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Rajapaksa appoints Acting Secretary for Sri Lankan parliament

[TamilNet, Monday, 31 March 2008, 17:54 GMT]
Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Monday appointed Dhammika Kitulgoda as the acting Secretary General of the Sri Lanka parliament which fell vacant with the retirement of Mrs. Priyani Wijesekara with effect from March 31 amid protest by the main opposition United National Party (UNP) that it would disrupt the proceedings of the parliament continuously if the post was not filled by the Constitutional Council appointed under the 17th amendment to the SL constitution, parliamentary sources said.
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Independent groups file nomination lists to contest Eastern PC elections

[TamilNet, Monday, 31 March 2008, 17:52 GMT]
Five independent groups submitted their nomination lists to contest the Eastern Provincial council election on Monday. Two groups submitted their lists to contest the Trincomalee district and three in Ampaa'rai district, according to the sources at the Sri Lankan election department. Major political parties are yet to file their nomination lists. The deadline for filing nominations falls on Thursday.
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Fisherman reported missing in Mannaar

[TamilNet, Monday, 31 March 2008, 17:14 GMT]
A 30-year-old fisherman from Peasaalai, Sebastian Antony Raj, also known as Ranjith, was reported missing since last Thursday noon, according to a complaint lodged by the victim's wife with the Foundation for Co-existence in Mannaar.
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Pillaiyan, UPFA's principal candidate in Eastern PC election

[TamilNet, Monday, 31 March 2008, 15:39 GMT]
Key paramilitary operative and vice president of Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal TMVP group, Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillaiyan, has been selected by ruling United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) to be its principal candidate in the list of contestants in the forthcoming Eastern Province Council election, Education Minister, Susil Prem Jeyanth said.
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KMF rejects ruling party’s request for support in East elections

[TamilNet, Monday, 31 March 2008, 15:17 GMT]
Representatives of Kaaththaankudi Mosques Federation (KMF) rejected the request by the United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) ruling party ministers to support the ruling party in the forthcoming Eastern Provincial Council election when the parties met Monday around 11:00 a.m at KMF's office in Kaathaankudy, KMF Secretary, Asheik S. H. Sabeel said.
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IIGEP ends observation role

[TamilNet, Monday, 31 March 2008, 07:30 GMT]
The International Independent Group of Eminent Persons (IIGEP) on Monday said its members cease their mandate to observe the work of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry (CoI). The IIGEP will submit a concluding report to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa and issue a final public statement before closing the office in Colombo on 30 April, 2008.
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Sinhala sea cucumber divers under threat to leave Ampaa'rai

[TamilNet, Monday, 31 March 2008, 02:57 GMT]
Unidentified armed group of local residents of Kalmunaikkudi, Ampaarai are forcing Sinhala divers who have been in involved in harvesting sea cucumbers (Beche-de-Mer) for the past 19 years, to leave the area, the Union of Divers in Sri Lanka complained in a letter addressed to the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic resources, spokesmen for the Union said.
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U.S. film festival features Black Tigers documentary

[TamilNet, Monday, 31 March 2008, 01:29 GMT]
"My daughter the terrorist," a documentary on the lives and faiths of two female Black Tigers, produced by Norwegian film maker, Beate Arnestad, is to be featured in a premier documentary film festival in the United States to be held in Durham, North Carolina 4th of April. More than 100 documentaries are to be shown during the four-day festival from 3rd to 6th April. TamilNet talked to Arnestad during her visit to the U.S. to present the documentary at the Durham festival.
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Bomb blast kills Tamil youth in Akkaraippattu

[TamilNet, Sunday, 30 March 2008, 17:30 GMT]
A bomb exploded Friday around 7:00 p.m at Aalaiyadivempu area in Akkaraippattu police division in Ampaa'rai district killing a Tamil youth as he was going along Aalaiyadivempu D.S. Office road, sources in Akkaraippattu said.
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Tamil civilian shot dead in Ka'luvaagnchikkudi

[TamilNet, Sunday, 30 March 2008, 17:19 GMT]
Unidentified armed men in a white van shot and killed Saturday evening a young Tamil family man in Onthaachchimadam area in Ka'luvaagnchikkudi police division in Batticaloa district, sources in Batticaloa said.
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Police sergeant among burglars killed in Puththa'lam

[TamilNet, Sunday, 30 March 2008, 14:45 GMT]
One of the three burglars killed in the road accident that took place Saturday morning at Mangala Eliya along Puththa'lam-Chilaw road has been identified as a police sergeant who was in duty at the time of the incident. The police recovered a set of police uniforms, Jewellery worth about one million rupees, rifles, and swords from the vehicle which ran off the road and hit a culvert, media sources said.
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Thaandikulam students' murder inquiry stalls

[TamilNet, Sunday, 30 March 2008, 14:37 GMT]
The Vavuniyaa High Court Thursday put off the inquiry into the Thaandikulam students' murder case for June 30 when the State Counsel informed court that an application has been made to transfer the case to Anuradhapura High Court, legal sources said. A police constable has been indicted with the killing of five students and injuring 11 students by shooting on 16 November 2006 inside the Vavuniyaa Agricultural College located at Thaandikulam.
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Left parties in UPFA join TNDA to contest east elections

[TamilNet, Sunday, 30 March 2008, 14:28 GMT]
Communist Party (CP) of Sri Lanka and Lanka Sama Samaja Party (LSSP), constituents of the ruling United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) led by President Mahinda Rajapakse, and three more political parties in the south, Sri Lanka Mahajana Pakshaya, Democratic Left Front and Desha Vimukthi Janatha Pakshaya have decided to contest the East Provincial Council election in alliance with the recently formed Tamil National Democratic Alliance (TNDA), media sources said. TNDA comprises Peoples Liberation Front of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE), Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) and Padmanaba wing of the Eelam Peoples Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF).
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UN wants charges against 114 Sri Lankan troops for sexual exploitation of children

[TamilNet, Sunday, 30 March 2008, 14:26 GMT]
The UN is to charge 114 Sri Lankan soldiers who were on peace-keeping missions with sexual exploitation and abuse against children, the Sunday Times reported this week. The UN's Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) says it is assisting in the pending legal proceedings initiated by the Sri Lankan Government, to ensure that all military members found guilty, according to Sri Lankan law, ‘are held accountable for their actions.’ The UN says charges should include rape - because it involves children under 18 years of age - which constitutes a ‘war crime’ in the context of military conflicts.
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Media groups condemn 'assault' on Thusara Peiries

[TamilNet, Sunday, 30 March 2008, 14:04 GMT]
Free Media Movement (FMM), along with four other journalist groups, has written to Alok Prasad, the Indian High Commissioner to Colombo on Sunday seeking his intervention to acquire the master tapes of Thushara Peiris' controversial film from the Gemini Studios in Chennai. In its letter, the FMM maintained that its concern was "with the principle, not the content of the film per se" since it believed in the right to freedom of expression.
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TID seeks permission to seal Tissainayagam's house

[TamilNet, Sunday, 30 March 2008, 12:20 GMT]
The Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) of the Sri Lanka Police on Friday filed a motion in the Colombo Chief Magistrate's Court seeking an order to seal the house of J.S.Tissanayagam a senior journalist and Sunday Times columnist now under detention since his arrest on March 6, legal sources said. Meanwhile, Free Media Movement (FMM), joined by four other journalists associations, embarked on a world-wide campaign to pressure Colombo to free the journalist who has been held in detention for more than three weeks without charges.
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Not possible to remain mute spectators: Ramadoss to Indian PM

[TamilNet, Sunday, 30 March 2008, 09:16 GMT]
Labelling Sri Lanka "a failed state, a condominium of anarchy, and a shame on humanity" that "terrorized its own Tamil citizens," Dr. S. Ramadoss, leader of Paaddaa'li Makka'l Kadchi (PMK, Toilers' Party) and a constituent ally of the Congress-led Indian government, said that it was not possible to remain "passing by-standers to this human tragedy at our doorstep" in his letter to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday. "The sixty million Tamils in India cannot wait and watch while their sisters and brothers are being decimated across the Palk Straits and Gulf of Mannar," he said.
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2 policemen shot, injured at Thampalakaamam

[TamilNet, Sunday, 30 March 2008, 04:41 GMT]
Two Sri Lanka Police constables were injured when unidentified armed persons opened fire at a police party conducting night patrol at Thampalakaamam located in Kanthalaai police division in Trincomalee district Saturday night. The injured policemen were admitted at the Kanthalaai government hospital, and later one was transferred to Anuradhapura general hospital as his condition deteriorated and became life-threatening, media sources said.
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Tamil woman shot dead in Vavuniyaa

[TamilNet, Saturday, 29 March 2008, 18:52 GMT]
A 35-year old Tamil woman, a mother of three children, was shot dead by unidentified armed persons who arrived in a three-wheeler at Theakangkaadu in Vavuniya Friday night. The body was handed over to the Vavuniyaa general hospital for postmortem and inquest, sources said.
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Accident kills 3 robbery suspects with police uniforms

[TamilNet, Saturday, 29 March 2008, 16:01 GMT]
Three members of a gang that had been engaged in robbery were killed and five others were injured when the vehicle they were travelling in ran off the road at Mangala Wewa along Puththalam-Chilaw highway Saturday early morning. Police recovered a part of the loot along with a set of police uniforms from the damaged vehicle, media sources said.
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SLA intensifies cordon, search operation in Jaffna peninsula

[TamilNet, Saturday, 29 March 2008, 16:01 GMT]
Several hundred Sri Lanka Army (SLA) troops were deployed in a large scale cordon and search operation launched Saturday early morning in Karaveddi area in Vadamaraadchi herding all people irrespective of age or gender into temples and schools for interrogation, sources in Jaffna said. The SLA troops confiscated the National Identity Cards (NIC) of several youths and young women, and directed them to collect their NICs in the SLA camp, the sources added.
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LTTE, SLA clash in Paalamoaddai, Vavuniyaa

[TamilNet, Saturday, 29 March 2008, 14:48 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Operations Command in Vavuniyaa told media Saturday that a Sri Lanka Army (SLA) attempt to break into LTTE territory in Paalamoaddai, launched at 4:15 p.m. was thwarted after a confrontation that lasted for 40 minutes.
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Moneragala Tamil councilor shot dead

[TamilNet, Saturday, 29 March 2008, 14:18 GMT]
Unidentified men who arrived in a white van opened fire on the Deputy Chairman of the Moneragala Piratheasa Chapai (Pradeshiya Sabha), Annamalai Narayanan Mutthulingam, 61, an Up-Country Tamil representative around 6:00 p.m. Saturday, Police said. He succumbed to injuries at Moneragala hospital. A fellow Up-Country Tamil politician described the slaying as part of a prolonged and 'camouflaged campaign of communal violence' against Tamils.
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PLOTE, EPRLF, TULF to contest under one wing

[TamilNet, Saturday, 29 March 2008, 11:54 GMT]
People Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) led by D.Siththarathan, Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) led by V.Anandasangaree, and Eelam Peoples Revolutionary Liberation Front (Padmanaba wing) are to contest the Eastern Provincial Council election under the banner Tamil Democratic National Front (TDNF), media reported quoting PLOTE leader Siththarthan.
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White van squad abducts 3 Tamil students in Moratuwa

[TamilNet, Saturday, 29 March 2008, 11:31 GMT]
Three Jaffna Tamil youths studying at Moratuwa University are reported to have been abducted by an armed group of persons clad in civil dress on March 24 night around 7:30 p.m. from their residence in Moratuwa town in western province. The unidentified men arrived in a white colored van had sealed the residence where the students had been staying, according to complaints lodged with Colombo district parliamentarian P.Radhakrishnan by their relatives, media reported.
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Kandy police arrests Tamil teenager

[TamilNet, Saturday, 29 March 2008, 07:49 GMT]
Kandy Police Friday arrested a 14-year old Tamil boy at the Kandy bus stand, and has detained him at the Kandy Police. The boy has been identified as Pavithran of Pandaarikulam, and is being interrogated, media sources said.
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Tamil civilian abducted in Kotahena

[TamilNet, Saturday, 29 March 2008, 05:41 GMT]
A Tamil civilian residing at Jampettah Road in Kotahena in Colombo city was abducted on March 18 morning around 5:00 a.m. by a group of unidentified armed persons who arrived in a van. The men dressed in civil stated that they had come from Kotahena police station, according to a complaint lodged with the Kotahena Police and the Civil Monitoring Committee in Colombo by his wife.
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Upcountry Tamil arrested in Nuwara Eliya

[TamilNet, Saturday, 29 March 2008, 03:27 GMT]
Police Friday conducted a cordon and search operation in Kandapola in Nuwara Eliya division in the central province and arrested an upcountry Tamil. The arrested man is being detained and interrogated by the Terrorist Intelligence Unit, media reports from Nuwara Elilya said.
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Jaffna student plays reflect society's undercurrent of fear

[TamilNet, Saturday, 29 March 2008, 00:02 GMT]
Traditional folk dramas and modern plays were showcased in a drama festival organized by the Outdoor Stage Group of Jaffna University Thursday at Kailasapathy Hall. The silent play named ‘Moodi’ (The Lid) in which actors had their faces covered by cloths, expressing the current denial of freedom of expression and movement in Jaffna peninsula, students spokesperson said. The play also had scenes that portrayed the fear of arrests, killings, and abductions that haunt the residents of the peninsula, the spokesperson added.
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Norway recognises Kosovo as an independent state

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 March 2008, 19:52 GMT]
The Norwegian government on Friday recognised the Rupublic of Kosovo as an independent state, according to a press release issued by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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7 more inmates surrender to SLA in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 March 2008, 18:52 GMT]
Seven men held in protective custody in Jaffna prison have surrendered to Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and been placed in the newly opened SLA Rehabilitation Centre at Thellippa’alai, a SLA media report issued Friday said. 47 persons had earlier been placed in the Rehabilitation Centre,
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SLA moves weapons, explosives to Northern FDLs

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 March 2008, 17:44 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) transported heavy weapons and explosives in large quantities from Kaangkeasanththu’rai (KKS) harbour to its Northern Front Defence Line (FDL) areas in Ki’laali, Mukamaalai, Nakarkoayil and the islets of Jaffna, Thursday and Friday, sources from Jaffna said.
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SLA trooper electrocuted by high tension fence in Thenmaraadchi

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 March 2008, 17:19 GMT]
A Sri Lanka Army (SLA) trooper deployed at the Front Defence Line (FDL) area in Meesaalai North in Thenmaraadchi died Wednesday due to electric shock when he accidentally made physical contact with live electric fence wire, sources in Kodikaamam said.
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Bomb explodes near paramilitary office in Ampaa'rai, attacker killed

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 March 2008, 17:10 GMT]
Police in Akkaraippattu claimed that a suspected attacker carrying a bomb was killed when the bomb he was carrying exploded around 100 meters away from a TMVP paramilitary office located at Aalaiyadivempu in Ampaa'rai district around 7:00 p.m. Friday.
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53% of Sri Lanka's external military training provided by India, TPM protests

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 March 2008, 15:10 GMT]
Addressing the large demonstration of the Tamil Protection Movement (TPM) opposite the Memorial Hall in Chennai Thursday, Viduthalai Chi'ruththaika'l Kadchi (VCK, Liberation Panthers Party) President Thol. Thirumavalavan, who condemned the Indian government for giving a red carpet welcome to Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Commander Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka, charged that one of the primary objectives of Fonseka 's recent visit was to seek a substantial increase in the number of Sri Lankan forces being trained in India. "There has been a three hundred percentage increase in the number of training slots offered to Sri Lankan armed forces personnel between the year 2006-2007 and 2007-2008," he charged.
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Ki'linochchi facing imminent food crisis

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 March 2008, 13:24 GMT]
The food stock for emergency use in Ki’linochchi district has been completely exhausted due to difficulties in bringing in the required food items N.Vethanayagam, Government Agent (GA) said Thursday, when questioned about the imminent crisis in the region due to the worsening shortage of essential food items.
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East PC candidates to be provided with security

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 March 2008, 11:59 GMT]
Sri Lanka Government is to provide two armed police personnel to each candidate contesting the Eastern Provincial Council elections to ensure the candidates' security, Deputy Inspector General of Police Gamini Navaretna, according to media sources.
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Holding mobile service violates election law, says MP

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 March 2008, 11:36 GMT]
Holding two day mobile service by the Public Administration Ministry in Batticaloa on March 29 and 30 after the commencement of the election process for the forthcoming Eastern PC election is a violation of the constitution and the Election Law, said Batticaloa district parliamentarian P.Ariyanethran in a statement to the media.
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Tamil youth arrested in Vavuniyaa

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 March 2008, 11:33 GMT]
Vavuniyaa police Wednesday night arrested a Tamil youth allegedly linked to the recovery of suicide jacket hidden in tree-hole in Vaarikuttiyoor, Vavuniyaa. The youth is being interrogated by the Terrorist Intelligence Division while being detained at Vavuniyaa police station, media sources said.
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Ramadoss urges Karunanidhi for timely action

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 March 2008, 08:23 GMT]
The ruling Congress of India has no policy alternatives towards Sri Lankan affairs. The DMK should take 'a cue' from the Communist Party of India in denouncing Indian arms to Sri Lanka, said Dr. S. Ramadoss, leader of Paaddaa'li Makka'l Kadchi (PMK, Toilers' Party) while speaking to media on the occasion of a demonstration in Chennai on Thursday. "The Tamil Nadu State Assembly should come out of its slumber and pass a resolution in this respect. The Centre should be reminded of the strength of Tamil parliamentarians. Tamil Nadu people are ready to pay any price for the Eezham cause," said Ramadoss whose party is an ally of the ruling Congress coalition government of India, along with DMK.
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2 Sinhalese civilians shot dead in Ampaa’rai

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 March 2008, 06:50 GMT]
An unidentified armed gang opened fire on three Sinhalese men Thursday around 6:00 p.m at Atheyopunchigala village in the Central Camp area in Ampaa’rai district killing two and seriously injuring the third man, sources in Ampaa’rai said.
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Grenade attack on UPFA supporter in Ea’raavoor

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 March 2008, 03:24 GMT]
Two unidentified youths on motor cycle lobbed a hand grenade Wednesday around 9:15 p.m on the house of a supporter on the ruling United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) at Ea’raavoor Mosque Street in Batticaloa district causing damage to the house, Ea’raavoor police said. The owner of the house had been a supporter of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) party before switching on to UPFA, sources in Ea’ravoor said.
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TID detains Tamil woman arrested in Colombo

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 March 2008, 02:40 GMT]
A Tamil woman residing in Modera, Colombo, since 2003 was taken into custody last week and is being detained by the Terrorist Intelligence Department (TID) of the Sri Lank Police according to a complaint by her mother handed over to Colombo district parliamentarian P.Radhakrishnan, media sources said.
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SL Police reduces checkpoints between Vavuniyaa-Madawaachchi

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 March 2008, 01:46 GMT]
Vavuniyaa police have agreed to deploy more buses between Vavuniyaa and Madawaachchi to transport passengers to reduce travel delays, and also have agreed not to stop buses at several places for checking passengers and their belonging after they leave Vavuniyaa and before reaching Madawaachchi, according to Wanni district parliamentarian Mr.Sivanathan Kishore, media sources said.
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South African media regrets the act of Indian consulate

[TamilNet, Thursday, 27 March 2008, 20:35 GMT]
It would have been better if a representative of the Indian Consulate had accepted the memorandum from the peaceful protestors, even if the consulate was not in agreement with their views, aired the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) in its morning news last Friday while reporting the demonstration conducted in front of the Indian consulate in Durban the previous day by the Indian community in South Africa in support of the Tamil cause in Sri Lanka.
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Stop arms supply to Sri Lanka: CPI urges Indian government

[TamilNet, Thursday, 27 March 2008, 14:36 GMT]
The Communist Party of India (CPI), a prominent ally of the ruling Congress party, has urged the Indian Government to "immediately stop supplying arms to Sri Lanka that was mindlessly killing Tamil people." A resolution to this effect was passed Wednesday in the party's four-day 20th National Congress at Hyderabad. According to reports in the Indian media, D. Pandian, State Secretary, Tamil Nadu moved this resolution which sought New Delhi to interfere in the war-torn island's ethnic problem towards finding a political solution.
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Provinicial Council Election process begins in east

[TamilNet, Thursday, 27 March 2008, 11:54 GMT]
District Secretariats in Batticaloa, Trincomalee and Ampaarai Thursday began accepting deposits from prospective independent groups and nomination lists from recognized political parties which are to contest the forthcoming Eastern Provincial Council. Three independent groups paid their deposits for Trincomalee district and three in Ampaarai district on the first day, media sources said.
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JVP: Sri Lanka moving towards Kosovo-type situation

[TamilNet, Thursday, 27 March 2008, 11:32 GMT]
Comparing the situation in Sri Lanka with the State of Kosovo before it declared independence, Weerawanse, parliamentary group leader the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) and the general secretary of the National Patriotic Movement at a press briefing held Wednesday said that the situations are similar, and that the damaging report by Ms Louis Arbor, High Commission of the UN Human Rights on Kosovo paved the way for Kosovo independence, media sources said.
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East undergrads urge Muslim politicians to unite

[TamilNet, Thursday, 27 March 2008, 11:30 GMT]
The student community of Southeastern University staged a peaceful rally Wednesday morning 9:30 a.m. outside the Oluvil campus demanding the need for all Muslim political leaders to come to an understanding and to contest under a common symbol in the forthcoming Batticaloa Provincial Council Elections, sources in
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SLMC to go alone in Eastern PC election

[TamilNet, Thursday, 27 March 2008, 07:46 GMT]
The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) Wednesday at a discussion with the leadership of main opposition United National Party (UNP) expressed its stand that it would contest the Eastern Provincial Council (EPC) election alone to preserve its identity, but with some understanding with the UNP. The SLMC, however, would not forge any alliance with the ruling party, according to media reports quoting SLMC general secretary Mr. Hassan Ali.
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15 SLA killed, body recovered in Ma'nalaa'ru - LTTE

[TamilNet, Thursday, 27 March 2008, 05:59 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Operations Command in Ma'nalaa'ru on Thursday said the Tigers confronted two Sri Lanka Army (SLA) offensive pushes within the last two days in the region. On Wednesday, the LTTE thwarted an SLA attempt to break into LTTE territory after 2 hours confrontation at Ceylon Theatre area from 1:15 p.m. 5 SLA soldiers were killed and the Tigers recovered the dead body of one SLA soldier with arms and ammunition. On Tuesday, 10 SLA soldiers were killed in a similar confrontation that erupted when the SLA attempted to advance, the Tigers said.
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Vavuniyaa MP requests relief for rain affected farmers

[TamilNet, Thursday, 27 March 2008, 02:56 GMT]
Vavuniyaa district Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian Mr.Sivasakthi Aanandan appealed to the Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Services to compensate farmers of the districts of Killinochchi, Mullaitivu, Mannaar and Vavuniyaa for the loss of their crops due to the recent torrential rain. Many of the affected farmers depend on the income from the crops, and are under severe economic hardship, the MP said in his appeal.
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Family man abducted in Jaffna High Security Zone

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 26 March 2008, 17:21 GMT]
A young family man was abducted Tuesday around 5:00 p.m at Paa’ndiyan Thaazhvu, Ko’lumbuththu’rai in Jaffna, an area within the High security Zone (HSZ) of Sri Lanka Army (SLA), according to complaint made by his wife to Human Rights Commission (HRC) Jaffna, sources in Jaffna said. The man had earlier been placed in the protective custody in Jaffna Prison due to death threats by SLA troops and SLA-backed paramilitaries, the sources added.
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U.S. Rights report fortifies moral, legal entitlement of Tamil state- Fein

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 26 March 2008, 17:11 GMT]
Contrasting U.S. State Department’s institutional bias in favor of governments, and Bush administration’s willingness to overlook abuses by foreign governments in the name of fighting terrorism, with the recent U.S report on Human Rights in Sri Lanka, Bruce Fine, an attorney for a Tamil activist group in the U.S., in a statement released to the media Wednesday, asserts that, “[t]he fact that the United States would savage the human rights record of the GOSL [Government of Sri Lanka] means that its [Sri Lanka’s] actual terrorism record is far more gruesome than represented. The report thus fortifies the moral and legal entitlement of Tamils to a separate statehood.”
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SLN arrests 11 civilians in Kachchaitheevu seas

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 26 March 2008, 15:20 GMT]
Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) in Kayts arrested 11 civilians from Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) held Vanni on their way to Tamil Nadu on Kachchaitheevu seas Tuesday early morning, according to the statements in Kayts Magistrate Court where the civilians were produced Wednesday before Kayts Magistrate Ms. Joy Mahatheva.
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Sri Lanka’s parliament Monk shuns Nonviolence- paper

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 26 March 2008, 14:25 GMT]
Athurliye Rathana, a celebrated monk and a Sri Lanka parliamentarian, “sounded more like an army general than a legislator or monk” when he said, "[w]e can sort this out on our own. We tried to discuss things, but the LTTE always wanted to fight. We must do our duty on the battle field," Washington Post said in an article that appeared in the Wednesday edition.
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Pilayaan group’s interference stalls Siththaandi housing scheme

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 26 March 2008, 10:42 GMT]
A housing scheme about to be implemented as a joint venture by Swiss Red Cross Society (SRCS) and Sri Lanka Red Cross Society (SLRCS) in Siththaa’ndi First Division in Batticaloa district has come to a halt due to interference and demands by Pillayan group, the affected civilians in the area said.
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SLN imposes fishing ban in Vadamaraadchi North

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 26 March 2008, 09:41 GMT]
The Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) issued a special order Tuesday banning all fishing activities in Vadamaraadchi North in seas from Point Pedro Munai and Katkoava'lam up to Valveddiththu'rai (VVT) until further notice. The fishermen who set out for fishing in the morning were turned back by the troops manning the check points along the coast, Fishermen Society Federation sources in Jaffna said.
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UNP to contest Eastern PC election

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 26 March 2008, 06:31 GMT]
Sri Lanka's main opposition United National Party (UNP) Tuesday decided at its executive committee meeting to contest the forthcoming Eastern Provincial Council election which is to be held on May 10. Mr.Ranil Wickremasinghe, the leader of the UNP has been empowered by the party committee to hold talks with other political parties to form an alliance in this regard, UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake told media.
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Claymore attack in Batticaloa kills 2 policemen

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 26 March 2008, 06:08 GMT]
Two Sri Lanka Police officials, providing escort to Japanese funded ProPoor project, were killed when they were caught in a Claymore blast that targeted a road patrol of elite Special Task Force (STF) foot patrol at Vaazhakkaaddu (Ma'nalpiddi) junction on Kokkaddichchoalai - Vavu'natheevu Road, 7 km west of Batticaloa city, around 9:00 a.m., Wednesday. 2 STF personnel were seriously wounded, Police said. 3 civilian cyclists were also wounded.
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Jaffna HRC official receives death threats

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 26 March 2008, 06:08 GMT]
Unidentified men phoned an inquiry officer of Jaffna Human Rights Commission (HRC) twice Monday night and issued death threats, and the official has registered a complaint at the HRC Head Office in Colombo, sources in Jaffna said. Death threats and intimidations issued to HRC officials who document rights violations in Jaffna peninsula have caused many to leave the peninsula in the past, the sources added.
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SLA soldier shoots dead fellow soldier in Northern Front

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 26 March 2008, 05:32 GMT]
A Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldier, who allegedly shot and killed a fellow soldier Sunday in Naakarkoayil Forward Defence Line (FDL) area, has been kept in remand custody at Kodikaamam Police.
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Abducted Tamil man released at Kalubowila

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 25 March 2008, 17:57 GMT]
A Tamil civilian from Dehiwala, Edward Premanandan, 37, who was abducted Saturday night at Wellawatte in Colombo, was dropped by unidentified persons near the Kalubowila government hospital Monday night. He immediately admitted himself at the hospital for medical examination, according to media sources.
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Student detained by Batticaloa police gets ill, parents complain

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 25 March 2008, 17:56 GMT]
A 28-year-old student of Batticaloa Technical College located at Magnchaththoduvaay, arrested by Special Task Force (STF) personnel 19 days agon, on March 6 and still detained by the police, is reportedly suffering from chest pain caused by harassments at Batticaloa police station. The relatives of the victim, Suntharamoorthy Anandan, has complained to the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) and to the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission.
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5 Tamil civilians arrested at Modera

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 25 March 2008, 17:51 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army and police launched a cordon and search operation Tuesday morning at Modera police division in Colombo and arrested five Tamil civilians. Police said they were being interrogated following the recovery of a consignment of explosives.
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Five civilians reported missing in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 25 March 2008, 15:25 GMT]
A complaint has been lodged Tuesday morning with Batticola police, International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) and Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission (SLHRC) that two masons from Chinna Oo'ra'ni area within Batticaloa city police division have gone missing on Sunday. Meanwhile, two civilians from Ma'nmunai area and one from Kokkuvil area are said to have disappeared recently and no information is available regarding their whereabouts, sources in the region said.
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No solution possible without LTTE – South Africa

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 25 March 2008, 03:52 GMT]
Expressing deep concern over the escalating violence in Sri Lanka, South Africa this weekend called for renewed negotiations to end the protracted conflict and emphasized “no solution to this conflict can be found without the involvement of the two principal parties to the conflict – the government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE.” Speaking in London, South Africa’s Deputy Minister of Communications Roy Padayachie assured that his country would render every assistance towards making peace but, in an implicit criticism of approaches by some other countries, said: “we will never ever impose our involvement in any part of the globe.”
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450 Trincomalee IDPs to be resettled Tuesday

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 25 March 2008, 02:46 GMT]
A group of civilians from Trincomalee district, internally displaced due to military offensives, and residing in welfare centres in various parts of Batticaloa district, are being taken to their original places of residence Tuesday in 15 buses, Batticaloa kachcheri officials said.
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Two young men seek protection with Jaffna HRC

[TamilNet, Monday, 24 March 2008, 17:19 GMT]
Two young men have sought protection with the Human Rights Commission in Jaffna claiming that they have been threatened with death by Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers.
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Key Tamil official in Sri Lanka cricket to be sidelined

[TamilNet, Monday, 24 March 2008, 13:31 GMT]
A top Tamil official in Sri Lanka cricket, Velummylum Mathivanan, Secretary of the interim committee of Sri Lanka Cricket, has been "sidelined from his functions, and it s feared that he could be ousted from the job by the interim committee head Arjuna Ranatunga," Daily Mirror, a Colombo-based daily reported Monday.
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Police arrests Tamil youth in Matara

[TamilNet, Monday, 24 March 2008, 11:51 GMT]
Matara Police Friday arrested a 35-year old Tamil civilian residing at Pitapatara estate in Matara police division and have him at Matara police station, media sources said. Terrorist Intelligence Division is interrogating the man on a report that he had been sent to Matara from Killinochchi to collect information about important personalities in the area, sources added.
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Search operation in Peradeniya, 1 Tamil youth arrested

[TamilNet, Monday, 24 March 2008, 11:22 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and Sri Lanka Police conducted a large scale cordon and search operation in Peradeniya police division from dawn to dusk on Sunday, media sources said. All trains to and from Peradeniya railway station were subjected to search and passengers were interrogated. One Tamil youth was taken into custody and is being detained in Peradeniya police station for further interrogation.
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Civil protection committee deployed in searches

[TamilNet, Monday, 24 March 2008, 11:13 GMT]
Members of civil protection committees (CPC) assisted by Sri Lanka Police launched random searches in public and private sector buses plying in various routes in Colombo and suburbs from morning till afternoon on Sunday causing tremendous inconveniences mainly to passengers amid protests by commuters, both Sinhalese and Tamil. The bus routes selected for search operation were mainly used by Tamils, media sources said.
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SLA forces civilians to cleanup checkposts, military bases in Thenmaraadchi

[TamilNet, Monday, 24 March 2008, 02:48 GMT]
More than 600 men of all ages were rounded up Sunday around 7:00 a.m. by Sri Lanka Army (SLA) troopers in Vara'ni, Kudamiyaan and suburbs in Thenmaraadchi and taken away in military vehicles to be deployed for clean up and restoration work within and outside the military bases, sources in Jaffna said. The civilians were forced to work the whole day at gun point in and around the army bases, check posts and shrub lands along Kodikaamam – Point Pedro road, officials from Thenmaraadchi District Secretariat confirmed.
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SLA suffers heavy casualties in Mannaar, clashes erupt in Northern FDL

[TamilNet, Sunday, 23 March 2008, 15:15 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Operations Command in Mannaar said upto 55 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were killed in heavy fighting that ensued between the SLA and the LTTE Saturday at Iththikka'ndal in Paalaikkuzhi, Mannaar. Meanwhile the SLA has handed over dead bodies of 10 LTTE cadres, 6 females and 4 males, at Mannaar hospital Sunday, claiming that the bodies were recovered in the heavy fighting on Saturday. On Sunday, 4 SLA soldiers were killed and 7 wounded, according to LTTE Operations Command in Vavuniyaa. As the rain ceased, the SLA engaged in offensive push in Mannaar, Vavuniyaa and along the FDLs in the North.
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2-day civil mobile service to be held in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Sunday, 23 March 2008, 15:05 GMT]
Batticaloa District Government Agent is organizing a two day mobile service at Batticaloa Hindu College on March 29 and March 30 to provide additional services to people in fourteen DS divisions in the Batticaloa district to expedite issue of national identity cards, birth certificates, driving licenses from government departments, sources said.
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15 Tamil civilians arrested at Wattegama

[TamilNet, Sunday, 23 March 2008, 14:57 GMT]
15 Tamil civilians including five women were arrested at Wattegama in Kandy district during a cordon and search operation conducted Sunday morning. Houses, shops and vehicles were searched during a four hour operation that commenced around 9.30 am., media sources reported.
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Heavy fighting in Jaffna FDLs

[TamilNet, Sunday, 23 March 2008, 13:34 GMT]
Heavy fighting broke out in Jaffna peninsula when Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers attempted to advance from their positions in Mukamaalai, Ki'laali and Naakarkoavil towards forward defence lines of the Liberation Tigers, Sunday morning. At least one SLA soldier was killed and several others were wounded when the Liberation Tigers counter attacked the SLA soldiers, LTTE sources said.
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Steps are on to retrieve Kachchatheevu: Congress MP

[TamilNet, Sunday, 23 March 2008, 11:12 GMT]
A Congress leader in Tamil Nadu and Indian Upper House (Rajya Sabha) Member of Parliament, Sudarsana Natchiappan, has said that the Indian Government was taking steps to take back Kadchatheevu according to a report by Dinamani newspaper in Tamil Nadu Sunday. Mr. Natchiappan was participating in the 66th state executive committee meeting of the Human Rights Division of the Congress Party at Raameasvaram on Saturday.
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SLA cordons-off, searches Chunnaakam

[TamilNet, Sunday, 23 March 2008, 04:13 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers cordoned off large areas in Chunnaakam West including Uduvil North and Kantharoadai and conducted house to house search Sunday morning, sources in Jaffna said.
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Tamil civilian reported missing in Wellawatte

[TamilNet, Sunday, 23 March 2008, 02:02 GMT]
A Tamil civilian, resident of Dehiwala, has been reported missing from Saturday night after he left his mother's house at Wellawatte in a three-wheeler, according to complaints lodged with the Wellawatte police.
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Stop military aid to Sri Lanka: Nedumaran

[TamilNet, Sunday, 23 March 2008, 01:51 GMT]
Tamil National Movement leader Pala Nedumaran, along with two hundred members of the Tamil Eelam Supporters Co-ordination Committee (TESCC) staged a demonstration Saturday to condemn the Indian Government's military aid to the genocidal Sri Lankan Government. Around 165 members of the TESCC, including its convenor Nedumaran, courted arrested near Memorial Hall, Chennai for agitating in defiance of prohibitory orders from the state police. They were subsequently released.
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Prof. Ramasamy, Penang's new Deputy Chief Minister

[TamilNet, Saturday, 22 March 2008, 21:34 GMT]
Professor Ramasamy, a Political Scientist who left Malaysia and taught in Germany and Singapore, beat former Penang Chief Minister Dr Koh Tsu Koon at the recently held Malaysian elections and has been appointed Deputy Chief Minister for Penang, widely regarded as the Malaysia's economic heartland. Professor Ramasamy participated as a member of the LTTE's constitutional affairs committee prior to Geneva Talks in June 2006.
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SLA accelerates colonization of east

[TamilNet, Saturday, 22 March 2008, 15:18 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) is involved in planned encroachment of lands belonging to Tamils in Koaraalaipattu North in Batticaloa district, and colonization of other Sri Lanka Government controlled areas by resettling Sinhala civilians, local residents of affected areas in Koaraalaipattu said.
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Youth shot dead in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Saturday, 22 March 2008, 13:23 GMT]
Unidentified armed men following a 34-year old family man in a motorbike shot him dead near Murugamoorthi Temple vicinity in Kantharoadai West Chunnaakam, Valikaamam Saturday morning, sources in Jaffna said.
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Military Officer in media position will affect war reporting, says CPJ

[TamilNet, Saturday, 22 March 2008, 11:59 GMT]
Citing incidents of "ongoing intimidation of Sri Lanka media ... and the treatment of Tamil journalists under investigation by the Terrorist Investigation Division," and the appointment of retired Major General Sunil Silva, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), a New York based media watch dog, in a letter sent to Sri Lanka's President Rajapakse Friday said, "[u]nsupported terrorist accusations threaten the security and livelihood of Tamil journalists. A military leader in a state media group threatens the objectivity of journalists," and urged Rajapakse to vigorously investigate attacks and provide the journalists with due protection.
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Jaffna women group calls for end to violence

[TamilNet, Saturday, 22 March 2008, 04:47 GMT]
More than 500 women attending a meeting organized by the Jaffna based Centre for Women and Development (CWD), held at the auditorium of Jaffna Public library Friday, expressed unified voice against the escalating violence in the peninsula in general, and the variety of problems faced by women in particular, and issued a media communiqué detailing a host of social issues unique to the female population in North. The meeting was chaired by Mrs.Saroja Sivachandran, coordinator of CWD.
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Devotees flock to Naagathambiraan temple in Vanni

[TamilNet, Saturday, 22 March 2008, 00:31 GMT]
Annual March Pongkal festival at the historic Naagathambiraan Temple in Pu'liyampokka'nai near Kilinochchi was held Friday and continued throughout night to early hours Saturday morning, sources in Vanni said. Thousands from Vanni attended the event, but sources said, with travel ban through A9 from the north through Mukamaalai, and from the south via Oamanthai, the number of devotees attending the festival was significantly lower than the crowds of past years.
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FMM expresses outrage at militarization of media

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 March 2008, 23:54 GMT]
Pointing to the appointment of the recently retired Army Major General Sunil Silva as Additional Director General (Administration) of the State controlled TV station Sri Lanka Rupavahini Cooperation (SLRC), the Free Media Movement (FMM), in a press release issued Thursday said: "The militarisation of State apparatus under this regime is not new, but this is the first time it has extended to the media. Not only does this set an extremely disturbing precedent, it irrevocably vitiates the independence of State media from regressive party political patronage, influence and coercion."
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Black Sea Tigers sink SLN Dvora, 14 SLN killed - LTTE

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 March 2008, 23:48 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) elite Black Sea Tigers, engaged in a confrontation with a fleet of Sri Lanka Navy in the seas off Mullaiththeevu, attacked and sunk a SLN Dvora Fast Attack Craft (FAC) between Mullaiththeevu and Naayaa'ru at 2:10 a.m. Saturday, LTTE sources in Vanni told TamilNet. At least 14 Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) sailors were killed in the clashes, the Tigers said. Three Black Sea Tigers were killed in action in the fighting that lasted for 45 minutes from 2:00 a.m. Saturday. Meanwhile, SLN sources said 10 SLN sailors were missing. Sixteen sailors were on board the SLN said.
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Ambush kills 2 SLA soldiers in Mannaar, 8 wounded

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 March 2008, 16:00 GMT]
Two Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were killed and 8 wounded when a pressure mine ambush targeted their bus, which was on its way to South Bar SLA camp, on Station Road, 2 km south of Mannaar city, Friday around 7:30 p.m. The SLA and Police blocked the road and launched a cordon and search operation. Hundreds of civilians who are residents of Chaanthinakar located close to South Bar, were stranded on the road, when they were returning after attending Good Friday rituals at St. Sebastiyan Cathedral.
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VVT Sivan Temple holds Ther festival

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 March 2008, 12:13 GMT]
Chariot festival at the historic Sivan Temple in Valveddiththu'rai, the spring board of Tamil armed struggle and the home town of Leader of Liberation Tigers, Pirapaharan, was held Thursday amidst continued military activities and travel restrictions, sources in Jaffna said. Thousands of devotees from many parts of the peninsula attended the grand festival, and local residents exhibited their determination to preserve the culture and heritage.
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Two Mannaar Tamil youths arrested at Madawaachchi

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 March 2008, 11:43 GMT]
Two Tamil youths, both residents of Sinnakadai in Mannaar town, were arrested Wednesday night by Anuradhapura police when they were traveling in a vehicle bound for Mannaar. The youths are being detained at Anuradhapura police station and are being subjected to interrogation by the Terrorist Intelligence Division (TID) on a report that they attempted to smuggle explosives and gelignite sticks via Madawaachchi jungles to Mannaar, media sources said.
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SLN officer suspected of extortion in Kalpity abduction

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 March 2008, 11:33 GMT]
Relatives of fisherman Joseph Arul Ananda Fernando, father of three children, who was abducted in Kalpity on 6 February, complained to the police of the alleged involvement of a Sri Lanka Navy officer in the abduction, sources said. Police brought to the notice of the high command of the Sri Lanka Navy the complaint, media sources said.
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4 Tamil women arrested in Colombo

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 March 2008, 10:01 GMT]
Three Tamil women who arrived in Colombo from Vavuniyaa accompanying another woman to go to Kuwait were arrested by the Kotahena Police. They were later ordered remand by the Colombo Magistrate. They are being detained in Welikada prison. They have been identified as Kumariah Mallika, 35, of Thonikal, Thushanthini Wijekumar, 23, of Manipuram, Ganeshan Indrani, 32, and Sivasubramaniam Sthreethevi, 25, of Anuradhapura, media sources said.
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STF withdrawal from Ampaarai district commences

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 March 2008, 09:58 GMT]
The Special Task Force (STF) personnel camped in Ampaarai district for several years are to be withdrawn completely by the end of March according to Defense Ministry instruction, informed sources said. STF personnel stationed in main camps located at Akkaraipathu, Thirukovil and Koamari were withdrawn Thursday and the Sri Lanka Army has moved into these camps immediately.
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South African Indians oppose Indian Arms to Sri Lanka

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 March 2008, 00:09 GMT]
Carrying the red and yellow flag, an impressive number of South Africans of Indian Origin, demonstrated outside the Indian Consulate in Durban on Thursday, to register their collective opposition to the military oppression of Tamils in Sri Lanka by the Sri Lankan Government. They appealed to the Indian government to stop military assistance to the Government of Sri Lanka. While the Chairperson of the South African Human Rights Commission received the memorandum of the demonstrators and spoke to them, the Indian Consulate refused to accept it. Except a negligibly few Eezham Tamils, the vast majority of the demonstrators were people of Indian origin.
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SLA corrals 3 additional Jaffna buses for military use

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 March 2008, 00:02 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) commandeered three new buses from Koandaavil bus depot adding to the scarcity of serviceable buses available for public transport, further burdening the Jaffna SLTB officials reeling from fuel crisis, Jaffna transportation officials said. SLA handed back three buses, irrevocably damaged due to claymore attacks or misuse, officials at the Koandaavil depot said.
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Military officer's appointment to SLRC troubles IFJ

[TamilNet, Thursday, 20 March 2008, 13:31 GMT]
The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), in a press release issued Thursday, expressed deep concern at the appointment of a retired army Major General to a senior position at the state broadcaster, Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC). "The appointment follows threatened strike action by staff at SLRC to demand protection in the face of a series of threats and attacks on staff allegedly linked to a melee at the station’s office on December 27, when Labour Minister Mervyn Silva assaulted SLRC news director TMG Chandrasekara," the press release said.
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Rights violations in Batticaloa escalate

[TamilNet, Thursday, 20 March 2008, 12:26 GMT]
Nearly one hundred incidents of human rights violations of arrest, abduction, forced disappearance and intimidation committed against government officials in Batticaloa district have been registered with Human Rights Commission (HRC) Batticaloa District office, according to Batticaloa HRC sources. In January 2008 alone 63 complaints of rights violations against government officials in Batticaloa were registered while a total of 37 complaints were lodged in February.
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2 upcountry Tamil youths arrested in Kandy

[TamilNet, Thursday, 20 March 2008, 12:21 GMT]
Two upcountry Tamil youths were arrested by Sri Lanka government security forces Wednesday evening at Kandy, and are being detained at police station. Police said they were taken in for questioning as they failed to prove their identity and the purpose of their visit when they arrived in Kandy bus stand from Badulla.
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Search operation in Theakawatte, Vavuniyaa

[TamilNet, Thursday, 20 March 2008, 12:19 GMT]
The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and police Thursday launched a cordon and search operation in parts of the Vavuniyaa town following the recovery of a claymore mine weighing about 8 kg at Theakawatte in Vavuniyaa, media sources said.
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Supreme Court to hear Rights petition filed by jailed journalist

[TamilNet, Thursday, 20 March 2008, 12:17 GMT]
Sri Lanka Supreme Court Wednesday granted permission to hear the fundamental rights petition filed by J.S.Tissanayagam, a senior journalist at Sunday Times and Editor of the website “Outreach,” against officials of the Terrorism Investigation Division (TID), legal sources in Colombo said. The hearing is set for 27 March.
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India abetting Tamil genocide: Vaiko

[TamilNet, Thursday, 20 March 2008, 10:49 GMT]
Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK) General Secretary Vaiko Tuesday said that the present attitude of the Indian Government amounted to assistance in Sri Lanka's genocide of Tamils. He sought the withdrawal of the radars supplied to Sri Lanka and an end to all forms of military assistance from India to the Sri Lankan government. Accusing the Indian Government of "betraying the Tamils," the veteran leader in his reply to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's letter, pointed out that no sovereign nation would tolerate the dangerous action of a neighbouring country planting mines in the bordering seas.
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STF sergeant killed, constable wounded in Ampaa'rai

[TamilNet, Thursday, 20 March 2008, 08:48 GMT]
A seargeant of the Sri Lankan Special Task Force (STF), succumbed to his injuries caused in an exchange of gunfire in Lahugala jungles in Ampaa'ai district Thursday morning around 6:30 when the elite commando unit of the STF was engaged in a cordon and search operation, Police said. Meanwhile, a constable of the STF was wounded in a booby trap explosion at Kagnchikudichchaa'ru Wednesday evening.
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Grenade attack on SLA sentry post in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 19 March 2008, 19:43 GMT]
Unidentified men on bicycle lobbed a hand grenade into a Sri Lanka Army (SLA) sentry post located near Kalviyangkaadu junction on Jaffna- Point Pedro road Wednesday around 9:15 a.m. No one was injured as the grenade lobbed failed to explode.
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JHU allies with ruling UPFA to contest Eastern PC election

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 19 March 2008, 16:38 GMT]
Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU), all monks political party has decided to contest the forthcoming East Provincial Council election as an ally of the ruling United Peoples Freedom Alliance, the government controlled Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) reported in its night news bulletin Wednesday night.
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Sri Lanka faulted for public use of ICRC's confidential findings

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 19 March 2008, 16:12 GMT]
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), in a press release issued Wednesday, faulted Colombo for making misleading public references to ICRC's confidential findings on "disappearances and unexplained killings," and for disclosing that U.S. embassy also had access to the confidential reports. "Extra-judicial killings and disappearances are part of a terrible pattern of abuse in Sri Lanka, which must be stopped," said Jacques de Maio, the ICRC's head of operations for South Asia.
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EU expresses serious concern of Sri Lanka's Rights abuses

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 19 March 2008, 12:00 GMT]
While noting with regret that Independent International Group of Eminent Persons (IIGEP) has decided to terminate work, and expressing concern that the Commission of Inquiries lack compliance with international standards, the European Union, in a press release issued Tuesday said, the EU "continues to believe in the importance of guaranteeing access to Kilinochchi for the Norwegian facilitator and other Co-Chairs, as well as the UN and other concerned organisations." The release also said, "[i]n 2006 the EU listed the LTTE as a terrorist organisation. Since then there have been a number of criminal prosecutions against LTTE fund raising in Europe."
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Upcountry Tamil voter's registries to be published in Tamil

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 19 March 2008, 09:49 GMT]
The Sri Lankan Commissioner of Elections Tuesday informed the SL Supreme Court that he has taken steps to publish voters' registers of plantation areas also in Tamil. The State Counsel appearing on behalf of the Commissioner of Elections submitted the latter's response to the three member-bench of the Supreme Court when the Fundamental Rights violation filed by the Ceylon Workers United Front (CWUF) came up for further inquiry on Tuesday, legal sources said.
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SL Supreme Court considers Rajapaksa's request on ICCRP

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 19 March 2008, 09:35 GMT]
The Sri Lankan Supreme Court Monday considered the application of SL President Mahinda Rajapaksa seeking its advisory opinion in terms of Article 129 (1) of the Constitution whether and how individuals in Sri Lanka would derive benefits from rights contained in the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). The European Union, in view of a previous SC judgment informed Sri Lankan government that to qualify for the General System of Preferences Plus facility, the government would have to introduce a constitutional amendment to ensure rights under the ICCPR are rights recognized by the Constitution. Hence, Mr. Rajapaksa has sought the advisory opinion of the Supreme Court.
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Upcountry Tamil abducted in Moneragala

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 19 March 2008, 08:07 GMT]
Unknown armed persons arrived in a white colored van abducted a 26-year-old Upcountry Tamil, M. Tharmarajah, 26, Tuesday afternoon, increasing the number of Tamils abducted in Moneragala police division to five since February this year.
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Arthur C.Clarke passes away

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 19 March 2008, 07:33 GMT]
Dr. Arthur C.Clarke, a scientist and famous science-fiction writer, passed away after a brief illness Wednesday around 1:30 a.m. at a private nursing home in Colombo.
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TNA to boycott Eastern PC elections - MP

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 March 2008, 23:35 GMT]
The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) will not contest in the forthcoming Provincial Council elections for the Eastern Province as the alliance "steadfastly opposed the de-merger of the North Eastern Provincial Council (NEPC) in January 2007 by the Government of Sri Lanka," Batticaloa district TNA parliamentarian S. Jeyanandamoorthy told TamilNet Tuesday. "We do not want to fall prey to the policy of divide and rule of the Sri Lankan government," the parliamentarian further said.
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Swiss Tamils condemn assassination of TNA parliamentarian

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 March 2008, 22:28 GMT]
Tamils in Switzerland held a demonstration and public rally in Geneva on Monday in condemnation of the assassination of K. Sivanesan, Jaffna district Tamil National alliance (TNA) Parliamentarian, allegedly carried out by a Deep Penetration Unit of the Sri Lanka Army in Vanni on 06 March. The demonstrators called on the International Community to act against the systematic slaying of prominent Tamil leaders, including academics, journalists, civil society leaders by the Sri Lankan armed forces and the paramilitaries.
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India installs new radar systems

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 March 2008, 18:29 GMT]
The Indian Air force has installed sophisticated radar systems for aerial surveillance at the Sundaramudayan seashore in Ramanathapuram according to reports available from Sri Lankan defence reports and the Indian media. A Sri Lankan defence report cited Y. R. Rane, Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Air Command (India), as saying that "the new radar has eight antennae which could cover the entire Gulf of Mannar region. It had the capability to track objects such as ships, barges, trawlers, small boats and others in the Indian territorial waters off Mandapam coast."
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SLA shelling kills civilian in Poonakari, student wounded

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 March 2008, 18:23 GMT]
A 24-year-old father of a child was killed Tuesday in Poonakari (Pooneryn) at Ellaikkal-ku'lam when Sri Lanka Army (SLA) launched artillery attack on the residential area. A 16-year-old student of Chellaiatheevu School was wounded in the attack and admitted to Muzhangkaavil hospital. The artillery barrage lasted for 10 minutes from 10:10 till 10:20 a.m.
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No LTTE base in Tamil Nadu: Indian PM's office

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 March 2008, 17:52 GMT]
Virtually bending over backwards the Indian Prime Minister's office Tuesday 'clarified' that National Security Advisor M. K. Narayanan had never mentioned about the existence of LTTE bases in Tamil Nadu. On a temple visit to Kerala Sunday, Narayanan was widely quoted by Indian media reports as saying that Tamil Nadu and Kerala have been asked to "monitor the activities" of LTTE sympathisers since "Indian intelligence agencies" had come to know that both the states had "small pockets of the LTTE."
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Come clean: CPI leader to Indian Government

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 March 2008, 17:46 GMT]
The National General Secretary of the Communist Party of India (CPI), D. Raja, launched an no-holds-barred attack on the Central Government during Question Hour in the Rajya Sabha (Upper House of the Indian Parliament) on Tuesday. He deplored the Indian Government for "not uttering a word against the deployment of sea-mines by the Sri Lankan Government" in the Palk Straits and for giving training to the Sri Lankan army in a "clandestine" manner.
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STF vacates Batticaloa MC building complex

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 March 2008, 17:14 GMT]
Special Task Force (STF) handed over Tuesday Batticaloa Muncipal Council (MC) building complex after 18 years of occupation by the Sri Lankan armed forces, to Batticaloa MC Commissioner, M. Uthayakumar. The entrance gate of Batticaloa Magistrate Court and District Secretariat hitherto guarded by Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has been opened to public after 18 years, sources in Batticaloa said.
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UPFA-TMVP councilors take oath in Colombo

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 March 2008, 15:44 GMT]
The Mayor, Deputy Mayor of Batticaloa Municipal council, chairmen and deputy chairmen of other eight local councils and the members of all nine local councils elected from United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPAF) and the paramilitary-cum-political party, Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP), took their oaths in the presence of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the presidential secretariat Tuesday. Key Paramilitary operative, Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillayan, who was present at the presidential secretariat was greeted by Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa.
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Fuel crisis hits Jaffna public transport

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 March 2008, 14:45 GMT]
Sri Lanka Electricity Board (SLEB) which supplies fuel and oil to Jaffna Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) informed Thursday that it may have to suspend supplies to Jaffna SLTB if the arrears of 51 million rupees due is not paid, Koa'ndaavil SLTB head office sources said.
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Tamil youth shot, killed in Ampaa’rai

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 March 2008, 14:28 GMT]
Two unidentified men operating on a motor bicycle shot to death a youth Tuesday afternoon 3:00 p.m. along the main road in Kaaraitheevu in Ampaa’rai district.
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Claymore ambush kills SLA soldier in Mannaar

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 March 2008, 06:41 GMT]
A Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldier was killed and two wounded Tuesday morning around 7:10 a.m. in a Claymore ambush at Ka'limoaddai near Parikaarika'ndal in Naanaaddaan division of Mannaar district, according to Sri Lankan military sources.
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Tigers strike inside Mannaar HSZ

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 March 2008, 03:27 GMT]
The city of Mannaar was shaken Monday night by outgoing artillery barrage when Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) mounted an attack inside the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) High Security Zone in Thirukkeatheesvaram area, adjacent to SLA garrison in Tha'l'laadi, breaking the Forward Defence Line (FDL). 15 wounded SLA soldiers were rushed to the public hospital in Mannaar in the early hours of Tuesday and later transferred to Anuradhapura. Telephone links were disturbed and tension prevailed in the city as fighting raged from Monday 10:50 p.m. till 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday. The warring parties are yet to release details of the latest confrontation inside the HSZ.
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Nominations called for Eastern Province Council elections

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 March 2008, 00:12 GMT]
Representatives of political parties and independent groups have intensified political activities and have taken steps to choose potential candidates after the Elections Department called nominations for the forthcoming Provincial Council elections in the East, sources said. Elections are to be held for the three districts in the east- Batticaloa, Trincomalee and Ampaa’rai, but Dayanantha Dissanayake, the Elections Commissioner (EC), has not yet fixed the date of the elections.
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3 SLA killed in sniper attack - LTTE

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 March 2008, 18:11 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Operations Command in Mannaar told media in Vanni that Tiger snipers gunned down 3 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers at Iththikka'ndal in Paalaikkuzhi on Sunday between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m.
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Bail denied for Maheswaran murder suspects

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 March 2008, 16:50 GMT]
Chief Magistrate Raveendra Premaratna Monday denied the bail appeal submitted on behalf of Francis Sutharsan, the second accused charged in connection with the assassination of T.Maheswaran, Colombo district United National Party(UNP) and Member of parliament, legal sources in Colombo said. The magistrate instructed the police to continue to keep the suspect in detention until further notice. Maheswaran was shot dead on New year day within the premises of Ponnampala Va'neasvarar temple, Colombo.
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2 students reported missing in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 March 2008, 15:17 GMT]
Two students, aged 11 and 15, are reported missing since Sunday after having left on bicycles their homes in Kokkuvil East in Jaffna, according to complaints lodged by their mother with Human Rights Commission (HRC) Jaffna office Monday. The students, after first visiting their relatives at Kantharmadam in Jaffna, had proceeded on bicycle to another relative’s house in Chaavakachcheari in Thenmaraadchhi, the mother said in her complaint.
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Grade 7, 11 Tamil medium text books not distributed - CTTU

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 March 2008, 12:18 GMT]
Text books introduced under new syllabus to Grade 11 and Grade 7 from this year have not yet been supplied to Tamil medium schools in North, East and other areas in the country while the first academic term of schools to end in first week of April, complained the Ceylon Tamil Teachers Union (CTTU) in a statement to media.
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"Green Channel" at Madawaachchi checkpoint for doctors

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 March 2008, 12:17 GMT]
New security arrangement introduced by the Sri Lanka security establishment came into effect from Monday for medical officers serving in district government hospitals located Mannaar and Vavuniyaa easing their traveling difficulties to report for work from Colombo and other areas in the south while passing through Madawaachchi Sri Lanka Army check point, media reports said quoting health ministry officials.
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IFJ condemns attack on journalist family

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 March 2008, 12:04 GMT]
The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), a media watchdog, in a press release issued Monday, condemned the attack on the father and sister of journalist Munusami Parameshwari in Gampola, in the Kandy district, on March 14. Parameshwari has been in hiding after recent threats against her life.
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Boston Globe advocates "Self-rule in a confederal structure for Tamil region"

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 March 2008, 10:01 GMT]
Pointing to Sri Lanka's documented pattern of "abductions of civilians by security forces," and Rajapakse Government's complicity in "large scale disappearances," Boston Globe in an editorial Monday said: "[t]he bottom line is Sri Lanka's conflict is political, and it must be resolved by political means. A lasting solution will require that the central government grant meaningful self-rule to the Tamil region, perhaps in a confederal structure that maintains the unity of the country. Continuing attempts to resolve the conflict militarily can only produce more suffering and more war."
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Abductions escalate in Colombo

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 March 2008, 09:48 GMT]
Armed men in police uniform arriving in a van bearing registration number 250 7363 Sunday around 7:00 a.m at Sangamiththa Mawata in Colombo abducted a Tamil youth who had come from Jaffna with his mother to go abroad, according to the complaint made by the his mother to Kotahena (Koddaagncheanai) police. Meanwhile, a Tamil student of Moratuwa University, abducted on March 4 from Colpetty in Colombo, is still missing. Abduction of Tamils in Western Province by armed men in white van have escalated in recent days despite the global attention on Sri Lanka's Human Rights violations.
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Record high rainfall in Batticaloa district

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 March 2008, 03:44 GMT]
Torrential rains and floods in Batticaloa district have caused more than 4000 persons of 1130 Internally Displaced People (IDP) familes staying in temporary camps in Batticaloa district to seek shelter in schools and public buildings elsewhere, Batticaloa Government Agent (GA), Suntharam Arumainayagam said. 99.03 mm rainfall within the last 24 hours was recorded Sunday 4:00 p.m, while the 314 mm rainfall in March this year is the highest for 138 years in Batticaloa district.
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Civilians call for transfer of Aalaiyadiveambu STF Commander

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 March 2008, 01:11 GMT]
Civilian groups in Aalayadiveampu in Akkaraipattu police division, Ampaa’rai district, are agitating for the immediate transfer of the Thirukkoayil Special Task Force (STF) commander after he failed to attend a special meeting convened Saturday by higher officials to discuss sexual abuse of women by unidentified armed men, local sources said.
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LTTE pockets in south Indian states, says Narayanan

[TamilNet, Sunday, 16 March 2008, 23:21 GMT]
Indian National Security Adviser M.K. Narayanan on Sunday asked the intelligence agencies of the southern states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala to monitor what he alleged as activities of the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) stating that both these states had "presence of small pockets of the rebel group," according to reports in Indian media. The Indian intelligence agencies have been systematically releasing reports of increased LTTE activity in Kerala, Tamil Nadu's neighbouring state. Initial reports charged LTTE with using the coastal areas of Kerala since it was not as heavily monitored as the Tamil Nadu coast.
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Devotees urged to avoid foot-pilgrimage to Kathirkaamam

[TamilNet, Sunday, 16 March 2008, 13:07 GMT]
Kathirkaamam Devotees Trust, in a press release, urged devotees of all communities to refrain from organizing traditional foot-pilgrimage to historic Kathirkaamam Murukan Temple via the Yala sanctuary this year in view of the deadly incidents in Uva province. "We strongly advise all individuals and societies to cancel any and all plans to enter jungle areas where security forces and insurgents will be engaged in armed conflict for the foreseeable future," the statement said.
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Tamil civilian shot dead in Kanniyaa

[TamilNet, Sunday, 16 March 2008, 13:05 GMT]
Unknown armed persons shot dead a Tamil civilian at Kanniyaa in Uppuve'li police division in Trincomalee district Saturday night around 7:30. The victim is said to be a resident of the village, media sources said.
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SLA soldier killed, 2 injured in claymore ambush in Vavuniyaa

[TamilNet, Sunday, 16 March 2008, 11:36 GMT]
A soldier of the Sri Lanka Army was killed and two others injured when a claymore mine targeting a three-wheeler transporting soldiers exploded Sunday morning at Marakkaalai in Vavuniyaa, sources in the town said.
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Anura Bandaranaike passes away

[TamilNet, Sunday, 16 March 2008, 10:32 GMT]
Anura Bandaranaike, the brother of former SL President Chandrika Kumaratunga and the son of two former Prime Ministers of Sri Lanka, passed away after brief illness at a private hospital in Colombo Sunday at 2:45 p.m. Mr. Bandaranaike, the 59-year-old son of the world's first woman prime minister, a former Foreign Minister and a former Opposition Leader, had walked away from the Sri Lankan parliament after crossing over to the opposition during the final voting of the latest Sri Lankan Budget in December 2007. His father, Solomon West Ridgeway Dias Bandaranaike, was assassinated by an extremist Buddhist monk when Mr. Anura Bandaranaike was 10 years old.
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Gunman shoots dead policeman in Mannaar

[TamilNet, Sunday, 16 March 2008, 07:08 GMT]
A gunman shot and killed a policeman of a special roaming patrol team of Mannaar Police at Periyakamam near the meteorological observation station on Mannaar Thalaimannaar road Sunday around 7:00 a.m., Police said.
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Mihin Lanka flies into turbulance

[TamilNet, Saturday, 15 March 2008, 23:41 GMT]
Eleven months after beginning operations, Mihin Lanka, a low cost Air Lines fully owned and funded by the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL), is facing a loss of Rs.300 million, and if the economic performance does not improve soon, the airline may face bankruptcy, airline industry observers in Colombo said.
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Stray cattle beat SLA cordon in Thenmaraadchi

[TamilNet, Saturday, 15 March 2008, 17:50 GMT]
The cattle-roundup-day organized by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Saturday when the SLA allowed displaced Tamil families from the Thenamaraadchy High Security Zone (HSZ) including Thananki'lappu and Maravanpulo areas to take back the cattle left behind, ended in failure as only five cows out of the more than 6000 were caught in the "net," residents of Thenmaraadchi who followed the event told TamilNet.
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Ganesan assails Sri Lanka's rights record

[TamilNet, Saturday, 15 March 2008, 14:08 GMT]
Mano Ganesan, Leader of Western People’s Front and Convener of Civil Monitoring Commission (CMC), in a meeting with visiting officials of the European Union, pointing to the culture of impunity prevailing in Sri Lanka, rejected Colombo's proposal to appoint a SAARC commission to monitor rights in Sri Lanka as a "ploy to buy time," and flayed Judge Tilakaratne's investigation into disappearances as an exercise to "deceive the nation and the international community." Judge Tilakaratne had earlier commented that most people listed as disappeared and abducted have either "returned home or gone abroad," the press release issued by Ganeson Saturday said.
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HR groups complain against security forces videoing civilians

[TamilNet, Saturday, 15 March 2008, 13:54 GMT]
Human rights groups have complained to the Batticaloa Additional District Judge and Vaalaicheanai Magistrate Mr.M.Ganesharajah against security forces video taping civilians during cordon and search operations conducted in certain parts of the districts of Batticaloa and Ampaarai in east, media reports said.
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Police arrests 2 Upcountry Tamils at Monergala bus stand

[TamilNet, Saturday, 15 March 2008, 13:25 GMT]
Moneragala Police arrested a Tamil youth and his younger sister at the main bus stand Friday afternoon, media sources said quoting Police sources. Both siblings are being detained in the police station and interrogated by the Terrorist Investigation Department as they failed to prove their identity and the purpose of their visit to Colombo, the Police said.
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STF commando killed, 3 injured in Ampaa’rai

[TamilNet, Saturday, 15 March 2008, 11:14 GMT]
One Special Task Force (STF) commando was killed and three injured seriously when Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) combatants engaged the STF commandos in an exchange of gunfire Friday around 12:15 a.m outside the STF camp located in Rottikku’lam in Ampaa’rai, LTTE Ampaa’rai Operations Command said.
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LTTE: 3 SLA attempts thwarted, weapons seized

[TamilNet, Saturday, 15 March 2008, 07:01 GMT]
22 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were killed Friday when Tigers confronted 3 different SLA attempts to advance into Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) territory in Vanni, the Tigers said. The LTTE Ma'nalaa'ru Operations Command said that the Tigers have seized two AK LMGs, two Law rockets, two T-56 assault rifles, communication equipment and ammunitions after defeating the SLA in Kokkuththoduvaay in Ma'nalaa'ru (Weli Oya) region where 15 SLA soldiers were killed. Meanwhile, Mannaar Operations Command of the Tigers claimed 7 SLA soldiers were killed and 18 wounded when the Tigers thwarted SLA attempt to break into LTTE territory on two fronts Friday morning.
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India should not collaborate in genocide of Tamils: Tamil Protection Movement

[TamilNet, Friday, 14 March 2008, 22:19 GMT]
The Tamil Protection Movement (TPM), an umbrella organization consisting of pro-Eelam political parties, NGOs, members of the film fraternity and Tamil associations, condemned the Indian state for extending military support to the genocidal Sri Lankan Government. In a joint statement issued on behalf of the TPM, Paaddaa'li Makka'l Kadchi (PMK, Toilers' Party) founder-leader S Ramadoss and Viduthalai Chi'ruththaika'l Kadchi (VCK, Liberation Panthers Party) President Thol Thirumavalavan, demanded the "Indian Government to radically change its approach and actions in the Sri Lankan Tamils issue" and warned the union government not to be seen as collaborating in Sri Lanka's genocide of Tamils.
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SL Minister implicated in bribe attempt to silence massacre witness

[TamilNet, Friday, 14 March 2008, 19:52 GMT]
The inquiry into the massacre of five Trincomalee students took a dramatic turn Thursday when an exiled medical practitioner father of one of the student victims, in a video conference before the Commission of Inquiry (CoI), revealed that a prominent Cabinet Minister in Mahinda Rajapaksa's government, after the massacre, had proposed to offer a house in Colombo to the family if they were willing to "forget the mistake that had taken place."
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SLA Major succumbs to wounds from Tiger booby trap in Mannaar

[TamilNet, Friday, 14 March 2008, 16:58 GMT]
A Sri Lanka Army (SLA) commander in the 58 division, Major Keerthi Ranawaka, who hit a booby trap set by the Tigers 3-days ago and seriously wounded in the explosion when he went to inspect the Forward Defence Line of the fighting formations of the SLA in Mannaar, succumbed to his wounds Friday, informed military sources said. He was posthumously promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
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United States stands by HR Report: U.S. Embassy tells Colombo

[TamilNet, Friday, 14 March 2008, 15:16 GMT]
The U.S. Embassy in Colombo, on Friday, issued a press statement saying that the U.S. Government was standing by its State Department issued 2007 Report on Human Rights Practices in Sri Lanka. The U.S. statement comes, following reports Friday that Sri Lanka's Foreign Minister, Rohita Bogollagama, had called on U.S. Ambassador Robert Blake, registering his protest to the Human Rights report issued by the U.S. State Department.
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Colombo irked by US Rights report

[TamilNet, Friday, 14 March 2008, 14:53 GMT]
The 2007 Country Report of Human Rights Practices in Sri Lanka released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor of the U.S. State Department has created shockwaves within the Rajapakse Government according to Media reports in Colombo Friday. Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama had called on the US Ambassador in Colombo, Robert O Blake, to register “Sri Lanka’s serious concerns” on the report, Colombo media reported.
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Armed men abduct Tamil trader in Colombo

[TamilNet, Friday, 14 March 2008, 14:48 GMT]
Armed men who arrived in a white van in a Colombo suburb have abducted a 65-year-old Tamil trader, Govindasamy Rajanathan, from his residence on Galpotta Lane in Koddaagncheanai (Kotahena), a suburb of Colombo Friday early morning, according to a complaint made to the Civil Monitoring Committee. The victim's family has also lodged a complaint at Kotahena Police.
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Eastern Provincial Council Election scheduled for May 10

[TamilNet, Friday, 14 March 2008, 11:03 GMT]
Election for the Eastern Provincial Council (EPC) is to be held 10 May and nominations are to be accepted from 27 March to 3 April, according to a Sri Lanka Government gazette notification published Thursday. This is the first election to take place after NorthEast was demerged on the Supreme Court verdict of 16 October 2006.
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SLN fires on civilian boat in Jaffna lagoon, 1 killed

[TamilNet, Friday, 14 March 2008, 11:01 GMT]
A civilian, identified as Selvarajah Kodeeswaran was killed and 28-year-old youth, K. Suthaharan, was wounded when Sri Lanka Navy fired at a boat with 7 civilians in Jaffna Lagoon, Friday morning.
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SLRC Deputy Director attacked in Colombo

[TamilNet, Friday, 14 March 2008, 08:24 GMT]
A group of unknown men Friday morning around 8:45 a.m. attacked the Deputy Director of Sri Lanka state-owned Rupavahini Cooperation (SLRC), Anurasri Hettige, the trade union leader and a JVP supporter, at Kottiyawatta. Employees at the SLRC have started a protest against alleged targeted attacks by unknown men on journalists and staff of the station, who participated and covered a spontaneous protest on 27 December when Mervy Silva, the SL Minister of Labour was retaliated when he reportedly went amok on a news editor at the station.
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Tamil civilian shot dead at Aandanku'lam

[TamilNet, Friday, 14 March 2008, 08:19 GMT]
Unknown gunmen Thursday night around 7:00 p.m. shot dead a 35-year-old Tamil civilian at Aandanku'lam in Uppuve'li division in Trincomalee district. Aandanku'lam is located along Trincomalee-Kandy road, about 4 km off Trincomalee city.
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215 Tamil civilians in detention camps in Boosa

[TamilNet, Friday, 14 March 2008, 04:40 GMT]
138 Tamil civilians including nine women are currently being detained in Boosa detention centre under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) and Emergency Regulations (ER). 77 Tamil civilians including 6 women are being detained in PTE detention centre located in Chaitiya Street in Colombo city, media reports quoting civil sources said.
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Public Transport crisis feared in Jaffna peninsula

[TamilNet, Thursday, 13 March 2008, 16:26 GMT]
Sri Lanka Electricity Board (SLEB) which supplies fuel and oil to Jaffna Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) has informed that it may have to suspend supplies to Jaffna SLTB if the arrears of 51 million rupees due is not paid, Koa’ndaavil SLTB head office sources said. Already 40 buses in the three depots of Jaffna SLTB are not functioning due to lack of spare tires, and if SLEB suspends supply the entire bus service may ground to a halt, the sources added.
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UPFA-TMVP secures Mayor post in Batticaloa MC

[TamilNet, Thursday, 13 March 2008, 16:10 GMT]
Paramilitary TMVP group Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pullikal (TMVP) candidate, who jointly contested in the elections for the Batticaloa Municpal Council with Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa's ruling United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA), was appointed Mayor of Batticaloa Municipal Council (MC) in the TMVP committee meeting Wednesday, TMVP Secretary, Kailasarasa said. Daughter of Sathiyamoorthy Rajan, the assassinated Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentary candidate in 2004 general elections, Pirabakaran Sivakeertha, known as Pathmini, polled 4,722 preferential votes and was appointed Mayor of Batticaloa MC.
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8 days, 35 explosions, SLA suffers casualties in Mannaar: LTTE

[TamilNet, Thursday, 13 March 2008, 16:03 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Operations Command Mannaar on Wednesday said that 35 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) troops have been either wounded or killed in booby trap explosions in no-go zones between the LTTE and SLA FDLs in Mannaar from 02 March to 10 March in 35 separate incidents. Members of SLA Deep Penetration Units (DPU) and troops deployed in attempts to break into LTTE FDLs are the ones who were caught in Tiger booby traps according to the LTTE.
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Stop Indian military aid to Sri Lanka: Tamil Nadu leaders

[TamilNet, Thursday, 13 March 2008, 14:44 GMT]
New Delhi unabashedly rolling the red carpet to Sri Lankan military chief Lt Gen Sarath Fonseka has caused a furore among Tamil Nadu politicians who have urged the Indian Central Government to "stop all military aid to the genocidal government of Sri Lanka." Paddali Makkal Kadchi (PMK, Toilers' Party) founder-leader S Ramadoss and Viduthalai Chiruththaikal Kadchi (VCK, Liberation Panthers Party) President Thol Thirumavalavan accused the Central Government of sabotaging Tamil aspirations on the Sri Lankan issue by lending support to the military-backed genocide of the Eelam Tamils.
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SLA unloads ammunition consignments in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Thursday, 13 March 2008, 11:23 GMT]
Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) vessels carrying large consignments of weapons to Sri Lanka Army (SLA) are reported being unloaded Tuesday and Wednesday in Kaangkeasanththu'rai (KKS) harobour, informed sources in Colombo said. Meanwhile, convoys of covered SLA heavy vehicles were seen going from KKS harobour to the Northern Front Defence Line (FDL) areas in Mukamaalai and Naakarkoayil in Vadamaraadchi east day and night on both days.
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No compensation in sight for Vaakarai, Champoor victims

[TamilNet, Thursday, 13 March 2008, 11:14 GMT]
Even after a lapse of one-and-a-half-year, the families of at least 100 civilians killed and 84 wounded in Vaakarai region of Batticaloa district during Sri Lanka Army (SLA) offensive, are still waiting for their compensations from the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL). In the meantime, the families of the victims of previous SLA offensives before the Cease Fire Agreement (CFA), who were assured of their sanctioned compensations, complained that the authorities were still delaying their payments. Before the local elections in Batticaloa in March 2008, the GoSL offered some fishing nets to fishermen societies and gifted 25,000 rupees per temple in Vaakarai.
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RSF: Tamil journalists beaten in detention to extract confessions

[TamilNet, Thursday, 13 March 2008, 02:26 GMT]
Reporters Sans Frontieres (RSF), a Paris-based media watchdog, in a press release issued Wednesday, accused Sri Lanka Police for arresting five Tamil journalists on false information and beating them during detention, and said that the Police action was intended to extract confessions from the detainees. RSF urged Sri Lankan authorities to explain why the journalists are still being held.
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Family man seeks protection in Kayts Courts

[TamilNet, Thursday, 13 March 2008, 01:25 GMT]
A 28-year old man with two children from Oorkaavatthu’rai (Kayts) area sought protection in Kayts Magistrate Court Wednesday due to death threats by Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) and SLN-backed paramilitaries, sources in Kayts said. Ms. Joy Mahatheva, Kayts Magistrate, directed Kayts police to record the statement from the man, the first victim from the islets of Jaffna to seek protection with the court, the sources added.
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US must rethink its narrow focus on terrorism - Armitage

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 12 March 2008, 18:15 GMT]
Former deputy secretary of state Richard L. Armitage this week urged sweeping changes to current U.S. foreign policy, arguing that the superpower needs to replace its almost exclusive focus on fighting terrorism with a broader agenda. “If your foreign policy is just organized around the global war on terror, you’re missing the bet. I think a new paradigm will emerge. I don’t know what it will be, but in the interim we need to engage with friends and frankly engage with our enemies. Actually, it might be more important to engage with our enemies,” he told The Washington Diplomat journal.
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Take back Kachchatheevu: Indian Parliamentarians

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 12 March 2008, 16:31 GMT]
In a rare display of unity and concern, members of the Rajya Sabha (Upper House of the Indian Parliament), cutting across party lines, urged the Centre to take back the Kachchatheevu island from Sri Lanka in the wake of continued killing and arrests of Indian fishermen by the Sri Lanka Navy. This is the first time when the demand to immediately take back the Kachchatheevu island has been made at the national level.
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Dinamani: Tamil Nadu should shape Center’s policy towards Sri Lanka

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 12 March 2008, 15:02 GMT]
Referring to Chief Minister Karunanidhi’s letter to the Indian Prime Minister which protested Sri Lanka Navy (SLN’s) hostile actions including regular incidents of firing against Tamil Naadu fishermen fishing near Kachchatheevu, Dinamani, a mainstream Tamil Nadu daily, in an editorial on Tuesday assailed India’s insensitivity and Chief Minister Karunanidhi’s meek response to the serious violations of the SLN.
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Torrential rain floods Batticaloa, Ampaarai

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 12 March 2008, 14:23 GMT]
Continuous heavy rain fall for more than a week has resulted in flooding of low lying areas in Batticaloa and Ampaarai districts, officials said. Poaratheevupattu and Vellaave'li areas have been worst hit by the flood, and parts of many key roads have become impassable, according to officials.
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Tamil civilian abducted in Moneragala

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 12 March 2008, 12:38 GMT]
A Tamil youth Sellarasa Jeyakanthan who was released by the Moneragala Magistrate Tuesday was abducted by unknown persons in a three wheeler on his way home from courts. He was one of those arrested in a cordon and search operation conducted in the area earlier by the government security forces.
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Body with gunshot wounds recovered in Paalaiyoothu

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 12 March 2008, 12:37 GMT]
Body of a Tamil youth was found Wednesday at Paalaiyoothu, a suburb in Trincomalee with gunshot injuries. The victim is said to be a resident of Paalaiyoothu and was reported missing from Tuesday, sources said.
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SLA, LTTE clash in Pa'ndivirichchaan

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 12 March 2008, 12:26 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) confronted Sri Lanka Army (SLA) that attempted to advance from Periya Pa'ndivirichchaan Wednesday at 1:00 a.m. The SLA movement was thwarted following an intensive fighting that lasted for 30 minutes, according to the LTTE Operations Command in Mannaar.
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Husband, wife shot dead in Puththa'lam

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 12 March 2008, 10:51 GMT]
Unidentified gunmen shot and killed a young husband and his wife inside their house at I'raalmadu in Vannaaththivillu police area in Puththa'lam district in the early hours of Wednesday, Police said. The killings have taken place in front of their two children.
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British parliamentarians call for UK to rein in Sri Lanka

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 12 March 2008, 04:30 GMT]
A group of Parliamentarians from all of Britain’s main political parties Tuesday condemned the assassination last week of Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP K Sivanesan and, lamenting the recent exit of the international panel overseeing rights abuses probes in Sri Lanka, called on the UK government to take all possible steps to ensure that Government of Sri Lanka plays by accepted international rules.
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LTTE ending use of child soldiers - US

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 12 March 2008, 04:22 GMT]
The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) “is eliminating the recruitment and use of child soldiers,” the US State Department said this week in its annual human rights report. The LTTE had not complied with its promise to end the practice by end of 2007, but its policy of recruiting one person from each family targeted those 18 years or older, the report said. Sri Lankan government forces were complicit in conscripting children for the TMVP (Karuna Group), “which used coercion, extortion, rape, and murder to force children and adults to join their ranks,” the report said.
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Koaralaippattu North residents not issued NICs

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 12 March 2008, 02:45 GMT]
More than sixty percent of the people residing in the area belonging to 16 Grama Sevaka (GS) divisions under the administration of District Secretariat of Koararalippattu North, Batticaloa, have not received their National Identity Cards (NIC), according to statistics released by the Secretariat. Without the NICs, youths are targets for arrest by Sri Lanka security forces, civil society sources said.
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CPI responds to LTTE statement

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 11 March 2008, 23:53 GMT]
The government of India should not provide any military help to Sri Lanka, said T. Pandian, the secretary of Tamil Nadu branch of the Communist Party of India (CPI) in an interview to the BBC Thamizhoasai on Tuesday. "The Sri Lankan government is engaging its armed forces against the Tamils in an uncivilised way. In such a situation, receiving the Sri Lankan military chief in India or Indian military officials visiting Sri Lanka to advice them should be avoided. The Sri Lankan government is unjust in every respect. Instead of condemning, it is despicable for Indian government to have any relations with it. Even if there was any before, that should be terminated now."
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Tamil civilian shot dead in Nilaave'li

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 11 March 2008, 19:47 GMT]
A Tamil youth abducted by unknown persons Monday night was found dead with gunshot injuries at 7th mile post at Nilaave'li village along Trincomalee-Kuchchaveli road Tuesday morning. The victim has been identified as Sivagnanam Kulasingham, 34, and a father of three children, Uppuve'li police said.
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Family man shot dead, another abducted in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 11 March 2008, 17:55 GMT]
Four unidentified armed men on two motor cycles arriving at the house of a family man in Kea’niyadi, Meesaalai West in Thenmaraadchi Tuesday morning shot and killed him, sources in Thenmaraadchi said. Another family man from Kaalaiyadi South in Pa’ndaitharippu was abducted from his house Monday around 10:00 p.m during curfew hours by unidentified armed men in a white van, his family members registered complaints with Human Rights Commission (HRC) Jaffna Tuesday.
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Moves afoot to bring Sinhalese port workers to KKS harbour

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 11 March 2008, 17:32 GMT]
Commissioner of Essential Services (CoES) in Colombo is making arrangements to employ Sinhalese port workers in Kaangkeasanththu’rai (KKS) harbour in unloading goods shipped from Colombo, civil society sources in Jaffna said. Representatives of the consortium of Jaffna fisheries societies raised concern with the Government Agent of Jaffna on the likely loss of income of the peninsula fishermen who are currently employed as laborers in KKS harbor.
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Power cut extended in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 11 March 2008, 16:50 GMT]
Sri Lanka Electricity Board (SLEB) Jaffna branch announced Tuesday an increase of the existing one hour power cut by 15 minutes due to reduction of electricity supply to Chunnaakam SLEB by Cool Air from Kaangkeasanththu’rai (KKS) from Tuesday. The cuts do not apply to the High Security Zones (HSZ) of Sri Lanka Army (SLA) in the peninsula, the announcement said.
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60 SLA killed in 48 hours in Mannaar - LTTE

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 11 March 2008, 13:40 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Operations Command in Mannaar told TamilNet Tuesday that 60 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were killed on Sunday and Monday when the Tigers confronted 3 major attempts by the SLA to advance into LTTE territory in Mannaar. At Paalaikkuzhi, a large ground push launched by the SLA was thwarted by the Tigers on Monday in which 20 SLA soldiers were killed and 63 wounded. Simultaneously, the SLA has suffered heavy casualties on another push, at Parappaangka'ndal. Further, the LTTE claimed that its snipers have gunned down 18 SLA soldiers on Monday. On Sunday, 22 SLA soldiers were killed in the jungle area of Karampaikku'lam in Keerisuddaan.
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Court orders resettlement of 3000 IDP families in Valikaamam North

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 11 March 2008, 11:46 GMT]
Sri Lanka's Supreme Court Monday ordered Sri Lanka Government officials to expedite resettlement of first batch of three thousand families displaced from Valikaamam North in Jaffna district in their own lands, after a two member-committee comprising a representative nominated by the Jaffna High Court and a nominee of the Defense Ministry had scrutinized their applications and submitted their report to the Court, legal sources in Colombo said.
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12 Tamils arrested at Gokarella, Kandy

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 11 March 2008, 11:43 GMT]
Nine civilians, all said to be Tamils, were taken into custody on Sunday morning at Gokarella by the police when the bus they were traveling in was stopped and searched at the sentry point. Gokarella is located along Dambulla-Kurunagala road.
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Gunmen shoot dead fisherman, youth in Kalmunai

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 11 March 2008, 08:20 GMT]
Two unidentified gunmen shot and killed Monday around 6:45 p.m. a Sinhalese fish monger who engages in blast fishing in Kalmunai in Ampaa'rai district. The killers, after slaying the fisherman at his house, went to a nearby shrub where they had hidden their motorbike. When they were disturbed by a youth, they shot and killed him. An STF trooper, alerted by the killed youth, was wounded when he confronted the escaping gunmen. The episode comes in the wake of a protest by Muslim fishermen in the area against dynamite fishing.
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2 civilians seek protection with HRC Jaffna

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 11 March 2008, 04:20 GMT]
Two civilians from Puththoor Navakkiri and Chaavakachcheari areas sought protection Monday with Human Rights Commission (HRC) Jaffna due to death threats by Sri Lanka Amy (SLA) troops and SLA-backed paramilitaries, sources in Jaffna said. Meanwhile, 44 persons placed in protective custody of Jaffna Prison have been taken to the SLA Special Rehabilitation Centre in the High Security Zone (HSZ) in Thellippa’lai, the sources added.
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5 civilians arrested in Wellawatte

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 11 March 2008, 03:10 GMT]
Five civilians, all said to be Tamils, were arrested Monday in Wellawatte area in Colombo city in a cordon and search operation conducted by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and police immediately after the time bomb explosion that took place near Roxy Theatre Monday morning around 7 a.m., media sources said quoting Wellawatte police sources.
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UPFA-TMVP alliance wins Batticaloa local elections

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 11 March 2008, 00:40 GMT]
Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa's ruling United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) that contested jointly in the elections for the Batticaloa Municipal Council with the paramilitary TMVP group has secured 11 seats with 14,158 votes. The coalition of remaining paramilitary groups has won 6 seats. The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) and the Eelavar Democratic Front (EDF) have both secured one seat each in the Municipal Council. Voter turnout was at 53 percent in Batticaloa city. Around 10% of the voters who turned up for voting have cast invalid votes.
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India risks indictment in war crimes, cautions LTTE

[TamilNet, Monday, 10 March 2008, 20:05 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) from its Head Quarters in Vanni on Monday released a statement condemning the Indian 'State welcome' extended to Sri Lanka Army Chief Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka and the statements made by Indian military chiefs in this context. "The Indian State must take the responsibility for the ethnic genocide of the Tamils that will be carried out by the Sinhala military, re-invigorated by such moves of the Indian State," the statement said. "LTTE wishes to point out to the Indian State that by this historic blunder, it will continue to subject the Eelam Tamils to misery and put them in the dangerous situation of having to face ethnic genocide on a massive scale."
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Allaippiddi IDPs reluctant to return despite concessions

[TamilNet, Monday, 10 March 2008, 16:11 GMT]
Sri Lanka government (GoSL) and Jaffna Government Agent (GA) are making efforts to resettle Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from Allaippiddi, displaced due to Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) offensives in August 2006, offering benefits and concessions with the help of International and local Non-government organizations, Jaffna Secretariat sources said. But 90% of the IDP fishing families are reluctant to return because fishing, their main means of living, is banned by SLN and the danger from land mines near civilian settlements have not been fully eliminated, IDP related welfare organization sources said.
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50% turnout, paramilitary manipulates voting in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Monday, 10 March 2008, 11:10 GMT]
Voter turnout within Batticaloa municipal council was low till Monday noon, according to the sources in Batticaloa city. However, turnout at rural areas was above 50%. Despite the presence of a reasonable number of monitors, there were reports of fraudulent activities as paramilitary personnel were actively engaged in transporting voters to the booths. The TMVP paramilitary has heaped up anti-Muslim campaign warning Tamils that non-participation in local elections would benefit the Muslims. Paramilitary personnel were also seen visiting households checking civilians' participation in the elections. Violent incidents were low.
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Claymore mine recovered, Pillayan votes with SLA protection

[TamilNet, Monday, 10 March 2008, 10:48 GMT]
Police recovered a Claymore mine near Chanthive'li voting booth Monday around 7:00 a.m. after a rumor spread that a mine was placed near the Chanthive'li Chitthi Vinaaykar School. At Kiraan, a grenade explosion was reported near a voting booth around 9:00 a.m., Police said. Meanwhile, key paramilitary operative of the TMVP group, Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillayan, cast his vote at Vaazhaichcheanai Vipulananthar school with Sri Lankan police protection.
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International leftists urge support for Tamil cause

[TamilNet, Monday, 10 March 2008, 02:50 GMT]
More than thirty international leftwing political parties and organisations who met last week as part of a conference organized by Fourth International in Amsterdam made an appeal to “left wing and progressive forces to come forward in defence of the just cause of the Tamil people.” In a public statement they demanded that the Sri Lankan government “stop imposing its will militarily on the Tamil people.”
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Civilian killed, 4 wounded, bomb blast in Colombo

[TamilNet, Monday, 10 March 2008, 02:16 GMT]
A civilian was killed and four students wounded in an explosion, believed to be caused by a time bomb, hidden inside a concrete pot along the Galle Road, opposite Roxy theatre in Wellawatte, Monday around 7:00 a.m., Police said. The locality of Roxy theatre in Wellawatte is a congested Tamil residential suburb of Colombo.
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Danish MEP condemns Sivanesan killing

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 March 2008, 22:42 GMT]
Danish Member of European Parliament, Søren Søndergaard, condemned the murder of K. Sivanesan, Sri Lanka's Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian calling on the Danish government and the entire International Community to condemn the killing of Tamil parliamentarians, and to take efforts to help Sri Lanka reach a just peace that could benefit people of all ethnic groups in Sri Lanka, media sources in Denmark said. He also expressed concern that Norway has carried a significant burden in shouldering peace mediation task with little assistance from others.
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Jaffna SLA Commander to relax travel restrictions

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 March 2008, 22:21 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Jaffna Commander, Major. Gen. G. A. Chandrasiri, released a communique Sunday indicating he will take steps to relax restrictions faced by Jaffna residents when seeking SLA permission to leave the peninsula to attend urgent and important matters including medical treatment, civil society sources in Jaffna said. Jaffna residents said they were not optimistic of positive developments in this regard pointing to similar measures to ease travel restrictions previously announced by the Commander which still remain unfulfilled.
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Fighting erupts in Northern Front

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 March 2008, 20:32 GMT]
Heavy exchange of gun and mortar fire was reported Sunday night for at least 3 hours from 10:00 p.m., sources in Thenmaraadchi said.
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20 SLA killed, 62 wounded in Mannaar - LTTE

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 March 2008, 17:17 GMT]
Liberation Tigers Operations Command in Mannaar on Sunday said 20 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were killed Saturday in heavy fighting that lasted for 8 hours from 9:50 a.m. in Cheaththukku'lam in Mannaar. 62 SLA soldiers were wounded, the Tigers said.
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"Elect me or face conscription," paramilitary operative threatens voters

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 March 2008, 17:11 GMT]
A key paramilitary operative of the TMVP participating in the local elections of Ea'raavoor pattu Piratheasa Chapai (PS), Irasaiah Satheeskumar alias Anpumani, has threatened Tamil families in Vanthaa'rumoolai that unless the voters elect him, he will forcibly conscript one child per household, residents of Vanthaa'rumoolai said.
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Batticaloa Elections arrangements finalized -Commissioner

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 March 2008, 16:27 GMT]
All arrangements have been finalized for Batticaloa local council elections scheduled to be held Monday 10 February, Mahinda Deshapirriya, Deputy Commissioner of Elections announced Sunday.
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Tamil labourer shot dead in Ampaa'rai

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 March 2008, 15:55 GMT]
Unidentified attackers who entered the residence of a 22-year-old worker of daily wages at Chinna Panangkaadu in Akkaraippattu police area in Ampaa'rai district Saturday around 8:15 p.m. shot the victim dead after dragging him to a spot 50 meters from his residence, residents said.
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Sri Lankan forces beef up security in Batticaloa before local polls

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 March 2008, 11:46 GMT]
Local government elections for nine local bodies including Batticaloa Municipal Council are to take place on Monday 10 March after a lapse of 14 years and all arrangements related to them have been made, according to Deputy Election Commissioner. People`s Action For Free and Fair Elections (PAFFREL) is the largest monitoring body, engaged with 300 monitors with 20 foreign nationals. However, Batticaloa has been turned into a militarised city with 12 more check posts and the deployment of additional Sri Lanka Army, Special Task Force and Policemen. 6,725 policemen have been engaged. More than 1800 policemen have been brought from Colombo.
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Artillery duel in Northern Front

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 March 2008, 11:05 GMT]
An intense artillery duel was reported across Mukamaalai and Naakarkoayil in the Northern Front Sunday from 1:00 p.m. till 3:00 p.m., sources in Thenmaraadchi said. LTTE fired artillery shells had hit Sri Lanka Army (SLA) positions in Thenmaraadchi.
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Students protest abduction of girl students in Kalkudaa

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 March 2008, 08:35 GMT]
Students of Kalkudaa Naamakal Viththiyaalayam continue their boycott demanding the immediate release of two girl students of the school abducted last week by paramilitary men in white van, sources in Kalkudaa said. Kalkudaa police chief summoned the principal and teachers of the school and urged them to persuade the students to suspend the boycott, student leaders said.
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12 Tamil Nadu fishermen still detained, 50 released

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 March 2008, 08:17 GMT]
Twelve Indian fishermen with their four vessels are still being detained at Katpiddi police station. Fifty of sixty two Tamil Nadu fishermen arrested by the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) Saturday off Thalaivillu in the west coast sea when they allegedly strayed into the territorial waters of Sri Lanka, were released with two vessels, according to SLN spokesman Commander D.K.P.Dassanayake.
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Karunanidhi urges Indian PM to protect fishermen from unprovoked SLN attacks

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 March 2008, 08:01 GMT]
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi on Saturday wrote to the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh urging him to "instruct the [Indian] Coast Guard and the Navy to carry out effective patrolling and surveillance to protect Tamil Nadu fishermen from unprovoked firing" by the Sri Lankan Navy since the situation was "becoming alarming day by day and unprovoked attacks are taking place often", according to reports in the Indian media. "It is necessary to contain the arbitrary activities of the Sri Lankan Navy," his letter noted.
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Genocidal policies exposed, Colombo stands weakened - Nadesan

[TamilNet, Saturday, 08 March 2008, 22:49 GMT]
"Signs of desperation are evident in Sri Lanka’s defense hierarchy as the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) divisions stay bogged down within a few square kilometers in Mannaar, unable to advance for nearly a year. While SLA commanders are on foreign jaunts to build hurried military alliances, Colombo has also suffered politically with its racist policies in governance exposed internationally, and has earned opprobrium from international community for the escalating human rights violations," said B. Nadesan, head of political section of the Liberation Tigers addressing the event held in Ki'linochchi to pay last respects to the slain parliamentarian, K. Sivanesan, Saturday.
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LTTE leader pays tribute to Sivanesan MP

[TamilNet, Saturday, 08 March 2008, 18:46 GMT]
The leader of the Liberation Tigers, Velupillai Pirapaharan, on Saturday, paid tribute to the slain Jaffna District Tamil National Alliance MP Kiddinan Sivanesan in the Vanni. LTTE's Intelligence Wing Chief Poddu Ammaan, Political Head B. Nadesan and the Head of Financial Division Thamizheanthi were also present with LTTE leader to pay homage to the slain MP at an undisclosed location in Vanni.
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SLN arrests 62 Tamil Nadu fishermen off Thalaivillu

[TamilNet, Saturday, 08 March 2008, 17:57 GMT]
Sixty two Indian fishermen were taken into custody by the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) Saturday when they strayed into the territorial waters of Sri Lanka near Thalaivillu Sea in the western coast. The fishermen were later handed over to the Katpiddi police, private electronic media reported in the night news broadcast quoting Sri Lanka Navy sources.
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Court orders for full report on Muhathuvaaram blast

[TamilNet, Saturday, 08 March 2008, 14:43 GMT]
Colombo Additional Magistrate, Mr.Manjula Thilakaratne, Friday ordered the police to submit its full report on on March 12 the Muhathuvaaram bomb blast. He further ordered a private telephone company to hand over to the police eleven telephone numbers found in the cellphone said to have been used by the alleged suicide bomber and later recovered at the scene of crime, legal sources said.
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Mt. Lavinia bomb blast suspects released on bail

[TamilNet, Saturday, 08 March 2008, 14:19 GMT]
Four civilians-two Tamils and two Sinhalese- arrested in connection with the bomb blast in a bus in Mount Lavinia recently were released on bail when they were produced in court Friday. Magistrate Mr.Harsha Sethunge ordered personal bail for each suspect by signing a bond for Rs. 100,000. Further inquiry in the case was put off for May 7, legal sources said.
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Search operation in Anuradhapura

[TamilNet, Saturday, 08 March 2008, 14:06 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and police Saturday launched a cordon and search operation in Anuradhapura and took several persons for questioning. Police said they launched the operation after receiving information from a civilian on the presence of a claymore mine weighing about 10 kg close to a tank.
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Ex-owner of communication center shot dead in Kayts

[TamilNet, Saturday, 08 March 2008, 12:34 GMT]
Four unidentified armed men forcibly entered the house of a 62-year-old former owner of a Communication Centre in Thampaaddi in Naaranthanai north in the islets of Jaffna Friday around 8:30 p.m and sprayed bullets on him at point blank range, killing him on the spot, sources in Oorkaavatturai (Kayts) said.
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TID releases FMM spokesman, Charinikar editor Sivakumar after investigation

[TamilNet, Saturday, 08 March 2008, 11:41 GMT]
S. Sivakumar, the editor of bimonthly Charinikar and the spokesman of the Colombo based media watchdog Free Media Movement, was detained by the Terrirorist Investigations Department (TID) Saturday. FMM Convenor Sunanda Deshapriya told media that Police has detained Sivakumar on Saturday to record a statement. The detention comes following the arrest of journalist J.S. Tissanayakam and Jasikaran, an owner of a press Friday. Sivakumar was released within 12-hours of in late evening Saturday, according to Free Media Movement. The TID officials had taken a relative of Sivakumar into custody till turned himself at the Police.
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Sinhala daily: Sri Lanka tops Asian countries in number of NGOs

[TamilNet, Saturday, 08 March 2008, 11:18 GMT]
Around 600 Non Government Organisations (NGOs) are officially present in Sri Lanka, while 400 more NGOs are also engaged in Sri Lanka without official presence, Divayina, a Sinhala language daily reported on Saturday. Highlighting that Sri Lanka had become a lucrative country for peace agencies, the paper pointed out that more than one hundred organisations were engaged in peace-related business, benefiting from the CFA. The newspaper criticized 8 organizations for managing to get foreign funding to the tune of 20 million rupees per year and further alleged that these organizations, which claimed to be researching about peace, were in fact supplying "false information" to foreign actors.
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Heavy fighting erupts in Parappaangka'ndal, Mannaar

[TamilNet, Saturday, 08 March 2008, 09:11 GMT]
Heavy fighting has broke out between the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) in Parappaangka'ndal area in Mannaar from early morning Saturday. The main road linking Mannaar and Mathavaachchi was blocked from 10:00 a.m. till noon when ambulances were busy transporting casualties to Anuradhapura from Uyilangku'lam junction and a Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) helicopter was engaged in air-ambulance sorties from a landing pad near Tha'l'laadi.
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4 SLA killed in Moneragala ambush - LTTE

[TamilNet, Saturday, 08 March 2008, 07:34 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Military Spokesman Irasiah Ilanthiraiyan said four Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were killed in a Claymore ambush attack that targeted a SLA tractor at 53 Mile Post near Chellak-kathirkaamam in Moneragala district, around 9:45 a.m., Saturday. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Police said 6 soldiers were wounded in the attack and one of the wounded solider succumbed to his injuries at Kataragama hospital. 2 SLA soldiers were wounded in the attack, according to the Tigers.
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Diaspora groups demand international action over MP’s slaying

[TamilNet, Saturday, 08 March 2008, 02:52 GMT]
Tamil Diaspora organisations Friday condemned the killing of Tamil parliamentarian K. Sivanesan Thursday in a fragmentation mine attack blamed on Sri Lankan commandos and called for international action against the Colombo government. Pointing out that Mr. Sivanesan is the latest Tamil MP to be murdered by suspected Army-backed paramilitaries or members of the security forces in recent years, expatriate organisations from Australia, Canada and Britain called for the Sri Lankan government to be held accountable and for international sanctions to be imposed.
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Karaveddi civilians pay homage to slain MP Sivanesan

[TamilNet, Saturday, 08 March 2008, 00:25 GMT]
Amidst tension in the village of Keava'lai in Karaveddi East due to heavy presence of Sri Lanka Army (SLA) troopers, thousands of civilians paid homage Friday to the slain Jaffna District Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian K.Sivanesan assassinated Thursday in a claymore mine attack allegedly carried out by a Deep Penetration Unit of the Sri Lanka Army, south of Maangku'lam on A-9 Road in Vanni. The body of the slain parliamentarian was taken to his home town in Karaveddi East to enable the public to pay their last respects.
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GoSL lacks will to bring justice – IIGEP

[TamilNet, Saturday, 08 March 2008, 00:16 GMT]
A lack of will on the part of the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) was one factor in the International Independent Group of Eminent Persons (IIGEP) terminating its operations in Sri Lanka, Prof. Sir. Nigel Rodley, representing Britain in the International Independent Group of Eminent Persons (IIGEP), told BBC Tamil service in an interview Thursday.
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Fisherman reported missing in Mannaar

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 March 2008, 18:57 GMT]
Four unidentified persons who arrived in a three-wheeler at Oalaith-thoduvaay, near Peasaalai in Mannaar Thursday around 2:30 p.m., abducted a 27-year-old father of two, Rasendram Antony Ranjan, a fisherman who has been staying and working at Oalaith-thoduvaay, displaced from Kaangkeasanthu'rai (KKS), Jaffna.
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SLN, Police instruct Vanni IDPs away from Mannaar island

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 March 2008, 18:52 GMT]
Sri Lanka Navy and Police officials in Mannaar island have instructed the civil authorities at Mannaar District Secretariat not to accommodate refugees who arrive to the Island from Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) controlled areas in recent days by boats within the Mannaar island. 28 persons from 8 families who have arrived by boat from Moon'raam piddi, Valaippaadu and Naachchikkudaa from LTTE controlled areas by boat to the Mannaar island were taken by the SL forces to Naanaaddan in the mainland to an old rice mill building.
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SLA, LTTE clash at Paalamoaddai, Vavuniyaa

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 March 2008, 17:33 GMT]
Liberation Tigers Operations Command in Vavuniyaa Friday said the Tigers confronted the Sri Lanka Army at Paalamoaddai in Vavuniyaa - Mannaar border, forcing the SLA to withdraw its forces to its FDL Friday afternoon.
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SLA's night offensive thwarted in Mukamaalai - LTTE

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 March 2008, 17:26 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Northern Front Operations Command on Friday said the Tigers thwarted an SLA offensive in the early hours of Friday at Mukamaalai in the Northern front. Heavy fighting lasted from 1:00 a.m. Friday till 2:30 a.m., according to the Tigers.
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Pirapaharan confers Maamanithar title to Sivanesan

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 March 2008, 16:58 GMT]
Velupillai Pirapaharan, the leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) has conferred Maamanithar (Great human being) title, the highest national civilian honour by the LTTE, posthumously to K. Sivanesan, the Tamil national alliance parliamentarian who was assassinated Thursday in Vanni in Claymore attack allegedly carried out by the Sri Lanka Army Deep Penetration Unit. Honouring Mr. Sivanesan, the LTTE leader said: "Mr. Kiddinan Sivanesan is a unique individual who functioned selflessly, honestly, and with courage. He is simple, courteous and loving. He is a sincere politician who possessed high ideals. He labored tirelessly for the advancement and welfare of the workers."
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WFP to continue relief activity in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 March 2008, 16:27 GMT]
World Food Programme (WFP), which had earlier considered suspension of its food assistance projects in Jaffna peninsula due to a critical shortage of cash contributions, brought relief to peninsula residents when it announced Friday the continuance of the projects during a meeting convened by Jaffna Government Agent (GA) at Jaffna Secretariat.
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TNA condemns Sivanesan killing

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 March 2008, 14:38 GMT]
The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) in a statement issued Friday strongly condemned the killing of its Jaffna district parliamentarian K.Sivanesan on Thursday at Maangku'lam along A9 highway. TNA has been expressing its deepest sorrow and distress over the killing of Mr. Sivanesan in a claymore explosion, the statement added. "Mr. Sivanesan worked hard for the emancipation of the Tamil people, against social injustice and for the development of co-operative movement. He won the hearts of Tamils by his unwavering stand on the freedom struggle by his deed and speech. He dedicated himself from the young age for the liberation of his people," the TNA statement said.
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STF accused of sexual abuses in Ampaarai District

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 March 2008, 14:37 GMT]
The Special Task Force Commandos of Sri Lanka Army (SLA) are illegally entering into the residences in Akkaraippattu, Aalaiyadiveambu areas in Ampaarai district during night hours, and sexually abusing female residents, affected civilians in Ampaa'rai said.
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Norway condemns assassination of Sivanesan MP

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 March 2008, 14:31 GMT]
The Norwegian government on Friday condemned the killing of Member of the Sri Lankan Parliament K. Sivanesan of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and his driver Periyannan Maheshwararajah, following a claymore attack in the Vanni on 6 March 2008. "Attacks on members of Parliament are seriously undermining Sri Lanka’s democratic traditions and institutions. A political solution to the conflict is vital, to put an end to the spiral of violence," the Norwegian statement said.
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TID detains Sunday Times columnist, video photographer

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 March 2008, 14:09 GMT]
The Sunday Times columnist J.S. Tissanayagam and his freelance Video Photographer K. Wijesinghe were detained and questioned by the Terroist Investigation Department (TID) of the Police when they visited a family whom were taken into custody by the TID in the early hours of Friday at Kotahena, media sources in Colombo said.
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Jaffna SLA commander calls upon LTTE cadres to surrender

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 March 2008, 04:34 GMT]
Major. Gen. G. A. Chandrasiri, the Head of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) in the North in a media communiqué released Tuesday night called upon the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) cadres operating in the peninsula to surrender themselves at the military bases in the peninsula, sources in Jaffna said.
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Shortage of tires cripple Jaffna transport services

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 March 2008, 03:43 GMT]
Transport services run by Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) in Jaffna peninsula may stall completely if the acute shortage of tires continues without timely replenishment, SLTB officials in Jaffna peninsula said wednesday. Though request for spares had been made to the relevant authorities in Colombo two months ago nothing has been done to meet the urgent requirements, they added.
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Japan-UNDP sign agreement to assist resettlement in NorthEast

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 March 2008, 01:14 GMT]
Japanese Ambassador to Sri Lanka, during a meeting held on Tuesday at the office of the Sri Lanka's Nation Building Plantation Infrastructure Ministry said, to promote peace efforts in Sri Lanka, the Government of Japan is ready to provide the much needed assistance to the conflict-affected people of the north and east to enjoy the fruits of peace.
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Conference to discuss security measures held in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 March 2008, 00:14 GMT]
A special meeting was held Wednesday at Batticaloa secretariat to discuss the safety measures to be implemented during the forthcoming elections to be held for nine local councils, sources in Batticaloa said.
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Jaffna TNA MP Sivanesan killed in DPU Claymore attack

[TamilNet, Thursday, 06 March 2008, 09:59 GMT]
Jaffna District Tamil National Alliance parliamentarian, K. Sivanesan, was killed in a Claymore attack carried out by the Sri Lanka Army Deep Penetration Unit on A-9 road, 30 minutes after he crossed into Vanni through Oamanthai / Pu'liyangku'lam entry point Thursday. The Claymore attack has taken place between Pu'liyangku'lam and Maangku'lam around 1:20 p.m., according to initial reports. The MP's vehicle was targeted when he was returning to his residence in Mallaavi, after attending the parliamentary sessions in Colombo. His driver was also killed in the attack. The DPU attackers have exploded four Claymore mines in a row, Tamileelam Police officials told TamilNet.
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HRW: Rajapaksa Government, one of world's worst perpetrators of enforced disappearances

[TamilNet, Thursday, 06 March 2008, 09:09 GMT]
The United States-based Human Rights Watch, an International rights advocacy group, on Thursday said Sri Lanka's President Mahinda Rajapaksa, "once a rights advocate," has now led his government to become "one of the world’s worst perpetrators of enforced disappearances." Issuing a 241-page report, "Recurring Nightmare: State Responsibility for 'Disappearances' and Abductions in Sri Lanka," the group has called on, in particular, India and Japan, to make further military and other non-humanitarian assistance to Sri Lanka contingent on government efforts to halt the practice of “disappearances,” and to end impunity, including its acceptance of an international monitoring mission.
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IIGEP quits Sri Lanka

[TamilNet, Thursday, 06 March 2008, 08:25 GMT]
The International Independent Group of Eminent Persons (IIGEP), headed by P N Bhagwati, former Indian Chief Justice, has decided to terminate its operations in Sri Lanka, according to a statement issued by the IIGEP on Thursday. "The IIGEP is of the opinion that there has not been the minimum level of trust necessary for the success of the work of the commission and the IIGEP," an AFP report has quoted a statement by the IIGEP. The move is viewed as serious diplomatic blow for Sri Lanka's President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who had invited the group, after International pressure, to monitor his Commission of Inquiry (CoI), set up to investigate and inquire into serious violations of Human Rights.
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Attacks on SLRC employees aim to create fear psychosis - FMM

[TamilNet, Thursday, 06 March 2008, 07:28 GMT]
Sri Lanka state-owned Rupavahini Cooperation (SLRC) employees who participated and covered a spontaneous protest on 27 December when Mervy Silva, the SL Minister of Labour was retaliated when he reportedly went amok on a news editor, have been systematically subjected to threats and attacks, media circles in Colombo said. On Wednesday, an attacker armed with a razor knife cut the librarian of the SLRC, Ranjani Aluthge, twice from behind injuring her while she was on her way to home from the SLRC in a public bus. "This is the fourth incident of attacks and attempted attacks on SLRC journalists and media workers that has taken place recently," Colombo based Free Media Movement said.
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Emergency extended in Sri Lanka for another month

[TamilNet, Thursday, 06 March 2008, 07:26 GMT]
The Sri Lanka's parliament Wednesday adopted the motion extending the State of Emergency for another month by a majority of 88 votes. 102 parliamentarians voted for the motion and 14 against, parliamentary sources said. Parliamentarians of the main opposition United National Party (UNP) and Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) were not present in the parliament when the motion was put to vote.
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SLAF fighter jets bomb Poonakari again

[TamilNet, Thursday, 06 March 2008, 03:16 GMT]
Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) bombers dropped several bombs Wednesday around 9:00 a.m for the second day at a stretch on Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) held areas in Poonakari after flying over Jaffna peninsula at low altitude for several hours, sources in Jaffna said. SLAF bombers struck Poonakari Tuesday in three sorties, the sources added.
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Salesman reported missing in Mannaar

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 05 March 2008, 12:18 GMT]
A 26-year-old salesman employed in an electronic shop on Mannaar hospital road was reported missing by his colleagues at the Foundation for Co-existence on Tuesday.
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SLA hands over 3 female cadres dead bodies to Police

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 05 March 2008, 12:09 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army handed over three female dead bodies to the Police Tuesday evening after a fighting with the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam south of Adampan in Mannaar, Police said.
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Armed men abduct 2 teenage girls in Vaazhaichcheanai

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 05 March 2008, 12:08 GMT]
Fatigue uniform clad armed men who came in a white van abducted a 16-year-old girl student Monday night around 11:30 from her house in Karungkaalichchoalai in Vaazhaichcheanai police division in Batticaloa district and another 16-year-old girl student from the same area Tuesday night around same time from her house. The armed men had also tried to abduct a young woman from another house in Karungkaalichchoalai but had let her go when she, amidst wails, had begged saying she is married, residents in the area told TamilNet.
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Key paramilitary operative's residence attacked

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 05 March 2008, 10:51 GMT]
Unknown men lobbed a hand grenade Wednesday 2:00 a.m. while Kumarasamy Pushpakumar alias Iniyaparathy, a key paramilitary operative of TMVP group was at sleep at Paa'ndirippu in Kalmunai police division in Ampaa’rai district, Kalmunai police said. The residence sustained damage. Nobody was wounded in the attack.
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Ambush wounds SLA soldier in Vilpattu border

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 05 March 2008, 09:04 GMT]
A Sri Lanka Army soldier was seriously wounded in a gunfire ambush attack near the crosspoint SLA detachment in Puththa'lam district at Ilavangku'lam, bordering Vilpattu wildlife sanctuary. The ambush comes after SLA claimed it had cleared the area from LTTE operations after bringing the Chilaavatturai area into its control.
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SL Police arrests 2 Tamils at Anuradhapura railway station

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 05 March 2008, 08:29 GMT]
Two Tamil youths aged 22 and 27 were arrested Wednesday morning by the Sri Lankan police at Anuradhapura railway station when they were traveling to Colombo from Madawachchi.
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2 policemen injured in claymore explosion in Vavuniyaa

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 05 March 2008, 08:26 GMT]
Two Sri Lankan police constables were injured in a claymore explosion that took place Wednesday around 7:00 a.m. between Horowopottana and Vavuniyaa. The wounded were rushed to Vavuniyaa hospital.
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Nadesan listens to fishermen's grievances

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 04 March 2008, 19:00 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Political Head B. Nadesan gave a patient hearing to the grievances of fishermen at an undisclosed location in Ki'linochchi on Tuesday and assured their representatives that the Tiger leadership would strengthen its support to them to sustain their livelihood.
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Happy, but not content: Sarath Fonseka on Indian military help

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 04 March 2008, 17:50 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army Chief Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka, who is on a six-day official visit to India, on Tuesday admitted that both the countries enjoyed a sound military relationship according to reports in the Indian media. "Militarily we have very good relationships for long time and we hope to continue relationships that we are having right now. We are very happy with that," he told mediapersons after inspecting a Guard of Honour at the Indian Defence Ministry headquarters. "The relations between both countries are good at the political level but need to be increased at the military level," he said having met his Indian counterpart Gen. Deepak Kapoor on Tuesday afternoon.
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LTTE, SLA exchange artillery fire in Vadamaraadchi

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 04 March 2008, 17:05 GMT]
Heavy artillery and Multi-barrel rocket launcher fire duel between Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) broke out Tuesday around 7:30 p.m in areas close to the Front Defence Line (FDL) positions in Nakarkoayil in Vadamaraadchi east and lasted until 9:30 p.m.
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SLA DPU Claymore attack kills 4 in Mannaar

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 04 March 2008, 16:59 GMT]
Four persons riding in a tractor were killed Tuesday when a Sri Lanka Army Deep Penetration Unit triggered a Claymore mine targeting their tractor, according to Tamileelam Police. The explosion was reported at 9:15 a.m. between Paalampiddi and Periyamadu at Thadcha'naamaruthamadu.
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SLA in Thenmaraadchi refuses travel permits to residents

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 04 March 2008, 14:27 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Civil Administration Authorities in Thenmaraadchi area are refusing to issue travel permits to residents to travel out of Jaffna peninsula for urgent and essential purposes, according to complaints made to Jaffna Human Rights Commission (HRC), Tuesday.
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Trader, son seek protection with Jaffna HRC

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 04 March 2008, 14:10 GMT]
A trader and his 20-year-old son from Thenmaraadchi sought protection with Human Rights Commission (HRC) Jaffna office Tuesday due to death threats by Sri Lanka Army (SLA) troops and SLA-backed paramilitaries. Number of people seeking HRC protection from Thenmaraadchi area has risen sharply in the recent past, HRC sources said.
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SLAF fighter jets bomb Poonakari

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 04 March 2008, 14:08 GMT]
Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) bombers dropped several bombs Tuesday around 10:45 a.m on Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) held areas in Poonakari after flying over Jaffna peninsula, sources in Jaffna said. Details of damage or casualties in the air strike are not known. In an earlier raid on 22 February on civilian settlements in Poonakari region eight civilians were killed.
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Body with gunshot injuries recovered in Akkaraipattu

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 04 March 2008, 13:35 GMT]
Akkaraipattu police recovered the body alleged to be belonging to a Tamil youth Tuesday around 7:00 a.m at Neeththapa’l’li area in Ampaa’rai district on information given by residents of the area. The youth bore gunshot injuries that indicated that the youth was shot and killed sometime Monday morning, police said.
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Pillayaan group begins collecting voting cards of disappeared

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 04 March 2008, 12:50 GMT]
Paramilitary operatives of Pillayan group have started visiting the homes in the villages in Batticaloa district and begin to collect the voting eligibility cards of those who are deceased, gone missing or left for foreign countries, residents in the area said.
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Court rules detention of minor illegal, orders release

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 04 March 2008, 12:10 GMT]
Sri Lanka's Supreme Court Monday directed the prison authorities to hand over a Tamil underage boy detained at Pallekelle detention centre to his mother and to submit a report to the Court on the incident af the next hearing of the case. Chief Justice Sarath Silva said it is unlawful for law enforcement authority to detain an underage boy in a detention centre, legal sources said.
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Authorities blind to sexual abuse of minors in SLA controlled Jaffna

[TamilNet, Monday, 03 March 2008, 16:34 GMT]
Government officials meant to look after the interests of minors turn a blind eye to sexual abuse of young girls which has risen at an alarming rate in Jaffna peninsula in recently, civil society groups in Jaffna peninsula said. Climate of war, continuing economic restrictions, poverty, lack of employment, restriction of free movement, and calculated plans of cultural decadence witnessed especially after the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) closure of the A9 land route to Jaffna peninsula are in the background of sexual abuse of minor-aged, the sources said. A 13-year-old girl in Valikaamam gave birth to a child recently and Court has directed the newborn to be placed in the care of Child Care Centre.
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SLA cordons, searches Jaffna coastal areas

[TamilNet, Monday, 03 March 2008, 15:35 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) launched a large scale cordon and search operation Sunday around 5:30 a.m in areas from Kurunakar to Kozhumpuththu’rai along Jaffna lagoon shores and led thousands of young men and family men to school and church compounds for interrogation, Jaffna sources said. The men had to wait in the hot sun the whole day while SLA troops subjected them to rigorous checking and interrogation, the sources added.
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Goons intimidate HRC officers in Kandy

[TamilNet, Monday, 03 March 2008, 14:40 GMT]
Goons alleged to be associated with Kandy police threatened a Tamil female high official attached to Kandy Regional Human Rights Commission (HRC) coordinating office and confiscated her National Identity Card (NIC) near Kingston College in Kandy, accusing her of suspicious presence in the school environment, sources in Kandy said.
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Monk accused as LTTE supporter begins fast-unto-death campaign

[TamilNet, Monday, 03 March 2008, 13:16 GMT]
The chief priest of Batticaloa Mangalaramaya Vihara, Ampitya Sumanarathna Thero commenced a fast-unto-death campaign Monday morning from 7:00 a.m., demanding that Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) parliamentarian Ellawela Thero withdraw the complaint lodged at Batticaloa police station accusing him as a supporter of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).
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SL parliament to debate emergency extension

[TamilNet, Monday, 03 March 2008, 12:28 GMT]
The United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) government led by Sri Lanka's President Mahinda Rajapakse is to seek the permission of the House to extend the State of Emergency for another month during this session, after Sri Lanka's parliament resumes sitting on Tuesday March 4. parliamentary sources said.
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Second Tamil youth abducted in Moneragala

[TamilNet, Monday, 03 March 2008, 12:23 GMT]
A Tamil youth driving his three wheeler towards Buttala from Moneragala town was abducted Sunday morning at Orambuwa in Moneragala division, sources said. Police rushed to site and found the abandoned three-wheeler in the jungle near Orambuwa.
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Home guard rapes Muslim woman in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Monday, 03 March 2008, 09:57 GMT]
Home guard working with the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) forcibly entered the house of a Muslim woman in Maavadichcheanai in Oaddamaavadi area, Batticaloa district, and raped her Sunday around 10.00 p.m, Vaazhaicheanai police said. The woman has been admitted to Batticaloa Teaching Hospital.
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Human tragedy in waters off Mullaiththeevu, 20 perished, 71 rescued in drifting vessel

[TamilNet, Monday, 03 March 2008, 07:53 GMT]
A drifting vessel, said to be carrying illegal immigrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh to Malaysia and Thailand, was rescued by Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) Monday morning, 150 nautical miles off Mullaiththeevu. 20 passengers were already dead and the remaining 71 in serious condition are being transported to Trincomalee Harbour. The vessel was noticed by fishermen, according to SLN sources. It was reportedly drifting for 9-days in the Bay of Bengal which is closely monitored by the navies of India and Sri Lanka in collaboration.
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Jaffna University undergrad feared abducted

[TamilNet, Monday, 03 March 2008, 03:43 GMT]
A science faculty first year student of Jaffna University is missing since Thursday after going to a shop near the campus to buy provisions, Jaffna University Student Union (JUSU) said. JUSU, which fears that the student was abducted, extended an appeal for his immediate release and to restore normalcy in the campus.
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TNA condemns SL Ministers' attempt to mislead Batticaloa voters

[TamilNet, Monday, 03 March 2008, 00:15 GMT]
The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) in a media communiqué released Saturday condemned the action of the cabinet ministers of Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) attempting to mislead civilians in Batticaloa for their own political gain by falsely claiming the Japan initiated scheme of reconstructing Kallady bridge as “Dawn of the East," whereas the project is part of the ongoing effort Japan's effort to rebuild bridges after tsunami.
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Tigers say random explosions cause rise in SLA casualties in Mannaar

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 March 2008, 16:59 GMT]
At least 23 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were wounded or killed in random explosions within the past week in parts of Mannaar battlefront, the Tigers said Sunday. The SLA has sustained casualties when its soldiers attempted to move around inside no-go zone and during retreats after skirmishes.
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10 injured, one SLA killed in two claymore attacks in Vavuniyaa

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 March 2008, 16:42 GMT]
Two Sri Lanka Police, two members of the Sri Lanka Government created Civil Defense Group, and six civilians were injured in a claymore attack that took place at Godshed junction in Vavuniyaa town Sunday evening around 4.30 p.m, electronic media said quoting police sources.
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Two pronged SLA operation thwarted in Ma'nalaa'ru - LTTE

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 March 2008, 16:41 GMT]
Six SLA soldiers were killed and 11 wounded when Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) confronted Sri Lanka Army (SLA) from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Sunday offering stiff resistance to the SLA that attempted to advance beyond no-go zone via two fronts at Ma'nki'ndimalai in Ma'nalaa'ru. LTTE Operations Command in Ma'nalaa'ru said that the Tigers also seized ammunitions from the SLA.
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SLA attempt to advance from Paalaikkuzhi thwarted - LTTE

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 March 2008, 15:49 GMT]
Heavy fighting erupted between the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) and the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Sunday from 5:00 a.m. till 11:20 a.m. when the SLA attempted to advance towards Iththikka'ndal from Paalaikkuzhi in Mannaar. The SLA withdrew to its positions in Paalaikkuzhi after sustaining heavy casualties. The Tigers have seized military hardware, according to the LTTE Operations Command in Mannaar.
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"Near perfect" interview that never aired

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 March 2008, 14:52 GMT]
An interview recorded by the popular 'Hard Talk' show in BBC channel-24 with Sri Lanka's Central Bank Governor Ajith Nivard Cabraal related to Sri Lanka’s 60th Independence Anniversary has not aired yet, media reports from Colombo said. Colombo weekly Sunday Island spurned as unbelivable reported BBC response that the tapes had been accidently erased.
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Trader shot dead, family members injured in Aalayadiveampu

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 March 2008, 14:06 GMT]
A group of more than ten unidentified armed men shot and killed a trader after assaulting him, at his house in Aalayadiveampu in Akkaraipattu police division in Ampaa’rai district, Saturday around 10:30 p.m., sources in Ampaa'rai said. Akkaraipattu Special Task Force (STF) troops video recorded his funeral and the attendees until his remains were interred, causing tension during the whole event, sources added.
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Jaffna's fishing industry in peril

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 March 2008, 10:55 GMT]
Fishing in Jaffna peninsula has suffered a near 95% plunge in the past twenty year period from 1983 due to ban and restrictions imposed on fishing by Sri Lanka Army (SLA), rendering most of the fishermen dependent on relief supplies to survive, Fishermen Society Federation sources in Jaffa said. SLA Commander Jaffna, Major General G. A. Chandrasiri, however, has ruled out lifting of fishing restrictions until security in seas surrounding the peninsula improves.
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Vavuniyaa court takes action on abduction complaints

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 March 2008, 10:19 GMT]
Vavuniyaa Magistrate M.Ilancheliyan Friday directed the Cheddiku'lam Superintendent of Police to conduct inquiry into the allegations made to him by parents of two Tamil youths who are allegedly "abducted" by soldiers of the Sri Lanka Army at Arasadikku'lam area. The abduction had taken place on February 27, according to complaints by parents to the Magistrate, media sources said.
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Tamil passengers robbed at Fort station

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 March 2008, 10:17 GMT]
Two Tamil civilians who arrived in Colombo-Fort railway station Saturday from Vavuniyaa via Madawachchi were robbed of their cash, gold rings and other belongings by three persons in civil who identified them as CID personnel, according to complaints made to Fort Police Station and the Civil Monitoring Committee (CMC).
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Swiss Tamil children challenged in chess

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 March 2008, 07:01 GMT]
More than seventy Swiss Tamil children took part in the S.P. Thamilchelvan Chess Tournament held in Lucern, Switzerland Saturday from 10:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m. Competitions, the first of its kind held by diaspora Tamils in Switzerland, were organized into five divisions, under-10, 12, 14, 16, and over-16 age groups, organizers of the tournament said.
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Foundation stone laid for reconstruction of Kalladi Bridge

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 March 2008, 04:16 GMT]
The foundation stone to restore the ancient bridge located in Kalladi, in Batticaloa District was laid Saturday morning. Mr.Rizad Baddiudeen, Minister for Disaster Management and Relief Services, Minister Amir Ali, Batticaloa District Government Agent (GA) Mr.Sunderam Arumainayagam and a number of government officials participated in the ceremony, according to sources in Batticaloa.
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CT Scanning laboratory, nursing student’s hostel opened in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 March 2008, 03:58 GMT]
Computed Tomography (CT) Scanning laboratory built by the Ministry of Health at a cost of Rs.70 million was opened Saturday morning 10:00 a.m. at Batticaloa Teaching Hospital, sources in Batticaloa said.
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Jaffna port workers complain of mismanagement

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 March 2008, 00:08 GMT]
The lack of interest by government officials in the North in paying wages in time to workers involved in unloading of goods in the sea ports of Jaffna in a timely manner has resulted in frequent disruption in unloading of loads from the cargo ships, civil sources in Jaffna said.
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Suspects in attempted murder case of SLA commander remanded

[TamilNet, Saturday, 01 March 2008, 16:06 GMT]
Colombo Fort Magistrate, Mr. Namal Bandara Balalle, Thursday ordered further remand till March 12, for the two suspects in the attempted murder of Commander of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Sarath Fonseka, legal sources in Colombo said.
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Police arrests Plantation Tamil youth in Nawalapitiya

[TamilNet, Saturday, 01 March 2008, 16:05 GMT]
A Tamil youth arrested on Thursday night when he was traveling in Udarata Menike express train is still being detained at Nawalapitiya police station and subjected to interrogation by the Terrorist Intelligence Division, media sources said.
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Tamil Teachers Union excluded from talks with Rajapakse

[TamilNet, Saturday, 01 March 2008, 16:02 GMT]
Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse Friday held a discussion with representatives of Sri Lanka's teacher trade unions regarding the removal of salary anomalies and the increase of salary. The Ceylon Tamil Teachers' Union (CTTU) was not invited for the discussion, trade union sources said.
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Udawalawe sanctuary re-opens day to limited areas of park

[TamilNet, Saturday, 01 March 2008, 13:34 GMT]
Udawalawe national sanctuary in the south was re-opened Saturday March 1 for local and foreign tourists after the closure of several weeks due to attacks. Tourists are allowed to the sanctuary daily from 6 a.m. till 5.30 evening after they prove their identity with legal documents and passports, sources said.
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Search operation in Marawila

[TamilNet, Saturday, 01 March 2008, 13:30 GMT]
Several civilians, majority of them Tamils, were taken in for questioning in a cordon and search operation conducted by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and the police Saturday morning in Marawila along Chilaw-Colombo road. The operation was carried out following the discovery of a claymore mine weighing about 5 kg inside a transformer at Mahawewa near Marawila.
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Sarath Fonseka to visit India seeking military cooperation - report

[TamilNet, Saturday, 01 March 2008, 12:46 GMT]
Sri Lanka's Army commander, Maj. Gen. Sarath Fonseka is scheduled to pay a six-day visit to India Sunday to "deepen military cooperation between the two countries," according to a news report by the Indo Asian News Agency (IANS), Saturday. "Fonseka is sure to discuss military cooperation with India, which has become a touchy issue in bilateral relations," the IANS report said.
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SLA deserters threaten Up-Country Tamils

[TamilNet, Saturday, 01 March 2008, 08:47 GMT]
A group of more than 15 armed Sinhalese persons, said to be instigated by the arrival of a dead body of a Sri Lanka Army soldier from Ma'nalaa'ru battlefront in the North, entered the 'line' houses of Up-Country Tamils at Kirimetiya watte (estate) in Yatinuwara division of Kandy district in the Central Province and heaped threats of 'collective punishment' a few days ago. Fear gripped the Tamil 'lines' following the episode as many SLA soldiers, recruited from the Yatinuwara area, are engaged in the Northern battlefront.
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Election commissioner in legal trouble over language issue

[TamilNet, Saturday, 01 March 2008, 01:11 GMT]
The Supreme Court Friday directed the Attorney General to obtain statement from the Commissioner of Elections regarding the failure of publishing the voters register in Tamil language, for consideration during the March 17 hearing of Fundamental Rights violation petition filed by the Ceylon Workers United Front (CWUF), legal sources in Colombo said.
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Fish trader abducted in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Saturday, 01 March 2008, 00:14 GMT]
Unidentified armed men forcibly abducted a fish trader Friday morning near ‘Bishop’s House’ in Jaffna, sources in Jaffna said. Local residents allege he was arrested by the police, but the Jaffna Police did not leave any arrest documents with the family of the victim.
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