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Soul searching in India, Obama wipes out tears

[TamilNet, Friday, 25 January 2013, 17:55 GMT]
If peoples of the USA and India care to scrutinize what their governments are doing to the country of Eezham Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka, they will realize that from which system certain disorders they face in their own countries originate. Both the Establishments that were in complicity in the genocide, and have tacitly approved a structural genocide to take place in the island, are engaged in another round of their machinations at Geneva in March. Once again, the USA is architecting a formula for the completion of the annihilation of the nation of Eezham Tamils – this time with specific steps of instructions to be fulfilled by the agent state in Colombo – and India, the Strategic Partner, is given with the task of designing and managing the implementation infrastructure, informed sources say.

The world-known rape incident in New Delhi has made the Indian media and civil society to get into ‘soul searching’ why such things happen. But so far their search, discussing society, gender bias and patriarchy, has not touched the point that to what extent their State and Establishment–enjoying impunity for committing and abetting such atrocities in India and elsewhere– has encouraged criminal elements within the Indian society to follow suit.

A simple example is the IPKF that committed crimes including rapes by the Indian soldiers in the country of Eezham Tamils enjoying a memorial in Colombo, where all visiting Indian dignitaries pay homage.

The Indian public except in Tamil Nadu never understood what was going on in the island.

Recently when a gunman, for reasons not known so far, had killed scores of innocent primary school children in a shoot-out, the US President Obama wiped out his tears.

The Eezham Tamils committed nothing against the USA. Yet, their innocent civilians and children were killed in several thousands in the island of Sri Lanka in a US-architected genocidal war.

The US public, which should have wiped out tears for it, was pre-occupied with some other regions of the world at that time.

Unless the concerned peoples realize where things have gone wrong, and unless they are mobilized, the Establishments cannot be corrected.

* * *

What has happened and what is happening in the country of Eezham Tamils in the island of so-called Sri Lanka, committed by the so-called Strategic Partnership of the Establishments, is a matter of perusal for peoples of both the countries if they are capable of comprehending it beyond the machinations of their Establishments.

The annihilation of an ancient nation of historicity and territoriality in the island of so-called Sri Lanka by tacit approval of extremism and terrorism of both the Establishments in Washington and New Delhi is increasingly becoming clear today.

The Sinhala military of Sri Lanka is only a ‘Lascarine’ military, just re-enacting the services of the Sinhalese to European colonialism of the past to today's imperialists (Lascarine was a popular term in Sinhala to mean the local Sinhala soldiers who served the Portuguese and the Dutch).

In the name of ‘geopolitical realities’, the Lascarines and the agent state in Colombo have been given with as much ‘time and space’ as possible, to complete a new colonial order in the island, through genocide.

From ‘grease devils’ to crackdown on the University students, and from the Sinhala ‘national anthem’ to Sinhala-Budhicisation of the occupied territories, are just manifestations of the agenda, even though from time to time statements and concerns come from the ultimate culprits.

* * *

Washington and New Delhi that materialised the LLRC-resolution at Geneva in 2012 are once again working in the same lines to bring in another one in 2013, informed sources say.

The 2013 agenda is planned to come out with specific instructions and monitoring on how to carry out the annihilation of the nation of Eezham Tamils in the island, the informed sources further said.

In short, finish the war to the genocidal end to prove the paradigm is the underlying theme.

There are oppositions to this outlook within some countries in the European Union, within Latin America and within the Establishments of New Delhi and Washington as well. But to what extent this section could resist an international coterie of State terrorism and extremism and be able to come out with an alternative paradigm, is doubtful, political analysts say.

There is a view that this is a good opportunity for the alternative forces in the world to come out with a more meaningful resolution at the UNHRC to expose the US-Indian designs.

The recent speech of Dr Alan Keenan of the International Crisis Group (ICG), delivered at the Canadian Tamil Congress’ Annual dinner on Saturday, is a clear exposition of the parameters of the agenda that is currently set by the powers that back the ICG.

Dr Alan Keenan now performs the combined role of Robert Blake and Erik Solheim, political observers say.

According to informed sources inside the Establishments of the West, the forthcoming resolution in Geneva this March, like the earlier one last year, would also be tabled by the USA and is being drafted currently.

The former resolution, known as the 19/2 resolution (A/HRC/19/L.2), which largely ignored the demands of Tamils by simply welcoming the genocidal blueprint of Sri Lanka’s LLRC, is still ‘proudly’ referred to by the US officials as a ‘positive’ step.

This time also they are hopeful of passing the follow-up at the UNHRC.

The move, once again, will be providing further ‘time and space’ to genocidal Sri Lanka.

The impression the US wants to instil in the minds of Tamils is that the resolution this time is going to be a ‘harder’ one with ‘prescriptive’ instructions.

And they also expect Colombo media to react against it as an ‘anti Sri Lanka’ resolution so that they could sell it to the so-called Tamil activists.

A section of Tamil elitist diaspora groups and the TNA, are expected to give tacit approval to the resolution.

The US officials are confident that given the composition of the Human Rights Council, the resolution would simply pass.

It is said that the US is citing India to excuse itself from the questions of certain European countries favouring international investigations on Sri Lanka.

* * *

All those who come out with democratic and ideological criticism against the whole thing are deemed as ‘extremists’.

There will be some people who will be writing in English ‘identifying’ those ‘extremists’ and then there will be another set of people who will be writing in Tamil that they should be eliminated.

The idea is to intimidate public opinion and mobilisation. Tamils have to carefully scrutinize the pattern.

In the mean time, there are other operations that come out in various ways and in various places, giving an illusion that 2013 is going to be a very important year, many significant things are going to happen and Tamils should only cooperate and collaborate.

This campaign comes through various means and from various quarters, in ways attractive to the emotions of Eezham Tamils.

The sources of the campaign are ultimately traced to elements that are trapped either by the USA or by India, informed circles say.

The campaign is meant for giving false hopes, blunting public uprising, blunting community involvement in any activity and is ultimately just another ‘counterinsurgency’ operation.

All the old and new political formations of Tamils in the diaspora and in the island have invariably and inevitably become a prey to this move, as they are either hooked to Washington or New Delhi in their political activities, the informed sources further said adding that even the political parties in Tamil Nadu are no exception to their links with Washington and New Delhi.

What the Eezham Tamils lack today is community involvement in anything. There is loss of trust between the people and political personalities put at the helm. This happens because the polity is hijacked and the hijackers will be happy to see the absence of any community involvement.

If as Dr Alan Keenan says, Tamil liberation could come only when the Sinhalese agree to it, then it only means that Tamils and likeminded Sinhalese should join together in their struggle against those who now uphold the integrity of so-called Sri Lanka.

Tamils all over the world have to now boldly and openly think of an alternative political course without bothering whether it will contradict Washington and New Delhi, rather than looking upon them like dogs towards their masters.

At least once in a while, the dogs should know that they should bark in unison at the masters for them to take notice.

Rather than mere international investigations on war crimes, Eezham Tamils should insist on seeing at least a single practical result in the protection of their nation and its territory in the island as a condition for engaging in any kind of dealing with India or the USA in future.

If the ‘insides’ of the Establishments in the world are divided between dialectical forces then Tamils should know which side they should align with and strengthen.

In the 2,500-year-old Tamil civilisation of written documents, it should not go on record that Tamils in the 21st century could not understand who were their adversaries and didn’t make any effort to address them.

For writing this, TamilNet might be deemed as ‘extremist’ and ‘leftist’. Various embassies, groups and foundations might call Tamil politicians and activists to advice them to keep away from TamilNet. Yet, we choose to write on it to caution our people on the unfolding realities just because we don’t want to go on record in history that we did know but didn’t tell.

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