, among the Globalised Establishments. In the process of resolving the real contradictions, the Establishments enter into “collusion games” to cheat and disarm the oppressed.

The UN Security Council Meeting in the basement of the UN during the peak of war against Eezham Tamil nation was a “collusive meeting” to give GoSL a freehand in the war as all Globalised Establishments have common interest in preserving the existing world order or the status quo.

Contrary to popular belief, China which was previously neutral was invited to join the War by Mahinda at the behest of both India and the US. US and India knew that they alone couldn’t motivate the Sinhala population for a successful conclusion of the war.

It was not difficult for China to join as it has for long given up Mao’s Proletarian Internationalism and was concentrating on State to State relations to obtain a better share of the resources of nature.

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