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US commander, Indian defence minister assure military aid to Gotabhaya in Singapore

[TamilNet, Friday, 08 June 2012, 10:03 GMT]
The Chairman of the US Joint Chief of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, the top most US military commander and Indian Defence Minister A.K. Anthony met genocidal Sri Lanka’s war-crimes-accused Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa behind the screen in Singapore on Tuesday to assure him of their military assistance, especially in the naval field. The high profile meeting took place while Mahinda Rajapaksa was being hosted in London and the US ambassador-designate to Colombo was talking about ‘de-militarisation’ of the north in the island. Singapore Foreign Minister Shanmugam was in Colombo a few days earlier to talk ‘business’. Following the classic British colonial strategy, Sri Lanka, Burma and Singapore are mobilised to meet threats from the East, analysts said.

The Gotabhaya deal took place on the sidelines of the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore.

Washington and New Delhi have agreed to provide enhanced training opportunities for the genocidal Sinhala Navy.

Grooming the Sinhala Navy is a pet project of Gotabhaya Rajapaksa for the permanent subjugation of the nation of Eezham Tamils and to counter any future assistance coming to it from the Tamil brethren across the straits in Tamil Nadu.

The genocidal Sinhala regimes have long been working on choking the coasts of Eezham Tamils. Currently the two-prong mission of the Colombo regime is to build naval bases all along the coasts of Eezham Tamils and to colonise their coasts by Sinhala fishermen.

The Sinhala Navy killing and intimidating the fishermen of Tamil Nadu is a decades-long story.

The Eezham Tamils and Tamils in Tamil Nadu have to be clear on the fact that ultimately it is New Delhi and Washington that permanently militarise and Sinhalicise the lands and waters of the Tamils.

It will be a folly if any one expects them to pursue war crimes of the Sinhala military or stop Sinhala militarisation, colonisation, Sinhalicisation, Buddhicisation and structural genocide of Eezham Tamils, unless the Tamils prove their geopolitical strength, analysts in Chennai said.

The Sri Lanka Foreign Ministry statement on the Gotabhaya deal said that the US and India commended the “incremental and steady progress” made in Sri Lanka’s north and east in rehabilitating the war displaced.

Press Trust of India (PTI) carried a story of Colombo on Tuesday that it has reduced 60 per cent of its troops from the Jaffna Peninsula – from 50,000 to 15,000.

Contrary to Colombo’s statement on drastic reduction of its military in the north, the Sinhala military personally supervised by Gotabhaya and encouraged by New Delhi and Washington, is expanding its bases in the north, especially in the Jaffna Peninsula. Media, civic bodies and civil officials have brought it out with evidence.

* * *

The British Queen hosting genocidal Rajapaksa was not an isolated event.

Prior to the visit of Rajapaksa, the Colombo government had extended an invitation to a group of Conservative members of the British parliament to visit the island’s North to see what it is doing there.

The invitation had been extended to British parliamentarians including Dr. Liam Fox, the discredited former UK defence minister and a known friend of the Sinhala state, after initiatives by Colombo’s professorial expert in wagging tongue, Rajiva Wijesinha, and SL Presidential Advisor Arun Tambimuttu, who comes from a long lineage of exploited Tamil culture.

The other British parliamentarians responded were David Amess, Guto Bebb, Nick de Bois, Alun Cairns, Alan Duncan, Sheryll Murray, Richard Ottaway, Andrew Turner and James Wharton, media reports from Colombo said.

The visiting British diplomats to Jaffna earlier were keen in seeing and assisting the occupying Sinhala military ‘rehabilitating’ the former Tamil militants.

Documents dating from days prior to the genocidal war would show how the British foreign office was pivotal in conceiving ‘militarized reconciliation’ as answer to the question of Eezham Tamils.

The British and international media that were silent when the genocide was taking place are now engaged in ‘exclusive phased release’ of the war crimes to occupy and deviate the world from the actual issue and from the real criminals. It is a world that does ‘business’ from everything. But the real criminals who criminalise States all over the world continue their games unabated and the pampering of the Sri Lankan state is one of the best of the examples.

* * *

After proving its capacity for genocide, the Sinhala military has now ‘graduated’ to get recognized as a potential major mercenary for the criminalised international system by the so-called international community as well as by India and China.

The British military strategy during the Second World War in protecting its Raj in India from the Japanese was heavily depending on Singapore, Burma and Ceylon.

After the fall of Singapore and Burma to the Japanese, Ceylon became the headquarters of the Southeast Asia Command of Mountbatten, who was directing the war from Kandy and Trincomalee. The war between 1942 and 1945 was fought from Ceylon mainly to open the Burma Road to China.

If the Chinese have replaced the Japanese today, once again Singapore, Sri Lanka and Burma are important to the successors of the British empire in the region – India and the USA.

* * *

The Norwegian peace facilitators coming out with identical models to Burma and Sri Lanka in asking the affected nations there to find reconciliation under the genocidal constitutions and military of those states, and the outfit of the West, the International Crisis Group (ICG) standing upside down in canvassing among Eezham Tamils to drop their claim for self-determination, have to be carefully understood in the historical perspective of imperialism.

If political consolidation and stability are the ones that are expected in these countries, that could be very well achieved by first recognising the right to self determination of the affected nations and then working for genuine reconciliation, both at country level as well as regional level.

For outfits that were able to orchestrate 30 odd countries to architect and end a war into genocide, it is not that difficult to smoothly bring in reconciliation after secession if they really wish it. But these outfits and crisis managers are destructive rather than constructive, and they don’t conceive anything beyond militarism.

* * *

In short, the Sinhala military – virtually a mercenary military for the ‘strategic partnership’ of India and the international community, conceived and architected by Robert Blake – is going to stay with its ever-expanding cantonments in the country of Eezham Tamils, feeding on them in every respect.

The ‘reconciliation’ they all talk is the militarized reconciliation, in other words, the Eezham Tamils reconciling to live with the Sinhala military and its Sinhalicisation.

So far no one has investigated who was behind awarding the Gucci Peace Award in Philippines to Maj. Gen. Hathurusinghe, presiding over the militarisation and structural genocide.

One has to carefully note the catalogue of encouragements the Sinhala military was getting from the US and India, and the confidence with witch the Rajapaksa brothers operate, before being carried away by rhetoric such as the call for de-militarisation coming from the US ambassador-designate to Colombo.

The Sinhala military is precious and indispensable to India and the US, unless the Tamils politically prove otherwise.

Logically, the proving exercise has to be primarily addressed to New Delhi and only the Tamils of Tamil Nadu could do it.

* * *

Increasingly a credible suspicion falls on the establishment in New Delhi, whether the patronisation of the genocidal Sinhala military in the island is merely for larger geopolitical reasons or for internal reasons considering Tamils as worse enemies than the Sinhalese.

For several decades now, a set of diplomats particularly coming from the south of India and media persons from Cho Ramasamy to The Hindu Ram, as friends of Colombo, were steadily contributing to the current scenario.

The immediate neighbours will be the first to face the Domino Effect of criminalisation of State in the island.

The Tamil Nadu branch of the Marxist Communist Party of India (CPI-M) recently voiced for de-militarisation as a passing reference. As an all-India party it could have acted on it at a mass level, but perhaps the party doesn’t believe the de-militarisation could ever happen.

If comes to power, the BJP may turn out to be worse.

The signals have already come from Sushma Swaraj in twisting the aspirations of Eezham Tamils.

Speaking on 30 May on the future of India’s foreign policy at the Brookings Institution of the USA, the former Foreign Minister of India and BJP stalwart, Yashwant Sinha instilled a feeling in the audience that how for those who are sitting in New Delhi, China and Pakistan pervert everything else.

Even when the moderator Teresita Schaffer tried to put him on track with the other neighbouring countries he was vague especially with an important topic as such of Sri Lanka.

He said, muscle will be met with muscle regarding China, and it will be verification first and trust later with Pakistan, if the BJP comes to power. He wanted the US and the NATO to stay in Afghanistan until the country is militarily self-sufficient to meet the Taliban.

“In our world today, economic and military power has a direct bearing on the moral and the pragmatic stance of nations,” he observed.

The Sinhala diplomats have carefully comprehended the needs and they have already started acting on it to suit even when a regime change may take place in New Delhi.

100,000 Indian students study in the USA and the Indian diaspora in the USA numbers around 3 million, Sinha said.

Of course there were some of them in the audience to ask him what his party is doing to Hindus in Pakistan and to the Kashmiri Pandits displaced to other parts of India. But there was no one to ask him about the Tamils afflicted by an India-abetted genocide.

What the Tamil Nadu politics is going to do is of historic importance.

* * *

The post-war politicians of Eezham Tamils in the island and political claimants in the diaspora think that they are made for ‘negotiations’ only. Mediocre among them are carefully groomed because they only will suit the purposes of the establishments.

Leadership comes through struggle and through building the nation. If negotiation without having anything is politics then we could hire some international lawyers and keep relaxed as we earlier left the fighting to the LTTE.

Someone pointed out Akashi telling the example of the defeated Japanese compromising with the occupying US military and later prospering. Japan paranoid of its own atrocities committed in China for decades, and fearing the traditional enemy China more than the new enemy the USA, took that decision. Eezham Tamils did not fight for an empire or did not invade others to be paranoid of a struggle. They righteously struggle against genocide. Whom should we fear and with which military are we going to compromise?

We have to make it clear that the struggle of our small nation is not actually against the powers but against the erring forces in the establishments of the powers that criminalise States. In such a struggle even the peoples of the powers would join us, if the case were presented in a proper way to the masses. The Vietnam War was primarily won inside the USA. Our struggle has to be primarily won inside India.

Unfortunately we are yet to evolve a leadership that believes in the power of the people and in mobilising the masses. We have not even tried it with honesty before deciding mass politics is useless to the structure and nature of our people.

The events of this week showed how the masses were spontaneous and were prepared to tell what they think to the face of the former empire, but the leadership claimants were not.

A veteran Tamil activist asked why a section of Tamil media was intriguing against masses showing protest to the Queen dining with Rajapaksa. At the initial times of the post-Mu’l’livaaykkaal phase itself, when this section stood against popular re-mandate of the Vaddukkoaddai Resolution, the diaspora Tamils should have identified the shade of polity.


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