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Tamil diplomacy put to test

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 09 June 2015, 23:51 GMT]
A democratically elected government in the State of Tamil Nadu in India has unanimously resolved for international investigation of the crime of genocide committed against Eezham Tamils. The democratically elected Northern Provincial Council of Eezham Tamils has called for the same. These are democratic demands manifesting from people’s struggle and uprising. The Permanent People’s Tribunal also has come out with its verdict finding genocide and on-going genocide. Justice Wigneswaran’s diplomacy is people-oriented. But the nominated parliamentarian Sumanthiran’s argument for ‘domestic mechanism’ to implement anything, while downplaying the fundamental question, subtly sabotages logical solution to the genocidal context, tilting the diplomatic balance as the military balance had been tilted in the war, to keep the accused State intact for the agenda of the ultimate culprits.

The question of protracted genocide is for international investigation and for logically appropriate remedy. Leaving it in the hands of the State dominated by the accused nation, under any pretext of ‘domestic mechanism’, is worse than leaving the ‘war crimes of both sides’ investigation with the accused regime, which the ultimate culprits did by the LLRC and by placing it as the cornerstone at the UNHRC.

Those Establishments and individuals who come out with their own judgments, rejecting genocide and leaving no space for investigation, commit the injustice to entire humanity, for the case of Eezham Tamils is a paradigm-setting one, however hard they try to downplay it.

Demanding international investigation on genocide and demanding timely release of the OHCHR report, Justice Wigneswaran said that the Sinhalese people should know the truth for reconciliation.

The diplomacy implied was that it is essential for the Sinhala nation to know how the State in the island is viewed internationally for any real reconciliation for peaceful solution. Not the views of the Establishments that were a party to the genocide or the views of those orchestrated Tamil family congregations writing in ‘Democracy’ media advocating ‘reconciliation’ sans international investigation.

The nationalists are not the real problem. It is the so-called internationalists in the service of imperialisms that try to manipulate logical solutions to national questions are the problem.

The question before the Tamil people and their leadership is whether they are prepared for a struggle to stop the deception at the outset itself or whether they are going to succumb to it, leaving the burden to the posterity as envisaged by Mr. Erik Solheim.

There is only a small difference between the ultimate culprits of the Eezham Tamil genocide continuing with Rajapaksa till recently and Mr Erik Solheim coming back to ‘peace facilitation’ through NGOs or through gullible Tamil outfits.

The regime change simulated by Washington and New Delhi is only a camouflaged change of the original interests of the ultimate culprits as well as the congenitally genocidal State in the island. Yet, Rajapaksa has been removed. Changes took place in the governments in New Delhi and in the State of Tamil Nadu. Even the Norwegian government got rid of Mr. Erik Solheim, the peace facilitator.

But Mr. Solheim was given a berth in the EU system handling ‘development’ funds and he is fielded again on the question in the island through NGOs and some Tamil outfits.

Mr. Solheim once coupled him with the former US Asst. Secretary of State, Robert Blake, in facing the brunt of Tamil criticism after the war. Perhaps he has gone too much in cutting himself an important image.

Rajapaksa had agent-command responsibility and Blake was in an openly known executive position in implementing the agency work. Whether any investigation on war crime or genocide crime, the two along with New Delhi’s former National Security Advisors, could tell the world with authenticity the ‘virtues’ of the crime model deployed in geopolitical interest’s approach to a chronic national question.

But Mr. Solheim was used only in conning Eezham Tamils. He continued and continues to do the job. May be it is his ability at the art, or appetite for proving on behalf of the so-called IC that the world has no liberation solutions especially to Eezham Tamils, or the gullibility of a section of Tamils that finds him in the field, despite proven grave failure.

There could be nothing personal against Mr. Solheim. But he never accepted the blunders, may be because they were pre-decided. So he saw a star-crossed war. He was talking of a solution under the sleeves. He ultimately blamed the LTTE. He never accepted the genocide or the on-going genocide. May be because today we see that the genocide and structural genocide for many more years to come are the ways for the currently envisaged global order to set in.

There is now the talk of ‘forgiving and forgetting’ without solutions of precedence applied in other contexts and without even telling to the world what crime had been committed. Only the Eezham Tamils at the receiving end are pressurised. On the other hand, Tamils are welcomed to see the struggle as a mistake. Any writing on that will be published in New Delhi. Any film will get award at Cannes, which has to be taken as a challenge by Tamil Nadu literary and film circles.

Once again the question is whether the core Tamil polity is going to succumb to con or reformulate itself to meet the emerging scenario of pressure, deception and lure on one side and gullibility on the other.

Recently, a Tamil activist in Switzerland was talking of rats' race among disillusioned Eezham Tamils. But it seems, energized by foul steroids, fattened bandicoots and rodents are also there in the race.

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