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PPT, Peoples’ verdict and Eezham Tamil Heroes

[TamilNet, Sunday, 27 November 2016, 07:15 GMT]
If there was any meaningful international investigation conducted on the genocide of Eezham Tamils, identifying the ultimate culprits, that was the proceedings in two sittings undertaken by the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal (PPT) in 2010 and 2013. The PPT has identified the USA, the UK and India as ultimately responsible. The justice has not come in procedural ways from the United Nations or from the deliberations of outfits like the Commonwealth – all manipulated by the very same ultimate culprits and their bandwagon. But, justice has come in unique ways by peoples of the said countries sharply denouncing the paradigm on which their Establishments were riding on so far. In 2016, Eezham Tamils remembering the day of their heroes, who basically defied the paradigm, have every reason to have the feeling of vindication.

But, whether the outfits and articulators of Eezham Tamils observing the Heroes Day 2016, have understood the paradigm change to appropriately spearhead the struggle is the question.

* * *

In 2014, the first change took place in New Delhi as Sonia Gandhi’s Congress was routed out. But, so far, the Modi regime of ‘Vivekanada’ intelligence has not proved anything on the grounds. The focus is on conquering the Tamil/Dravidian South after its ailing leaders, either through ‘Hindutva’ or by checking it through Sinhala-Buddhism — the good old divide-and-rule. Still, the President of India is a person who has to be investigated for war-crimes over his open statements to media during the Eelam War.

* * *

Sir Robert John Sawers, who was representing the UK at the UN during the Eelam genocide (later headed the MI6) said that the LTTE was “long blighting” the Sri Lankan government. The UK was long blighting Europe and the people of the UK have decided on that in the Brexit of 2016. The UK actually pre-empted itself from being kicked out for its US-bandwagon policies that endangered Europe.

If refugees coming to the UK, as a result of the very policies it adopted in West Asia, is a reason for the English to quit the EU, then why Eezham Tamils facing a long genocide cannot quit ‘Sri Lanka’ of the creation of the British?

The very ideological foundations of the English outlook that was blighting Eezham Tamils for long being challenged by the English people themselves, has to be understood especially by the Tamil diaspora in the UK. They have to understand and support the Brexit, but stand in solidarity with the Scots and the Irish. That is diplomacy.

It was a British ‘Terrorism Professor’ Paul Moorcraft, who was deputed to the service of the Rajapaksa regime, who wrote in appreciation of Rajapaksa that he didn’t interfere when the LTTE was making ‘mistakes’. Tamil diplomacy has to learn not to interfere the blunders committed by the ultimate culprits to themselves.

* * *

The climax of the justice in the eyes of Eezham Tamils, is Ms Clinton who was heading Obama’s State Department designing the structural genocide of Eezham Tamils in the name of ‘reconciliation’ getting defeated by the people of the USA in the presidential elections.

On a larger perspective, the vote is in fact against the present paradigm of the USA. Students of history have to compare it with the victory of Nixon and with the arrival of Gorbachev. America was happy about the latter and there is every reason for Moscow and Beijing to be happy about the present one in the USA.

It is certainly vindicating to see the panic in the international mafia across the US-bandwagon; in the funding agencies, ‘development’ agencies, academic institutions, media outfits, NGOs and the NGO-simulated political activists, who never raised any finger against the US agenda in the past.

* * *

The prostitute diplomacy of Colombo was jumping at the victory of Trump that it would relieve the Agent State, prepared to market mercenary military, from the constraints of ‘human rights’. But then, the paradigm may be shifted to New Delhi playing the role of policeman once again.

The Eezham Tamil militant struggle is often accused of not taking into account the paradigm change after September 11, 2001. The same could be said if it doesn’t comprehend the current paradigm change.

Whatever the paradigm changes that come in, the basic question of Eezham Tamils that should be never forgotten is the question of their nation in the island. Waves come and go, but the rock on the shores remains.

* * *

The historical reality of nations and identities in the island have been manipulated by the British to create a State and the identity of Ceylon, essentially to check South Asia. The ‘Sri Lanka’ identity and State invented by the genocidal successors in 1972 was endorsed for the same geopolitical purposes. There is an accelerated process by the successors of the same forces, for the same purpose of engineering select regions for global monopoly.

The most fundamental resistance an affected people like the Eezham Tamils could show to the ultimate culprits is the denouncement of the ‘Sri Lanka’ identity that is again and again imposed through various pretexts. This denouncement is not against the Sinhala brethren in the island, but essentially against the international engineers.

* * *

Recently, a diaspora Eezham Tamil in a western country had the occasion to converse with a Kurd. The Kurd asked him whether he was from ‘Sri Lanka’. The Eezham Tamil hesitated for a moment and then said that he is a Tamil. When the latter asked about the identity of the former, he spontaneously replied that is a Kurd from Kurdistan. He apologized to the Eezham Tamil for bringing in the ‘Sri Lanka’ identity and said that most of the Tamils he had met never expressed themselves and were submissive to the ‘Sri Lanka’ identity. “When we say we are Kurds, the Arabs, Iranians and Turks don’t like it. But, we don’t care. It is our identity,” he said.

Both Kurdistan and Tamil Eelam don’t exist in international recognition, but if the Kurds could claim their identity and Eezham Tamils succumb to saying ‘Sri Lanka’, then there is something wrong in the struggle spirit of Eezham Tamils. More than that, there is something wrong in the international community imposing identities to select peoples.

Remembering Eezham Tamil Heroes is not an annual ritual.

* * *

If the Eezham Tamils don’t have the guts to claim what they are, and what is their land, in any term other than ‘Sri Lanka’, then they can very well do away with the ritual of observing the Heroes Day.

Many of them do not use Ilangkai in Tamil, a term ‘constitutionally’ accepted even by the genocidal State in the island. Eezham Tamils do not explain and insist of their identity in official situations or in casual conversations even when they are not under any obligations to the State in Colombo.

The Eezham Tamil identity claim is often ridiculed as Ku'run-theasiya-vaatham (narrow-minded nationalism or regionalism) especially by Colombo-centric so-called Tamil Leftists. Even if anyone saying Jaffna or Batticaloa is perhaps better compared to ‘Sri Lanka’ imposed by genocidal agents of the ultimate culprits of world monopoly.

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