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Churn in Tamil Nadu reopens spectre of R2P - Prof. David

[TamilNet, Sunday, 30 November 2008, 23:48 GMT]
Contrasting  the relatively slow changing and stable U.S. foreign policy to Pandora’s Box of unpredictable possibilities of India’s foreign policy towards Sri Lanka, Prof David in an op-ed column in Sri Lanka’s weekly Lakbima, asserts that “if  TN [Tamil Nadu] boils over not all the protestations of sovereign rights by the Sinhala state will count for a farthing; it will be R2P in its most rough manifestation.” Even ruling out outright military intervention, Prof David says, the new administration in India may take a tough line including using trade as a weapon, harass the Sri Lankan State, or turn a blind-eye to LTTE military activities.
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SLA checks more than 10,000 during Batticaloa curfiew

[TamilNet, Sunday, 30 November 2008, 20:48 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and the police searched and checked more than 10,000 Tamils , 4,000 houses and more than 50% of the vehicles in Batticaloa district, during the joint search launched, clamping a 12-hour police-curfew Saturday, Police media spokesman, Ranjith Gunesekara said.
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SLN arrests 26 persons in Northern seas seeking refuge in Tamil Nadu

[TamilNet, Sunday, 30 November 2008, 20:46 GMT]
Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) arrested 26 persons, including a 6-months-old infant, who were trying to escape on boats on their way to Tamil Nadu seeking refuge. Civilians took the perilous journey to escape continuing artillery barrage and bombings of civilian settlements in Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) territories in Vanni. When the arrested refugees were produced before the Point Pedro magistrate Sunday, the Magistrate ordered the refugees to be placed in the Rehabilitation Camp.
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Court reserves order on admissibility of Tissanayagam "confession"

[TamilNet, Sunday, 30 November 2008, 16:57 GMT]
The Colombo High Court Friday reserved its order for December 5 on the Voire Dire inquiry on the admissibility of the purported confession made by Sunday Times journalist J.S.Tissainayagam to the Terrorism Investigation Division (TID). When the case was taken up on Friday for further submission before High Court Judge Ms. Deepani Wijesundara the State Counsel and the Defence Counsel made oral submissions, legal sources said.
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Floods in Jaffna peninsula claim 6 lives, leaves devastation

[TamilNet, Sunday, 30 November 2008, 16:54 GMT]
Six people died and 268,038 persons belonging to 73,523 families were severely affected by the torrential downpour and gale-force winds that plagued the peninsula in the past four days, according to statistics released by A. Sivasamy, the Additional Government Agent (AGA) Jaffna. 6,689 houses have been totally destroyed while 14,820 have been partly damaged, the statistics revealed. Electricity supply and telecommunication services will take at least a week to get back to normalcy, the officials of the respective services in Jaffna said. Meanwhile UN agencies in the peninsula are taking steps to provide relief supplies to the displaced and affected persons.
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Tamil farmer shot dead in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Sunday, 30 November 2008, 12:40 GMT]
Unidentified gunmen shot and killed a Tamil farmer Saturday around 9:30 p.m in Ka'luvaangchchikudi police division at his house in Ward 12, Kuruma'nve'li area. This is the first killing after a 12-hour police-curfew was clamped down in Batticalao district, taking place just after three hours after the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) cordon and search operation during the curfew, the sources added. A Special Task Force (STF) camp is located 200 m from the site of the killing.
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Male body found in a pond in Thenmaraadchi

[TamilNet, Sunday, 30 November 2008, 08:34 GMT]
Kodikaamam police recovered Saturday a male body with gunshot injuries floating in a pond in Va’ra’ni in Thenmaraadchi on information given by local residents. The victim appears to be between 30 to 35 years of age, the police said.
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Colombo's cluster bomb attack on civilians in Vanni challenges international norms

[TamilNet, Sunday, 30 November 2008, 02:21 GMT]
Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) bombers that attacked the hamlet of Internally Displaced Persons bordering Piramanthanaa'ru and Uzhavanoor in the early hours of Saturday have deployed Russian made OFAB-500 cluster bombs in their indiscriminate attack that killed three civilians, including a child, eyewitnesses told TamilNet's Vanni correspondent on Saturday. Seven children were among the wounded. Colombo's use of cluster bomb comes as more than 100 countries are scheduled to meet in Oslo on Wednesday to sign a treaty banning the use of cluster bombs.
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3 Tamils arrested in Kandy

[TamilNet, Saturday, 29 November 2008, 18:22 GMT]
The Kandy police Saturday took three Tamils including a woman into custody in a cordon and search operation carried out within the municipal limits of Kandy town. Police sources said the arrested failed to prove their identity and justify their presence in the location.
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Body with gunshot injuries found in Mannaar

[TamilNet, Saturday, 29 November 2008, 18:20 GMT]
The body of an unidentified male person with gunshot injuries was found along Mannaar-Thaalvupaadu main road Saturday morning. The Mannar police rushed to the site to hold inquiry, and transferred the body to the Mannaar general hospital.
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Tamil civilian shot dead in Batticaloa district

[TamilNet, Saturday, 29 November 2008, 15:41 GMT]
Unidentified gunmen forcibly took away a Tamil family man from his house in Pankudaave’li area in Karadiyanaa’ru police division Friday around 12:00 p.m and shot him killed, police said. Meanwhile, a Tamil youth shot and seriously injured by unknown armed men in Ea’raavoor police division Thursday night succumbed to his wounds Friday night in Batticaloa Teaching Hospital.
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Police curfew clamped down in Batticaloa district

[TamilNet, Saturday, 29 November 2008, 09:31 GMT]
Following the killing of 23 innocent civilians within the past 4 days by armed men in Batticaloa and mounting international attention on the terror prevailing in the East, a 12-hour police-curfew has been clamped down in Batticaloa district from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday to launch search operations.
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SLAF bombs refugee camp in 'secure zone' in Vanni, children among victims

[TamilNet, Saturday, 29 November 2008, 08:59 GMT]
Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) Kfir bombers attacked a refugee camp of Internally Displaced People bordering Piramanthanaa'ru and Uzhavaoor (Tharmapuram) in Ki'linochchi district in the early hours of Saturday around 1:35 a.m. Medical authorities at Tharmapuram said three persons were killed. Two, a 5-year-old child and an 80-year-old man, died at the hospital. At least 18 wounded civilians, including 7 children and 7 females, were admitted at the hospital following the indiscriminate bombardment on IDP settlement. Medical authorities described the bombardment as "terrible mid-night aerial attack on refugee camp". SLAF bombs refugee camp in Vanni, children among killed, wounded
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Kungchupparanthan: first debacle of SLA in battle for Ki'linochchi

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 November 2008, 22:55 GMT]
Several decomposed corpses of Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were still lying within the no-man area between the SLA and Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) frontiers in Kugnchupparanthan no man zone, informed sources revealed on Friday. The SLA soldiers had maneuvered deep into LTTE trap, according to the source, which said it was the first debacle of the SLA in the battle for Ki'linochchi. At least 75 SLA soldiers were confirmed dead so far, the source said adding more than 160 of the soldiers, who managed to reach back to their barracks, had been injured. The LTTE, which earlier said 43 SLA soldiers were killed and 70 wounded, is yet to release further updates.
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Norwegian Refugee Council worker among victims of Batticaloa killings

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 November 2008, 21:08 GMT]
A staff worker of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) was forcibly abducted by unidentified gunmen who entered his house on the evening of November 27 and was shot at a nearby decommissioned IDP-site, said Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in Colombo on Friday. Vigneswaran, a popular and dedicated colleague, was later taken to a nearby hospital but pronounced dead on arrival. Offering its deepest condolences to Vigneswaran’s family, the NRC said it was deeply concerned by this tragic and untimely death of Mr. Vigneswaran. This is the third killing or disappearance of an NRC staff member in Sri Lanka in the past two and a half years.
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80 Tamils arrested in Colombo, Kandy

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 November 2008, 17:42 GMT]
More than eighty Tamil civilians, including eight women, arrested in Colombo and Kandy in separate cordon and search operations conducted by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and police on Wednesday and Thursday are detained in respective police stations and are being interrogated.
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Token fast against killings of Tamil civilians observed in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 November 2008, 14:57 GMT]
A one-day token fast demanding the immediate stop of the rampant killings of Tamils in Batticaloa district and the arrest of the killers was observed Friday around 9:00 a.m near Gandhi Statue in Batticaloa town, organized by Pillayan faction, Baticaloa Municipal Council (BMC), and Federation of Local Government Councils' (LGC) Presidents, presided by the Mayor of Batticaloa Municipal Council, Ms. Sivakeertha Pirapakaran, sources in Batticaloa said.
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SLAF attacks Paranthan

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 November 2008, 14:46 GMT]
Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) Kfir bombers attacked Paranthan, a key junction north of Ki'linochchi on Thursday and Friday, dropping bombs on shops and offices. Latest air attack was reported at 3:30 p.m. Friday. Meanwhile, artillery barrage that targeted Paranthan and Ki'linochchi suburbs continued despite pouring rain and floods during the past five days, according to farmers who fled the low-lying cultivation lands in the region.
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5 dead, thousands displaced due to floods in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 November 2008, 11:57 GMT]
Heavy monsoonal rains and resulting floods claimed five lives in Jaffna peninsula while 118,273 persons belonging to 32,026 families have been displaced, according to Jaffna Secretariat statistics, civil sources in Jaffna said. Many persons are admitted to hospitals due to injuries sustained by collapsed roofs and falling trees. While rains have subsided, the electricity supply, transport services and telecommunication remain affected. Billions of rupees worth properties and cultivation have been damaged and destroyed in the past four days.
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4 STF killed in Ampaa'rai - LTTE

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 November 2008, 10:52 GMT]
Four commandos of a Sri Lankan Special Task Force (STF) unit that launched a search operation into a jungle area in Poththuvil in Ampaa'rai district were killed and one wounded in a counter-attack carried out by the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Friday around 11:50 a.m., according to LTTE official Nilavan in Ampaa'rai.
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15 Tamils arrested in Ratnapura

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 November 2008, 05:45 GMT]
The Ratnapura police assisted by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and home guards took into custody about fifteen Tamil civilians in a cordon and search operations conducted in the Ratnapura town on Wednesday early morning till midnight
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3 Tamils shot dead in 3 separate shootings in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 November 2008, 04:30 GMT]
Unidentified gunmen shot and killed three Tamils Thursday night in three police divisions in Batticaloa district, sources in Batticaloa said. 26 persons have been shot dead during the past three days in Batticaloa district, and no one has been arrested by the Police related to any of the killings.
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Vaiko addresses 40,000 at London Remembrance Day event

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 November 2008, 03:09 GMT]
Over 40,000 expatriate Tamils participated in the Remembrance Day ceremony in London on Thursday, a record turnout for the usually well-attended annual event. Vaiko, leader of the MDMK party in Tamil Nadu delivered the keynote address at the ExCel centre, London’s largest auditorium, whilst, earlier, the 2008 Heroes’ Day speech by LTTE leader Velupillai Pirapaharan was heard by attendees as it was broadcast live via satellite from Vanni to Diaspora centres around the world.
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Former Indian PM V.P. Singh passes away

[TamilNet, Friday, 28 November 2008, 02:01 GMT]
Former Prime Minister of India, Vishwanath Pratap Singh, passed away in New Delhi at the age of 77 on Thursday. He was Prime Minister of India between December 1989 to November 1990.
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Vanni MP condemns Mumbai killings

[TamilNet, Thursday, 27 November 2008, 20:08 GMT]
The deliberate and indiscriminate killing and injuring of hundreds of civilians and foreign tourists in Mumbai by armed men shocks the civilized world and is beyond all justification, said Selvam Adaikalanathan, Tamil National Alliance MP for Vanni, on Thursday.
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Faultline of Sri Lanka’s conflict now clear - paper

[TamilNet, Thursday, 27 November 2008, 19:50 GMT]
Pointing out that it is as Sinhalese have become more and more confident of winning the war that overt racism against Tamils has become blatant, the Tamil Guardian newspaper this week said “what is qualitatively different between the late nineties and now is the clarity of the ethnic faultline in Sri Lanka.” The paper, published Wednesday, argued “Since independence the island’s core problem has been Sinhala domination and … persecution, of the Tamils. In the global liberal bubble of the nineties, this fundamental truth was subsumed amidst the logics of underdevelopment, resource wars and so on.”
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India is our friend, we are not against any country, remove the hindrance of ban: Pirapaharan

[TamilNet, Thursday, 27 November 2008, 12:31 GMT]
While conveying his love and gratitude to the people and leaders of Tamil Nadu and leaders of India who have grasped the heartbeat of Eezham Tamils and have come forward with timely support, the LTTE leader V.Pirapaharan in his Hero’s Day speech on Thursday requested them to voice firmly for Tamil Eelam and to undertake conducive measures to remove the ban, a great hindrance to amicable relationship between India and the LTTE. “At no stage did we ever consider India as an enemy force. Our people always consider India as our friend. They have great expectations that the Indian super power will take a positive stand on our national question”, he said. The LTTE leader also requested the world powers to remove the ban on it, citing that the LTTE never schemed any act against any country and the Tamil struggle is not against the geopolitical, national or economic interests of any country.
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2 Tamil civilians shot dead in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Thursday, 27 November 2008, 09:43 GMT]
Unidentified armed men shot and killed Tuesday night two Tamil civilians in two separate shootings, in Vaakarai and Vavu’natheevu police divisions in Batticaloa district.
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President of RDS abducted in Batticaloa district

[TamilNet, Thursday, 27 November 2008, 09:01 GMT]
Unidentified armed men abducted the President of Karadippooval Rural Development Society (RDS) Sunday around 3:00 p.m after he had passed Vavu’natheevu Sri Lanka Army (SLA) camp check post while returning home from Batticaloa town.
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Saiva priest shot dead in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Thursday, 27 November 2008, 08:48 GMT]
Unidentified armed men shot and killed a Saiva priest Wednesday around 11:30 p.m at his house located around 100 m from Jeayanthipuram police station in Batticaloa police division.
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Vaiko urges British Parliament to restore Eezham Tamil sovereignty

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 26 November 2008, 19:06 GMT]
Vaiko, the general secretary of Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetta Kazhakam (MDMK) from Tamil Nadu, while addressing British parliamentarians of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Tamils on Wednesday in the British Parliament, said that the British Parliament has a moral responsibility to rectify the historic injustice caused on to the Eezham Tamils during the colonial rule. It was the British who statutorily put the Tamil and the Sinhala territories together in 1833, made Ceylon a unitary entity and refused to consider federalism in their constitutional reforms. When they left in 1948, they passed on the power to the Sinhala majoritarian rulers, he said.
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Grenade attack injures policeman in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 26 November 2008, 18:31 GMT]
Unidentified persons hurled a hand grenade Wednesday around 8:00 p.m on a police sentry post near Kalladi Clock Tower, seriously injuring a policeman. A Tamil civilian was seriously injured when the policemen in the sentry post opened indiscriminate fire following the attack.
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STF shoots dead 2 youths in Ampaa’rai

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 26 November 2008, 15:15 GMT]
Special Task Force (STF) commandos lying in ambush shot and killed two youths Tuesday around 11:00 p.m while the youths were going along Koamaari-Oora’ni Veethi in Poththuvil police division.
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Gale force winds, heavy rain lash Jaffna

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 26 November 2008, 14:35 GMT]
A 195.5 mm rainfall was recorded from Monday to Tuesday evening alone by the Sri Lanka Meteorological Department in Thirunelveali in Jaffna peninsula. Two feet high sea water has entered Karaiyoor, Paasaiyoor, Kaakkaitheevu and Naavanthu’rai areas along the coast of Jaffna lagoon forcing residents to seek shelter in nearby churches and schools. Electricity supply, transport services and telecommunication have been cutoff due to the collapse of electricity posts, overflowing culverts and trees falling across the roads and electric wires. Jaffna peninsula is plunged in darkness as its people keep indoors unable to face the monsoon torrents that continue to lash for the fourth day, sources in Jaffna said.
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19 Tamils arrested in Wattegama

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 26 November 2008, 13:20 GMT]
Nineteen Tamil civilians including six women were taken into custody by the Sri Lanka police in a cordon and search operation conducted in Wattegama town in Kandy district in the central province on Tuesday, sources in Kandy said. The arrested are being held in Wattegama police station and are being interrogated.
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White van armed men abduct Tamil youth in Trincomalee

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 26 November 2008, 13:16 GMT]
A Tamil youth was abducted from his house located in Linganagar, suburb in Trincomalee town by unidentified armed persons who arrived in a white van Tuesday night, according to a complaint lodged with the Trincomalee police headquarters.
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6 Tamil civilians including 4 in a family shot dead in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 26 November 2008, 06:27 GMT]
Unidentified gunmen shot and killed the parents, son and daughter Tuesday around 12:30 p.m in Ka’luvaangchchikkudi police division and in a separate shooting unidentified armed men shot and killed a young woman Tuesday around 9:15 p.m in Vaazhaichcheanai police division while unidentified armed men shot and killed a family man Tuesday around 11:00 p.m in Karadiyanaa’ru police division.
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Relief supplies from Tamil Nadu still not reached Vanni

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 26 November 2008, 05:25 GMT]
Emergency relief supplies, sent by the efforts of Tamil Nadu people and their government, received in 100 containers in Colombo 11 days ago, have not reached Vanni due to the sabotage by the Sri Lankan military, a top government official, who did not wished to be named, told TamilNet. Severe flooding has cut off Vanni on Wednesday. However, contradicting to the ground reports, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi was made to believe that the supplies were reaching the affected civilians unhindered.
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Vanni irrigation bunds close to breach, threaten 10,000 IDPs

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 26 November 2008, 05:03 GMT]
Increasing water levels due to non-stop rain the past five days, and the earth bunds critically weakened to withstand water pressure in several irrigation tanks, including Visuvamadu and Udaiyaarkaddu in Vanni, are posing increasing danger to populated neighborhoods and closeby temporary shelters of internally displaced, civil society sources in Vanni said. More than 10,000 IDPs are being relocated throughout Vanni due to the threat posed by flood waters, according to local officials.
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Thousands of IDPs stranded by floods in Vanni

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 25 November 2008, 18:50 GMT]
Floods are flowing over most of the roads and civilians who had sought refuge in open lands and in temporary huts in low-lying areas were forced to seek shelter in schools, temples, churches and public buildings in Vanni. Patients from Ki’linochchi and Mullaiththeevu district hospitals in need of urgent treatment in Vavniyaa hospital cannot be transported as the trunk roads in Vanni remain submerged in water.
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Thousands displaced in Jaffna peninsula due to continuing downpour

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 25 November 2008, 18:01 GMT]
More than a thousand families from Point Pedro, Karaveddi, Kaarainakar and Cha'ndilippaay Divisional Secretariat areas were forced to leave their dwellings due to the incessant monsoon rains that pours down in Jaffna peninsula for the fourth day. 2,800 persons belonging to 458 families have been displaced from the above areas according to particulars received until now, Jaffna Government Agent said.
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STF shoots dead 3 TMVP deserters in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 25 November 2008, 17:13 GMT]
Special Task Force (STF) commandos shot and killed three Tamil youths in a joint cordon and search operation Tuesday around 5:00 p.m in Karaveddi area in Batticaloa police division. The youths are said to be a group TMVP deserters, who escaped from from Mangkikkaddu TMVP camp which was attacked by the Tigers two weeks ago. The STF launched a cordon and search operation following the arrest of a person with gun shot wounds Tuesday around 3:30 p.m Tuesday, the sources added.
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4 youths shot dead in Horowopottana

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 25 November 2008, 17:06 GMT]
Four youths were shot dead at a spot along Anuradhapura-Horowopottana road in the north central province Tuesday afternoon around 2.30, according to media reports in Colombo.
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Mother, son, grandson shot dead in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 25 November 2008, 16:56 GMT]
Unidentified gunmen forcibly entering a house Tuesday around 7:30 p.m in Ka’luvaangchchikudi police division shot and killed an 80-year-old mother, her son, a retired village officer (Grama Sevaka) and grandson in a family, sources in Ka’luvaangchchikudi said. Meanwhile, more than a hundred civilians have been arrested and detained on suspicion following the killing of two Special Task Force (STF) commandos in a Claymore attack Tuesday morning in Ka’luvaangchchikudi, in a cordon and search conducted by the STF and the police.
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IDP settlements flooded in Jaffna peninsula due to continuing downpour

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 25 November 2008, 13:00 GMT]
Unrelenting monsoon rains continue in Jaffna peninsula for the fourth day causing floods in areas where Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are located while fisher families in Vadamaraadchi North and East have been forced to seek shelter in churches and public buildings nearby because of the persisting rain and intermittent hurricanes which had torn off the roofs of many huts, sources in Jaffna said.
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Statewide protest in Tamil Nadu demands ceasefire in Sri Lanka

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 25 November 2008, 12:35 GMT]
Normalcy was disturbed in the 30 district capitals of Tamil Nadu on Tuesday from 7:00 a.m. till noon as thousands of demonstrators led by Communist Party of India (CPI), Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK), Tamil National Movement, Puthiya Thamizhakam, Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam and several other organisations took to the streets, blocking the railway, bus and postal services. Around 50,000 courted brief arrests. The organisers said the success of the protest in Tamil Nadu, especially amid heavy rain along the coastal districts, symbolised deep rooted support for Eezham Tamils cause. The protest called on the Central Government of India to prevail upon the Rajapaksa government to announce an immediate ceasefire.
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Tigers release photos of Kugnchupparanthan battle

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 25 November 2008, 10:45 GMT]
The Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) on Tuesday released photos from the pitched battle reported on Sunday between Uruththirapuram and Kugnchup-paranthan. The Tigers had claimed at least 43 SLA soldiers were killed, 70 wounded and that they had recovered 8 dead bodies of the SLA soldiers. LTTE officials, who provided photos to media also revealed the identity of a Sri Lankan soldier as 20-year-old Inthika Ruwankumara from Polgahamulla, Angkada, Gamewela.
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LTTE ambush kills 2 Sri Lankan troopers in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 25 November 2008, 08:33 GMT]
An ambush team of the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) triggered a Claymore mine Tuesday around 7:15 a.m killing two Sri Lankan soldiers, who were patrolling along Ka'luvaagnchikkudi - Kuruma'nve'li Road, 20 km south of Batticaloa city, according to the LTTE sources in Batticaloa. Meanwhile, the Sri Lanka Police in Ka'luvaagnchikkudi said two Special Task Force (STF) commandos were killed and their motorbike was destroyed in the attack.
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Rights watchdog faults Colombo for deteriorating human rights situation in East

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 25 November 2008, 07:52 GMT]
"Killings and abductions are rife and there is total impunity for horrific abuses," in the eastern province, which the Sri Lankan government claims to have 'liberated' as an example of democracy in action, said the New York based Human Rights Watch (HRW). There have been at least 30 extra-judicial killings and 30 abductions in Eastern Province within the last 60 days, the HRW said blaming the Sri Lankan government for providing unqualified support to TMVP paramilitary factions. The attacks and other threats against journalists have caused the media to curtail reporting on the security situation in the East. Members of civil society organizations have also been subjected to threats, according to the HRW.
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Booby trap kills SLA soldier, one wounded in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 25 November 2008, 04:34 GMT]
A Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldier, engaged in a cordon and search operation in Vaakaneari in Vaazhaichcheani division was killed in a booby trap explosion Monday morning around 7:00, informed military sources in Batticaloa said.
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Hundreds displaced in Trincomalee floods

[TamilNet, Monday, 24 November 2008, 15:52 GMT]
Seventeen GS (village unit) areas in five Divisional Secretariat divisions in Trincomalee district have been badly affected due to torrential rains since Saturday. Social department officials are providing cooked meals as immediate relief to hundreds of families displaced from low lying area are being sheltered in public buildings. Trincomalee district till Monday morning recorded the highest rainfall in the north and east- 159 mm, Jaffna 56 mm and Vavuniyaa 26 mm, according to meteorological department sources.
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Tamil lodge owner abducted in Vavuniyaa

[TamilNet, Monday, 24 November 2008, 15:50 GMT]
A 53-year-old owner of a temporary lodge located along Vavuniyaa-Mannaar road was abducted by unidentified armed men arrived in a white van Saturday early morning around 2:00 a.m., Police said.
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Missing Tamil youth found shot dead in Vavuniyaa

[TamilNet, Monday, 24 November 2008, 15:49 GMT]
The blind folded body of a youth with hands tied, recovered on the bund of Pa'ndaarikulam in Vavuniyaa Sunday morning with gunshot injuries, was identified as of Kumaraswamy Kugathasan, 22, of Paranthan in Ki'linochchi district. The youth went missing since November 13, according to complaints lodged with the Vavuniyaa police by his relatives.
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Mano Ganesan blames Sri Lankan Consulate in Canada for fabricating stories on his visit

[TamilNet, Monday, 24 November 2008, 15:27 GMT]
Western Province People's Front (WPPF) parliamentarian and the convener of the Civil Monitoring Committee (CMC) in Colombo, Mano Ganesan, who returned to Colombo last Friday after a visit to Canada on the invitation by a Canadian organisation, blamed the Sri Lankan Counsel General in Toronto for fabricating a story in Sri Lankan Defence Ministry website on his trip to Canada. The story had alleged that Mr. Mano Ganesan was invited to Canada by the LTTE to attend a meeting "to give boost to LTTE fund raising."
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3 Tamils shot dead in 3 separate shootings, in Batticaloa district

[TamilNet, Monday, 24 November 2008, 14:34 GMT]
Unidentified armed men shot and killed three Tamil civilians Sunday night in three different places in Batticaloa district. The first killing took place around 7:00 p.m in Kokkaddichchoalai police division and the second in Kaaththaankudi police division around 7:15 p.m while the third in Ea'raavoor police division around 8:30 p.m, according to sources in the respective police stations.
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2 STF killed in ambush in Ampaa'rai

[TamilNet, Monday, 24 November 2008, 12:30 GMT]
Two Sri Lankan Special Task Force (STF) personnel were killed and three troopers sustained injuries Monday around 3:00 p.m. in Kagnchikudichchaa'ru region in Ampaa'rai during a clash with a group of armed men, according to informed military sources in Ampaa'rai.
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SL forces tighten security in government controlled territory in NE

[TamilNet, Monday, 24 November 2008, 12:28 GMT]
Sri Lankan forces have beefed up military deployment in Northern and Eastern provinces controlled by their troops, prior to Tamileelam Heroes Day remembrance by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on November 27. All vehicles passing through the checkpoints of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) in Mannaar, Vavuniyaa, and Trincomalee are being thoroughly checked and people are questioned on the purpose of their travel.
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12 Tamil youths arrested in cordon, search Ea'raavoor

[TamilNet, Sunday, 23 November 2008, 17:55 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and Police arrested twelve Tamil youths in a combined cordon and search operation conducted in Ea'raavoor Police division in Batticaloa district Saturday afternoon. The search operation was triggered by the shooting death of M Ibrahim, 45, a SLA Intelligence operative at 4:00 p.m. Saturday in Punnakkudaa area in Earaavoor.
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Confession voluntary or coerced, Court to rule in Tissainayagam case

[TamilNet, Sunday, 23 November 2008, 17:35 GMT]
Oral submissions for the voir dire inquiry in the case against a senior journalist J.S.Tissanayagam held in detention for more than eight months were concluded Friday in Colombo High Court under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), where State Counsel Sudarshana De Silva and Defense Counsel Anil Silva argued to establish whether the confession made by the journalist to the Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) of the Sri Lanka Police was voluntary or made under threat and duress, legal sources in Colombo said.
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5 Tamil youths arrested in Chilaw

[TamilNet, Sunday, 23 November 2008, 17:31 GMT]
The Chilaw police Saturday in a cordon and search operation took five Tamil youths, originally from Jaffna district but working in commercial establishments in Chilaw town, into custody on suspicion. Houses and shops in the town were searched during the operation that commenced in morning and concluded afternoon.
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Sinhalese medical officers in Jaffna to be given protection

[TamilNet, Sunday, 23 November 2008, 14:13 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) authorities, during a meeting with Sinhalese medical officers serving in Jaffna peninsula Thursday in Jaffna, agreed to provide Police and SLA protection with effect from Monday to all hospitals including Jaffna Teaching Hospital where Sinhalese medical officers work, sources in Jaffna said. This move comes in the wake of the Sinhalese medical officers in Jaffna peninsula announcing their decision to leave Jaffna peninsula for security reasons, triggered by the killing of a Sinhalese doctor in Eastern Province.
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43 SLA killed, 8 bodies recovered in Nalloor, Poonakari - LTTE

[TamilNet, Sunday, 23 November 2008, 12:57 GMT]
At least 43 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were killed and more than 70 wounded in the latest fighting that broke out at Nalloor on Poonakari - Paranthan road, LTTE officials told TamilNet correspondent in Vanni Sunday evening. The fighting went on amid pouring rain and floods, between 4:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Sunday according to the Tigers. The stiff fighting by the Tigers pushed back the Sri Lankan troops in the Poonakari direction, the LTTE said. Meanwhile, heavy rain has led to floods in several places of Vanni causing hardships to thousands of internally displaced people who have been deprived of shelters by the continuous blockade by the Sri Lankan military.
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Saiva priest, trustee continue to be detained in Jaffna Prison

[TamilNet, Sunday, 23 November 2008, 12:37 GMT]
Of the seven persons including two Saiva priests, three trustee board members and two devotees arrested by Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers at Cheera'ni Naakapoosa'ni Amman temple claiming that weapons were found in the search conducted in the temple precincts earlier, five were released from prison with instructions from the Sri Lanka Attorney General (AG), when they were produced at Mallaakam Court before magistrate T. J. Pirapakaran, Friday. One Saiva priest and one trustee board member were ordered continued detention in Jaffna.
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Colombo court remands Jaffna hockey player

[TamilNet, Saturday, 22 November 2008, 20:38 GMT]
Galkissa magistrate court ordered remand till November 28 for a Jaffna hockey player who had come to Colombo with the Jaffna hockey team that participated in the Hockey National Competition held in Colombo last week. The player was arrested by the Wellawatte police when he was waiting at Wellawatte bus stand on November 14th to return to Jaffna.
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14 Tamils arrested in Colombo

[TamilNet, Saturday, 22 November 2008, 16:08 GMT]
The Sri Lanka Army and police Saturday took fourteen Tamil civilians into custody in a lightning cordon and search operation conducted covering Obeyasekara area in Rajagiriya division in Colombo. The operation commenced early morning around 3:00 a.m. Majority of them arrested are residents of north and east and other upcountry Tamils and had been working several business establishments and staying lodges, according to police sources.
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6 SLA killed in Mu'rikandi, dead body recoverd - LTTE

[TamilNet, Saturday, 22 November 2008, 14:10 GMT]
At least 6 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were killed in a fighting that lasted from 5:30 to 10:45 a.m. on Friday near A'riviyal Nakar close to Mu'rika'ndi in Ki'linochchi district, according to latest details from the Ki'linochchi front. The Tigers said they recovered a dead body of an SLA soldier and seized a T-56 assault rifle with several rounds for Light Machine Guns in the fighting. The LTTE officials also said that a heavy fighting broke out at Karippaddamu'rippu on Friday.
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SLA soldier killed in gunfire ambush on Buttala Road

[TamilNet, Saturday, 22 November 2008, 13:59 GMT]
Unknown armed men opened fire on soldiers inside a Sri Lanka Army (SLA) point along Buttala Kathirkaamam Road at 136th Mile Post in Moneragala district Saturday evening around 5:15 p.m., according to informed military sources in the district. One SLA soldier was killed on the spot and a number of soldiers manning the post were wounded, according to the initial details.
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Police inspector killed in Ampaa'rai, policeman wounded in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Saturday, 22 November 2008, 13:49 GMT]
Unknown armed men shot and killed a police inspector attached to Ka'luvaagnchikkudi police station while the inspector was returning home at Chaainthamaruthu in Ampaa'rai district around 6:00 p.m. Saturday, Police said. Meanwhile, a police constable attached to Karadiyanaa'ru was shot and wounded at Ea'raavoor in Batticaloa around 4:30 p.m.
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History to abet 'structural genocide'

[TamilNet, Saturday, 22 November 2008, 12:39 GMT]
The Colombo government at the height of its agenda for 'structural genocide' of Tamils, considered removing a chapter on the Kingdom of Jaffna in the history textbooks of the school children in Sri Lanka. However, to an opposing question by a JVP member in the Sri Lankan Parliament, the Minister of Education replied on Friday that they had dropped that plan. "The Colombo government has every justification to remove the Tamil Kingdom of Jaffna from the history of Sri Lanka if it wants to concede that Sri Lanka doesn't include the Tamil regions," commented Selvam Adaikkalanathan, the Tamil National Alliance parliamentarian of Vanni.
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Kandy Court extends remand for Mannaar woman

[TamilNet, Saturday, 22 November 2008, 12:32 GMT]
The Kandy Magistrate on Friday extended the remand of a Tamil woman till December 03 on a report submitted by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of Kandy Police that the inquiry against the suspect had not been completed and wanted more time.
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Body of youth with gunshot injuries found in Vavuniyaa

[TamilNet, Saturday, 22 November 2008, 12:29 GMT]
Sri Lankan Police in Vavuniyaa recovered a body of a blind folded male, with gunshot shot injuries and his hands tied, lying in Chaanthasoalai area in Vavuniyaa police division Friday morning. The body was handed over to the Vavuniyaa general hospital for identification, sources said.
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Tamil family man shot, injured in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 November 2008, 18:16 GMT]
Unidentified gunmen opened fire on a Tamil family man as he was walking along the road in Tha'lavaay, Vellaave'li in Ka'luvaagnchikkudi police division in Batticaloa district Friday around 7:15 p.m, seriously injuring him, Ka'luvaagnchikkudi police said.
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Tamil youth shot dead in Ampaa'rai

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 November 2008, 18:13 GMT]
Unidentified armed men shot and killed a Tamil youth Friday around 9:05 p.m in Vinaayakapuram in Thirukkoayil police division.
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Karuna group shoots dead 2 Tamil youths in Ampaa'rai

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 November 2008, 17:49 GMT]
Karuna group men shot and killed two Tamil youths Thursday evening in Akkaraipattu police division in Ampaa'rai district and abducted another person. Akkaraipattu police claimed that the two youths killed were members of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Meanwhile, Akkaraipattu police arrested the wife of one of the youths killed.
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Leaders of Mauritius voice against genocide in Sri Lanka

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 November 2008, 17:48 GMT]
Leaders of both the ruling party as well as the opposition of Mauritius, including the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Rama Sithenen and the Leader of the Opposition Mr. Paul Berenger attended an agitation against the genocide of Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka on Thursday. The focal event of the protest was the march of hundreds of Mauritian Tamils to the Indian High Commission in Mauritius, demanding the Indian government to prevail upon Sri Lanka to effect immediate ceasefire in the island and to commence talks with the LTTE. The agitators also presented a memorandum on their demands to the Foreign Minister of Mauritius and conducted a prayer at the Maariyamman Temple.
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SLA soldier opens fire on fellow troopers, 2 killed, 15 wounded

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 November 2008, 16:37 GMT]
A Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldier opened fire at fellow soldiers, killing two and wounding 15 while the SLA soldiers were engaged in training at Lindagama in Nochchiyagama in the North Central Province Friday around 2:00 p.m.
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Civilians in Vanni protest against Colombo's use of humanitarian supplies as tool of war

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 November 2008, 16:07 GMT]
People in Vanni marched in thousands towards two Government Agents' offices and two Divisional Secretariat offices in four locations on Friday protesting against Sri Lanka Government's restrictions on food and essential supplies, blaming Colombo for using humanitarian supplies as a tool of war to force civilians to flee against their will into the hands of Sri Lanka Army (SLA). K. Mahethevan, a representative of Vanni Peoples Welfare Organisation (VPWO), addressing more than 5,000 protesters in front of Ki'linochchi Government Agent's office at Tharmapuram described how the supplies were reduced from 600 lorries per month in 2007 to 250 lorries per month in 2008, but only 54 have allowed to cross into Vanni in the recent days.
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2 STF commandos killed, 3 injured in Tiger attack in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 November 2008, 14:08 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) combatants launched an attack Thursday around 7:30 p.m on the Special Task Force (STF) sentry post at Makizhadiththeevu in Vavu'natheevu police division, killing two STF commandos and seriously injuring three.
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24 Tamils arrested from Marawila prawn farm

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 November 2008, 13:01 GMT]
Twenty four Tamil youths including two women who were residents of north, east and upcountry were taken into custody when the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and police cordoned off a prawn farm located in Marawila-Lungsima in Chilaapam (Chilaw) district Wednesday night. The victims were subjected to severe interrogation during the search operation, residents said.
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White van armed men abduct TELO district organizer in Vavuniyaa

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 November 2008, 12:50 GMT]
Vavuniyaa district organizer of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization (TELO), Rex Ganeshalingam, was abducted Thursday early morning around 4:30 from his house by armed persons arrived a white van, according to complaints lodged with the Vavuniyaa Police by his wife.
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SLA blocks 200 people, key officials, from entering Vanni at Oamanthai

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 November 2008, 10:11 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) in Oamanthai, while allowing 56 lorries carrying humanitarian supplies to enter Vanni, denied entry to more than 200 people including Ki'linochchi Regional Director of Health Services, Zonal Education Directors of Ki'linochchi and Mullaiththeevu, 15 school principals of both districts, Peoples’ Bank manager of Mullaiththeevu and four ambulances carrying 50 patients who were discharged from Vavuniyaa hospital after treatment to enter Vanni. When the stranded officials questioned if people are allowed to enter to Vavuniyaa this week as to why they were not allowed, the ICRC has informed the officials that they have not got clearance to be manned at Oamanthai.
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2 STF commandos killed, 2 injured in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Thursday, 20 November 2008, 22:58 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) launched an attack on the Special Task Force (STF) sentry post located in Koappaave'li in Karadiyanaa'ru police division in Batticaloa district Thursday around 9:30 a.m, killing two STF commandos and seriously injuring two.
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SLA captain's remains recovered in Ki'laali FDL

[TamilNet, Thursday, 20 November 2008, 22:52 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) units found the skeleton of an SLA officer of the rank of Captain Monday in Ki'laali Front Defence Line (FDL) area. An officer was reported missing in action in a limited military offensive in Ki'laali three months ago, by SLA to their head office in Colombo.
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11 Tamil civilians arrested in Gampaha

[TamilNet, Thursday, 20 November 2008, 17:24 GMT]
The Sri Lankan police assisted by home guards began a dusk to dawn cordon and search operation in Gampaha town on Wednesday, concluding the operation on Thursday arresting 37 persons. Of them eleven were Tamils working in commercial establishments and other institutions. Majority of them were from of north, east and upcountry. About ten thousand persons were subjected to interrogation and about one thousand vehicles were also searched during the operation, civil sources said.
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British Tamils demonstrate at Parliament Square

[TamilNet, Thursday, 20 November 2008, 16:48 GMT]
Thousands of British Tamils demonstrated at the Parliament Square in London on Wednesday between 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., urging the British Parliament to demand the Government of Sri Lanka to stop the genocide unleashed on Eezham Tamils. The Diaspora Tamils also carried banners seeking the British Parliament to recognise Tamils' right to self-determination in their homeland. The gathering also expressed gratitude to the people of Tamil Nadu for their solidarity with Eezham Tamils.
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130 SLA killed, 450 wounded in 3 days in Mukamaalai

[TamilNet, Thursday, 20 November 2008, 15:45 GMT]
At least 130 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers lost their lives and more than 450 wounded in the offensive push within the last 3 days in Ki'laali and Mukamaalai fronts, according to a reliable Sri Lankan military source. 29 SLA soldiers lost their lives sustaining sniper fire, the source said and added several soldiers were killed while they were trapped in Tiger minefield. The LTTE is yet to release details on the fighting in Northern Front.
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JHU opposes TNA participation in APRC

[TamilNet, Thursday, 20 November 2008, 15:18 GMT]
The Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU), all Buddhist monks' party Thursday said inviting Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to the All Party Representatives Committee (APRC) deliberation is tantamount to allowing the LTTE to participate. Hence JHU severely opposes the invitation extended to TNA by APRC Chairman Professor Tissa Vitharane, said Narendra Gunatilake, JHU spokesman on international affairs at a press briefing held in Colombo.
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JMO gives evidence in Tissainayagam case

[TamilNet, Thursday, 20 November 2008, 15:17 GMT]
The Voire Dire inquiry to ascertain whether the confession made by journalist J.S.Tissanayagam to the Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) of the Sri Lanka Police was a voluntary one or one made under threat and duress in custody is being continued in the Colombo High Court Judge, legal sources said. The Additional Judicial Medical Officer, U. Mayuratharan, gave evidence when the case was taken up for inquiry on Tuesday.
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White van armed men abduct Tamil NGO staffer in Serunuwara

[TamilNet, Thursday, 20 November 2008, 15:15 GMT]
A 25-year-old Tamil woman worker of a non-government organization based in Trincomalee district was abducted Wednesday evening by armed persons who arrived in a white van near Serunuwara, south of the Trincomalee district. The victim was on her way to Moothoor division when the abduction took place, according to complaints lodged with the police Thursday.
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Tamil youth abducted in Colombo

[TamilNet, Thursday, 20 November 2008, 15:12 GMT]
A 28-year-old Tamil youth was abducted in Vaazhaiththoaddam in Colombo district Wednesday evening by armed members of a gang clad in military uniform, according to complaints with the Colombo police Thursday.
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ICRC facilitation of Oamanthai crossing ad-hoc

[TamilNet, Thursday, 20 November 2008, 12:39 GMT]
The ICRC's presence at the Oamanthai crossing point has been temporarily suspended since 18 November, as the organization could not obtain all necessary guarantees for the safe passage of civilians and goods, the organisation said in a press statement issued from Colombo. "Despite its lack of sustained presence at Omanthai, on 19 November, the ICRC staff managed to facilitate the ad-hoc passage of 24 patients from the Vanni seeking treatment in Vavuniya General Hospital and the transfer of 18 bodies of fallen fighters," the ICRC said adding that the ICRC was discussing new crossing-point arrangements with government and LTTE.
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75% of confiscated funds belong to INGOs, says TRO

[TamilNet, Thursday, 20 November 2008, 12:03 GMT]
Responding to the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) press release that the State has confiscated Rs. 71m from Tamil Rehabilitation Organization’s (TRO’s) bank account, TRO reiterated its denial of allegations that funds were “mainly used for terrorist activies,” and pointed out that the “GoSL has never produced any proof of these allegations in a court of law and has not brought any criminal charges against TRO,” and that Colombo has consistently denied TRO opportunity to defend against the allegations in the courts of law.
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Distinguished Tamil film artist M.N. Nambiar passes away

[TamilNet, Thursday, 20 November 2008, 00:02 GMT]
M.N. Nambiar, the celebrated ‘villain’ of the silver screen passed away on Wednesday in Chennai at the age of 90. Started acting in films since 1935, his distinguished career in Tamil cinema and lately in TV serials spanned for nearly 7 decades. He was shot to limelight in the role of the villainous royal preceptor ‘Gurusamy’ in Mandrikumari of 1950, which was the first for MGR in the role of hero and first for Kalaignar Karunanidhi, the present Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu as the screenwriter.
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Colombo spent 50 million for every Tiger it killed - Vickramabahu Karunaratne

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 19 November 2008, 20:18 GMT]
Leader of New Left Front, Dr Wickramabahu Karunaratne, in a column that appeared last week in Lankadeepa accused India for instigating the current war in Sri Lanka. After enough damage has been done, now they push Rajapaksa government to stop the war and to go for talks. “They [the Colombo government] spent 500 billions of national wealth to kill Tigers. Accordingly, for each Tiger killed, they have spent 50 millions. All this is wealth of the people. How many thousand Sinhala were sacrificed in this war? Today mounts of Sinhala dead bodies are stacked under Palmyra trees," he wrote.
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Newborn baby dies, 31 patients suffer as SLA refuses ambulances to reach Vavuniyaa

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 19 November 2008, 19:54 GMT]
A baby born at Mullaiththeevu hospital, in need of urgent treatment at Vavuniyaa hospital, pathetically died on Tuesday as medical authorities were not allowed by the Sri Lankan forces Vanni headquarters to allow ambulances to reach Oamanthai exit point since Tuesday morning, according to medical authorities in Vanni. Four ambulances carrying 14 patients from Mullaiththeevu hospital and 17 patients from Ki'linochchi Tharmapuram hospital waited for hours in front of the ICRC office in Puthukkudiyiruppu, but were forced to return to their hospitals with seriously ill patients.
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Amnesty urges Sri Lanka to end policy of blocking humanitarian aid

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 19 November 2008, 18:30 GMT]
"The Sri Lankan government must immediately end its policy of blocking humanitarian aid needed to reach an estimated 300,000 displaced people in the Wanni region of northern Sri Lanka," the Amnesty International said in a statement issued on Wednesday.
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ICJ has jurisdiction to hear Genocide claims against Serbia

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 19 November 2008, 15:52 GMT]
Croatia won the right Tuesday to sue Serbia for genocide after the United Nations' highest court, the International Court of Justice, also known as the World Court, based in Hague Netherlands, ruled it has the legal power to decide the case, AP reported. Describing the ruling as "symbolical and just," Croatian President, Stipe Mesic, said the decision came on the 17th anniversary of the fall of the city of Vukovar, where at least 1,500 Croats were killed and thousands expelled by rebel Serbs.
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SLN arrests 17 Tamil Nadu fishermen in Analaitheevu

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 19 November 2008, 15:42 GMT]
Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) arrested 17 Tamil Nadu fishermen in 5 boats Monday night for allegedly trespassing into Sri Lankan waters in the islet of Analaitheevu. Meanwhile, 17 civilians from Paranthan area fleeing from Sri Lanka Army (SLA) artillery attacks and Sri Lanka Air force (SLAF) reached the shore in Thenmaraadchi crossing Jafffna lagoon Monday were arrested by the Sri Lankan troops in the coastal sentry points.
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20 civilians arrested in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 19 November 2008, 14:34 GMT]
Twenty Tamil civilians were arrested in a cordon and search operation conducted by the Special Task Force (STF) of the Sri Lanka Police located in Eechchantheevu area in Vavu'natheevu police division in Batticaloa district on Tuesday from early morning around 5:30 a.m. The arrested are being held in the Vavu'natheevu police station
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74 Tamil political prisoners transferred to Magazine, jailed with criminal offenders

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 19 November 2008, 13:56 GMT]
Prison authorities of Colombo Remand Prison (CRP) Tuesday evening suddenly transferred 74 Tamil political prisoners, including senior journalist J.S.Tissanayagam to Colombo Magazine Prison, placing them with hardcore criminal prisoners from South, according to initial messages passed by the prisoners to their relatives. The political prisoners, who have been urging the authorities to transfer them to remand prisons in Northern and Eastern provinces, in their message said they have been intimidated by the move as they are reminded of the massacre of more than 50 Tamil political prisoners inside the nearby Welikada prison in July 1983 by prison guards and fellow Sinhala prisoners.
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Colombo confiscates Tamil rehabilitation funds

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 November 2008, 23:51 GMT]
Around 71 million Rupees in the accounts of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO) in the Sri Lankan banks have been confiscated by the Sri Lankan Government, according to a press release by the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka on Tuesday. The move is widely seen as an act of 'structural genocide' against Eezham Tamils, preventing Tamils looking after their own rehabilitation, discouraging individual, organisational and international contribution to Tamil rehabilitation and also as a response of Colombo to the rehabilitation funds being raised by the Government of Tamil Nadu, said a TRO activist in Norway.
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Grenade attack on Tamil surgeon in Akkaraippattu

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 November 2008, 18:57 GMT]
Unidentified armed men lobbed a grenade on a dental clinic run by a Tamil medical officer in Akkaraippattu police division in Ampaa'rai district Monday night around 9:00 p.m. The Dental Surgeon has been identified as Christopher Daniel and his clinic is located along Ismail Road in Akkaraippattu. The explosion did not cause any damage to the surgeon or to his clinic building.
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3 Karuna associates in Thirukkoayil disappear with arms

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 November 2008, 18:51 GMT]
Three cadres of the paramilitary group led by Karuna stationed in Thirukkoayil police division in Ampaarai district have gone into hiding with arms since Monday night, according to complaints lodged with the Thirukovil Police. The absconders are said to be close associates of Iniyabarathy, TMVP co-coordinator for Ampaarai district, and the co-ordinating secretary to President Mahinda Rajapakse.
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25 Tamil civilians arrested in Thirukkoayil

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 November 2008, 18:42 GMT]
Twenty five Tamil civilians between the ages 16 to 30 were arrested in a cordon and search operation conducted by the Special Task Force (STF) of the Police stationed in kaagnchirangkudaa camp for about an hour on Monday night from 7:00 p.m. in Vinayakapuram area in Thirukkoayil police division in Ampaarai district.
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27 Tamil civilians arrested in Gampaha

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 November 2008, 16:09 GMT]
Twenty seven Tamil civilians, including upcountry and north and east residents, majority of them employed in business establishments and other institutions, were taken into custody in a cordon and search operation conducted by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and the police from dusk of Monday dawn on Tuesday in the Gampaha town, according to police sources. The arrested are being held in the Gampaha police station for further inquiry as they failed to prove their identity and provide satisfactory reason for their stay in the location, police said.
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White van armed men abduct Tamil youth in Colombo

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 November 2008, 14:36 GMT]
A 23-year-old Tamil youth, a resident of Jaffna, was abducted Monday night along Peoples Park in Colombo by a gang of six men clad in army uniform, according to a complaint lodged with the police by his relatives. The armed men arrived in a white van and forced the youth into the van before driving away.
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36 SLA killed, 90 wounded in Mukamaalai Front - LTTE

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 November 2008, 11:38 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) in Jaffna put up stiff resistance against the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) that attempted to advance across Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Forward Defence Line four times between Monday noon till Tuesday 10:00 a.m. Heavy clashes erupted on multiple locations along the FDL on each attempt, the Tigers said. At least 36 SLA soldiers were killed and 90 wounded, the Tigers said. Meanwhile sources in Jaffna said Jaffna Palaali Road remained closed for public traffic several times within the last four days to transport the SLA casualties to Palaali military hospital.
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SLA Claymore attack kills 3 Tamil civilians in Vanni

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 November 2008, 11:01 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Deep Penetration Unit triggered a Claymore mine targeting a civilian vehicle killing a 12-year-old boy, his 53-year-old father and a 34-year-old man on the spot at Channasip-Paranthan, 5 km north of Pu'liyangku'lam on Pu'liyangku'lam Nedungkea'ni Road Tuesday morning around 8:45, Tamileelam Police said. The mother and the driver of the vehicle were seriously wounded and rushed to Mullaiththeevu hospital. The vehicle was returning to Vavuniyaa after delivering weekly newspapers to Vanni.
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CPI-led All Party Meeting calls for state-wide protest in Tamil Nadu

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 November 2008, 04:36 GMT]
The Central Government of India has failed to respond to the four demands, concerning the plight of Eezham Tamils, formulated in the previous All Party Meeting (APM) and forwarded to New Delhi by the Government of Tamil Nadu. Therefore, a second APM was convened on Monday by the initiative of the Communist Party of India (CPI), Tamil Nadu, chaired by its State Secretary D. Pandian, who announced a state-wide peaceful protest on November 25 to demonstrate to New Delhi on the resolve of the Tamil Nadu people for a single resolution: Immediate Ceasefire in Sri Lanka.
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Students of JNU voice for Tamil Eelam

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 November 2008, 02:14 GMT]
The Democratic Students' Union (DSU), Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, in a statement on Sunday demanded unconditional declaration of ceasefire from the Sri Lanka government and a stop to the genocide of Tamils. Based on Marxist-Leninist principles of self-determination, it called for support to the Eezham Tamil independence.
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2 students, civilian abducted, another reported missing in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 November 2008, 21:19 GMT]
Unidentified armed men on motor cycles abducted three persons including two school students Friday and Saturday in three different places in Jaffna peninsula. Meanwhile, a family man living in Ka’ranavaay in Vadamaraadchi is reported missing since 12 November after leaving home, according to the complaint lodged by his wife to Human Rights Commission (HRC) Jaffna office.
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SLA shells hit IDP settlements in Vadamaraadchi East

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 November 2008, 18:53 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) fired around 100 artillery shells on IDP settlements of Uduththu'rai, Vaththiraayan, Kaddaikkaadu and Vettilaikkea'ni in Vadamaraadchi East in Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) controlled territory in Jaffna district Monday from 1:00 p.m. till 6:40 p.m.
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Head of a Tamil radio station held in Colombo under anti-terror law

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 November 2008, 18:49 GMT]
Reporters Without Borders (RSF), a Paris-based media watchdog, in a press release issued Monday, urged Colombo to release the manager of a Tamil radio A. R. V. Loshan who was arrested Saturday, pointing out that the "allegations against him of having "links with terrorists" and "aiding terrorist activities" should be based on evidence and not on simple conjecture."
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SLA artillery guns target agricultural villages in Ki'linochchi

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 November 2008, 14:21 GMT]
Agricultural lands and the houses of farmers in Canals 5 to 8 along Karadippoakku - Uruththirapuram road in Ki'linochchi came under intense artillery fire by the Sri Lanka Army in the early hours of Monday from 2:00 a.m. till 5:30. The barrage has caused damage to the agricultural lands and destroyed several coconut palms, eyewitnesses told TamilNet.
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SLA artillery barrage kills civilian in Paranthan, 6 wounded

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 November 2008, 14:00 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) launched an intensive artillery barrage targeting all the roads from Paranthan junction from 2:35 p.m. on Monday, killing a 24-year-old youth in front of Paranthan St. Antony's Church and causing injuries to six, including two elderly men, in the town. Two sisters were severely wounded and were admitted at the Intensive Care Unit of the Tharmapuram hospital. The narrow streets of the town were full of people while the SLA barrage hit the town. More than 750 civilians including school children, government employees, cooperative workers, traders and customers sought refuge on the ground during the attack. A mother who fled the artillery attack with her family narrated the scene to TamilNet correspondent.
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White van abducts Tamil youth in Wellawatte

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 November 2008, 12:57 GMT]
Armed men in civil arrived in a white van and abducted a 26-year-old Tamil youth from the hotel located along Hamden Lane in Wellawatte Saturday evening, according to complaints lodged with the Bambalapitya Police and human rights groups. The victim was an employee at the hotel.
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Unidentified men shoot, injure 2 Tamil farmers in Vavuniyaa

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 November 2008, 12:55 GMT]
Two Tamil farmers were critically injured when unidentified persons waiting in ambush at a point along Chaaththirikoozhangku'lam - Kalmadu road fired at them while they were returning from their paddy fields Saturday evening in Eechchangku'lam area in Vavuniyaa police division, sources said.
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Tamil youth shot dead in Trincomalee

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 November 2008, 12:53 GMT]
Unidentified armed person Sunday night shot dead a 22-year-old Tamil youth residing in Ganesh Lane in Aa'ndaangku'lam, a suburb in Trincomalee city, located along Trincomalee-Kandy road, according to complaints lodged with the Trincomalee police by his relatives. The victim was identified as Pulendran, police said.
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Tigers repulse SLA in North, SLA targets Maangku'lam

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 November 2008, 12:39 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) launched another offensive push for the third consecutive day from Jaffna Monday morning. 8 SLA soldiers were killed and 29 wounded when the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) put up stiff resistance from 5:00 a.m. till 11:00 a.m., thwarting a three frontal attack by the SLA on LTTE Forward Defence Line (FDL) in Mukamaalai, Ka'ndal and Ki'laai, the Tigers said. Meanwhile, the SLA which claimed its forces entered Kumizhamunai near Naayaa'ru lagoon south of A'lampil in Mullaiththeevu district, on Monday said its forces from Vannivi'laangkulam were attempting to occupy Maangku'lam on A9.
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Medical staff in Batticaloa hospital protest slaying of Sinhala doctor

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 November 2008, 08:35 GMT]
Sri Lankan Police was making arrangements to provide security to the Sinhala doctors at the Batticaloa hospital as medical staff of the hospital took to the streets Monday morning protesting against the killing of a doctor, a Sinhalese, at Naavatkudaa in Vavu'natheevu. Initial reports said 65 Sinhala doctors, including trainees at the Teaching hospital and those who were deployed in RDHS hospitals in recently resettled areas, would be provided security. Meanwhile, all the Sinhala medical staff working in recently resettled remote areas of Batticaloa district, were moving to Batticaloa Teaching hospital until their safety is secured, medical authorities said.
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Sinhala doctor shot dead in Batticaloa, STF guns down Tamil neighbour

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 November 2008, 07:23 GMT]
Unidentified armed persons shot and killed a 35-year-old doctor, Palithakumara Pathmakumar, a Sinhalese from Gampola, who was working at Naavatkaadu hospital in Vavu'natheevu, 10 km west of Batticaloa district, Sunday night around 10:15 p.m., Police said. Meanwhile, residents said the Sri Lankan Special Task Force (STF) commandos attacked and shot dead a 38-year-old Tamil family man in the neighborhood around 10:40 p.m. Tension prevails in Naavatkudaa where hospital staff on protest against the killing, which comes a day before the funeral of Pillayan's private secretary Ragu.
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Sri Lanka Police arrest Tamil radio journalist in Colombo

[TamilNet, Sunday, 16 November 2008, 19:02 GMT]
Mr.A.R. V.Loshan, veteran Tamil radio journalist and announcer, was arrested Saturday early morning around 1:30 a.m. by the Terrorism Intelligence Division (TID) of the Sri Lanka Police from his residence located in Wellawatte, Colombo and was taken to the Bambalapitya Police station. The police officers who took him into custody had told his relatives in writing that Mr.Loshan was arrested on reports implicating him with terrorist activities and aiding terrorists, media sources reported.
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Heavy fighting in Northern Front, 20 SLA killed - LTTE

[TamilNet, Sunday, 16 November 2008, 17:15 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) on Sunday said they thwarted another attempt to break LTTE FDL by Sri Lanka Army (SLA) at Ka'ndal in Mukamaalai in the Northern Front. 20 SLA soldiers were killed and at least 80 wounded in the fighting that broke out at 5:10 a.m. and lasted til 12:40 p.m., when the SLA was pushed back, according to the Northern Command of the LTTE.
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Wickremasinghe leaves to New Delhi

[TamilNet, Sunday, 16 November 2008, 17:03 GMT]
Ranil Wickremasinghe, leader of the main opposition United National Party (UNP) and the Leader of the Opposition in the current Sri Lanka parliament, is scheduled to leave Colombo Sunday night to New Delhi. He is to meet the Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherji first and discuss the Sri Lanka's conflict with Indian foreign ministry officials of the South Block, media sources said in Colombo.
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Court summons JMO in Tissainayagam case

[TamilNet, Sunday, 16 November 2008, 16:57 GMT]
Colombo High Court re-issued summons on the Judicial Medical Officer to be present on Tuesday when the case against a senior journalist J.S.Tissanayagam who has been detained for more than eight months was taken up Friday under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA). The court was informed that the JMO had failed to appear in court though summoned, legal sources said.
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18 SLA killed, 29 wounded in Northern Front - LTTE

[TamilNet, Sunday, 16 November 2008, 11:56 GMT]
A four-pronged attempt by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) to break the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Forward Defence Line in Mukamaalai, Ki'laali and Ka'ndal in the Northern Front on was thwarted Saturday after 6 hours of stiff resistance, according to LTTE Northern Command. 18 SLA soldiers were killed and 29 wounded in the fighting, the Tigers said.
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Civilian killed in SLA Claymore attack in Vanni

[TamilNet, Sunday, 16 November 2008, 07:53 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Deep Penetration Unit (DPU) attackers Saturday noon triggered two Claymore mines targeting the motorbike of a vegetable trader, killing him on the spot at Kollar Pu'liyangku'lam in Vanni, Tamileelam Police officials said.
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SLA continues artillery barrage on Ki'linochchi town

[TamilNet, Saturday, 15 November 2008, 22:22 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) launched heavy artillery fire from Friday around 8 :00 p.m till around 7 :50 a.m Saturday targetting civilian settlements, public buildings and roads in Ki'linochchi town, destroying several houses. Though thousands of people have left Ki'linochchi area to escape the artillery fire and Mulit-barrel Rocket Launcher attacks, many residents still remain reluctant to leave their houses.
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Tamil family man shot dead in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Saturday, 15 November 2008, 20:24 GMT]
Three unidentified armed men arriving on motor cycles at the house of a trader in Vavu’natheevu police division in Batticaloa disrict Friday around 7:30 p.m shot and killed the trader. Many Special Task Force (STF) camps and police stations are located in this area.
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4 Tamil youths arrested in Gampola

[TamilNet, Saturday, 15 November 2008, 20:21 GMT]
Four Tamil youths were arrested Friday night while they were waiting for bus in Gampola bus stand to go their estate in Pupuressa in Gampola district. Police said they were questioned by the police on seeing their suspicious movement in the bus stand, and were arrested as they failed to provide satisfactory reason for their stay in the bus stand.
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3 STF killed in Ampaa'rai - LTTE

[TamilNet, Saturday, 15 November 2008, 14:26 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Ampaa'rai Command claimed Saturday that 2 Sri Lankan Special Task Force (STF) commandos were killed and one wounded Friday evening in a LTTE land mine ambush on a STF patrol in Kagnchikudichchaa'ru. On Saturday morning. The Tigers said an STF commando was killed Saturday morning in a booby trap explosion while an STF unit was engaged in a search operation in the same area Saturday morning.
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Paramilitary abducts familes of recruits

[TamilNet, Saturday, 15 November 2008, 14:24 GMT]
Armed men of a TMVP faction have abducted nine members of two families at Pankduaave'li Friday morning following an attack on Pankudaave'li camp of the paramilitary Thursday night. The victims were said to be family members of two of seven paramilitary operatives who disappeared from the mini-camp. Tension prevails in the area following the abductions. At least three children were among the abductees. The abductions come following a joint search by the Sri Lankan Special Task Force (STF) and the TMVP paramilitary.
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Rajapaksa claims occupation of Poonakari

[TamilNet, Saturday, 15 November 2008, 09:07 GMT]
Sri Lankan President and Commander-in-Chief of the SL Armed Forces Mahinda Rajapaksa on Saturday claimed that his forces have occupied the "full stretch of the A-32 road" (Mannaar- Poonakari) and the Poonakari area Saturday morning. "Now, we can open a land route to the Jaffna Peninsula after many years; I think we can say, it was after the Second Eelam war," Mr. Rajapaksa said in a message to the Sri Lankan media.
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Youth of India voice for Eezham Tamils

[TamilNet, Friday, 14 November 2008, 14:37 GMT]
More than 10,000 students, coming from all the states of India marched to the Indian parliament on Friday in New Delhi, pressing educational demands including a 10 percent allotment of state expenditure on education. Political observers find great significance in the highlight of Eezham Tamil issue as a demand in this all India student rally. This is their only demand outside of the purview of education. The agitation took place against a backdrop of Sri Lankan president ruling out the possibility of stopping the war in the island, while on a visit to New Delhi on Wednesday. Even the Indian Prime Minister who received him hasn’t said anything on stopping the war, according to news reports.
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60% of 327,730 IDPs in Vanni without adequate shelters - TRO

[TamilNet, Friday, 14 November 2008, 13:28 GMT]
Tamils Rehabilitation Organization (TRO), a local-NGO attending to the relief needs of the more than 320,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), including the 90,000 tsunami and previously affected, in Mullaiththeevu and Ki'linochchi districts, said shortage of nearly 40% basic essential food for the IDPs have to be urgently met through local production, while embargo by the Sri Lankan government on building materials have left 60% of the refugees without adequate shelters, in a report issued this week.
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1,500 SLA deserters sent to jail

[TamilNet, Friday, 14 November 2008, 11:38 GMT]
6,749 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) deserters were arrested and 1,500 of them had been sent to prison after court martial. Inquiry is being conducted against the remaining, according to Sri Lankan military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara, who held a media briefing on Thursday. 15,000 soldiers have deserted ranks till January this year, according to recent media reports. A period of two-weeks amnesty for deserted soldiers of the SLA to return for duty in battle front expires on Saturday.
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White van abducts Tamil civilian in Puththa'lam

[TamilNet, Friday, 14 November 2008, 11:33 GMT]
Armed men who came in a white van abducted an ex-member of Kalpiddi Piratheasa Chapai (Pradeshiya Sabah) at Naavatkaadu in Kalpiddi village in Puththa'lam district Wednesday evening around 6:00 p.m., according to complaints lodged by the victim's relatives with the Police. The victim is J. Clarence, a 45-year-old father of four.
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3 Tamil civilians detained in Puththa'lam police station

[TamilNet, Friday, 14 November 2008, 11:30 GMT]
Three Tamil civilians were arrested in a cordon and search operation conducted by the Sri Lanka Navy and police in areas Ammaathoaddam and Pa'l'livaasal-thu'rai in Kalpiddi village in Puththa'lam district are still detained in the Puththa'lam police station and being subjected to interrogation by the police intelligence unity, civil sources said.
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Tamil youth abducted in Cheddiku'lam

[TamilNet, Friday, 14 November 2008, 11:07 GMT]
Armed men who arrived in a white van abducted Tamil youth from his house in Neriyaku'lam in Cheddiku'lam in Vavuniyaa district.
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2 TMVP men killed, 7 missing after attack in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Friday, 14 November 2008, 10:43 GMT]
Two TMVP paramilitary personnel, Madan and Mani of Kiraan, were killed inside the Pankudaave'li camp of the paramilitary in Karadiyanaa'ru in Batticaloa Thursday night around 8:30 p.m., Police said. Seven paramilitary personnel were reported missing with weapons, according to the Police.
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Pillayan operative Ragu slain in Colombo

[TamilNet, Friday, 14 November 2008, 08:59 GMT]
A private secretary of Pillayan and another person were shot dead while they were traveling in former TMVP spokesperson Asad Moulana's car at Oruwala in Athurugiriya in Nugegoda Friday around 11:30 a.m., Police said. The slain key operative, an associate of Pillayan was identified as Kumaraswami Nandagoban alias Ragu. Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan alias Karuna, since his deportation back to Sri Lanka from UK, has been demanding the removal of Ragu from the TMVP.
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Armed robbers injure mother, son during curfew hours in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Thursday, 13 November 2008, 16:35 GMT]
Unidentified armed men knifed a 43-year-old mother and her son while robbing their house during Sri Lanka Army (SLA) imposed curfew hours Wednesday night in Thirunelveali Kalaasaalay area in Jaffna, civil society sources in Jaffna said. Meanwhile, extortion from traders, wealthy persons and high government officers through intimidating phone calls have escalated in Jaffna. Robberies by armed groups during curfew hours in Jaffna peninsula while the SLA troops are on patrol, have also escalated.
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Colombo creates human crisis at entry point - Nadesan

[TamilNet, Thursday, 13 November 2008, 10:54 GMT]
The closure of entry point at Oamanthai in Vavuniyaa by the Colombo government for the last three days has created a human crisis affecting emergency patients and supply of medicines to civilian hospitals, said B. Nadesan, the political head of the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) on Thursday. Intense shelling by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) on the entry point has made the ICRC officials posted there to leave. "By imposing a sanction on food, medicine and by maintaining an inhumane economic blockade, the Sri Lankan government is pinpointing the war at the civilians, disregarding International norms to be observed. The indications are that Colombo is adamant in pursuing an aggressive war," he told TamilNet.
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Young SLA soldier recovered dead in Ariyaalay FDL

[TamilNet, Thursday, 13 November 2008, 09:57 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) troops Wednesday morning recovered the body of a fellow trooper from a sentry post located in the Front Defence Line (FDL) area in Ariyaalay in Jaffna and handed it over to Jaffna police. Gun shots were heard from the said area Tuesday midnight and the soldier was found with gun shot wounds during the search conducted on hearing the gun reports, SLA troops said in the statement to the police.
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TN should send relief as commodities, not money: Australian academic

[TamilNet, Thursday, 13 November 2008, 02:44 GMT]
The aid and relief money generously given to Sri Lanka by various governments and international organizations tacitly helps filling the coffers of the Sri Lankan government and its foreign exchange capacity in waging the war against Tamils. The Tamil Nadu government should therefore consider sending the relief money in the form of much needed commodities for the rehabilitation and resettlement of the IDPs in Vanni and should make sure that they reach the Eezham Tamils in the non-government controlled areas directly says, Professor E.A. Selvanathan of the School of International Business, Griffith University, Australia.
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Unique agitation by All India Students Federation

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 12 November 2008, 21:49 GMT]
A special train, carrying over 2000 students of Tamil Nadu, members of the All India Students Federation (AISF), left Chennai on Wednesday to march towards the Indian Parliament in New Delhi, demanding end of attacks on Eezham Tamils, stoppage of military aid to Sri Lanka and initiation of peaceful political solution to the crisis. Students from many other states of India will join them in the agitation scheduled for Friday. Such an event is first in the history of AISF, said S. Mahendran, senior leader of the Communist Party of India, guiding the students.
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White van abduction of Muslim trader in Dehiwala

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 12 November 2008, 19:07 GMT]
Armed men who arrived in a white van abducted a 55-year-old Muslim businessman Tuesday night from his shop located along Katkuzhi in Dehiwala, police spokesman Ranjit Gunasekara told media persons.
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Announce ceasefire, call back military and commence peace talks - TN Assembly

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 12 November 2008, 16:56 GMT]
Tamil Nadu Assembly unanimously passed a resolution Wednesday demanding "an immediate halt of military operations, reverting the Sri Lankan military to old positions and a commencement of political negotiations to find a solution to the Tamil problem." The house of representatives also urged New Delhi to press for talks between the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The resolution comes while the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa is in New Delhi on an official visit.
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Tamil youth shot dead in Vavuniyaa

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 12 November 2008, 13:46 GMT]
A Tamil youth was shot dead Monday night at Pattakaadu bund area in Vavuniyaa police division. The victim was not identified immediately. His body was recovered from the bund area Tuesday morning and transferred to Vavuniyaa general hospital for identification and postmortem, sources said.
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Tamil woman abducted in Poththuvil

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 12 November 2008, 13:41 GMT]
A 36-year-old mother of three children residing in 3rd division , Poththuvil Eaththam in Ampaa'rai district was allegedly abducted by armed men Monday, according to complaints lodged with the police by her relatives. Relatives said no action has been taken by the police regarding their complaint.
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4 Tamils arrested in Badulla

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 11 November 2008, 17:01 GMT]
Four Tamil civilians were taken into custody in a cordon and search operation conducted by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and police within the municipal limits of the Badulla Sunday night, sources in Badulla said. Four Tamils were among sixteen persons arrested on that day. Others were released after preliminary inquiry.
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STF officer, commando killed in gunfire exchange in Ampaa'rai

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 11 November 2008, 16:36 GMT]
A Sri Lankan Special Task Force (STF) officer and a commando were killed in a gunfire exchange with a group of armed men in Ukanthai, bordering Ampaa'rai and Hambantota districts Tuesday morning around 10:00, according to informed sources in Ampaa'rai.
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Bullet ridden body found on Thirukkoayil sea beach

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 11 November 2008, 14:26 GMT]
Police in Thirukkoayil in Ampaa'rai district recovered a body of a male with several gunshot wounds along the Paalaikkudaa sea beach in Ampaa'rai-Thirukkoayil on Sunday.
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Ex-paramilitary person shot dead in Kaaththaankudi

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 11 November 2008, 14:12 GMT]
Unidentified armed men shot dead a 26-year-old ex-paramilitary man of Pillayan group  in Nochchimunai village located in the Kaaththaankudi in Batticaloa district Monday night around 9:00, Kaaththaankudi Police said.  The killing took place behind the Music and Dance School, Nochchimunai.
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SL Police arrests Ki'linochchi doctor in Colombo

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 11 November 2008, 07:38 GMT]
Sri Lankan Police in Colombo has arrested Ayurvedic doctor Velupillai Sivanesan, who is attached to the Ki'linochchi Regional Director of Health Services (RDHS) in Colombo's Nippon Hotel on Saturday while the doctor was on an official mission to clear medicine for Ki'linochchi Ayurvedic hospital, according to medical sources in Ki'linochchi. The arrest by Slave Island Police has taken place Saturday, the sources added.
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2 killed, 4 wounded, TMVP camp attacked in Vavu'natheevu - LTTE

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 11 November 2008, 06:44 GMT]
A camp of the TMVP paramilitary at Mangkikkaddu in Vavu'natheevu was attacked Monday night at 10:45 p.m., the LTTE said. Two TMVP personnel were killed and four sustained injuries and fled the camp. Four T56-2 assault rifles, one Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) launcher and ammunitions were seized in the raid, according to the Tigers.
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Persuade Rajapaksa to stop the war: Pandian urges Manmohan Singh

[TamilNet, Monday, 10 November 2008, 19:58 GMT]
The State Secretary of the Communist Party of India (CPI), D. Pandian, on Monday wrote a letter urging the Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to act swiftly to end the war in Sri Lanka. Noting that the LTTE has responded positively for the public call from the CPI to spell out their stand in unambiguous terms to the call for ceasefire, Mr. Pandian said urged Manmohan Singh to use his good offices to impress upon Mr. Rajapaksa to stop the war and agree for a ceasefire. Meanwhile, reports in Colombo said Mr. Rajapaksa has left Colombo to attend the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) summit, to be held in New Delhi.
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Civilian killed in SLA DPU attack in Vanni

[TamilNet, Monday, 10 November 2008, 16:02 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Deep Penetration Unit (DPU) infiltrators triggered a Claymore mine in Nedungkea'ni, northeast of Vavuniyaa, inside Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) held area in Vanni, killing a father of one Monday morning, initial reports said.
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'13th Amendment powerless, youth may go for war again' - Eastern minister Hisbullah

[TamilNet, Monday, 10 November 2008, 15:55 GMT]
Powers devolved under the 13th amendment to provincial council are being taken away by the central government by issuing gazette notifications and circulars. The provincial council has no power to transfer even a police constable, lamented Mr.M.L.A.M.Hisbullah, a Minister in the Eastern Provincial Council in an exclusive interview to the weekly edition of the leading Tamil daily Virakesari published from Colombo.
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Slain female victim identified in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Monday, 10 November 2008, 15:21 GMT]
The husband of the woman shot and killed Sunday in Nalloor identified her body as belonging to his wife, Srirangan Sumathi, 27, a mother of two children in Jaffna Teaching Hospital, sources in Jaffna said. Sumathi had been abducted by unknown armed men who had taken her to a deserted place along Naayanmaarkaddu Veethi where they shot and killed her, sources in Jaffna said.
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Man seeks protection at HRC in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Monday, 10 November 2008, 15:09 GMT]
A 27-year-old male from Palaali Road, Kantharmadam, Jaffna sought protection with Human Rights Commission (HRC) Jaffna Monday.
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Sri Lanka rejects ceasefire with LTTE

[TamilNet, Monday, 10 November 2008, 11:11 GMT]
Sri Lanka's government rejected a ceasefire with the LTTE on Monday, again demanding the Tigers surrender or be destroyed. "The government will not go for a ceasefire with the LTTE. We will not have any form of discussion with the LTTE. We have already told them to lay down arms and there is no change in our stand," Agriculture Minister Maithripala Sirisena told Parliament, Reuters reported.
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2 STF commandos killed in Ampaa'rai - LTTE

[TamilNet, Monday, 10 November 2008, 09:53 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Ampaa'rai command has claimed that 2 Sri Lankan Special Task Force (STF) commandos were killed in a mine attack in Kagnchikudichchaa'ru jungle Monday noon.
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2 SLA killed in Trincomalee ambush - LTTE

[TamilNet, Monday, 10 November 2008, 05:57 GMT]
Two Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers, who were on a road patrol on Panku'lam main road in Trincomalee district, were killed when a Tiger ambush unit attacked them at 6:10 a.m. on Saturday, according to a media release from the LTTE in Trincomalee.
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Another young woman shot dead in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 November 2008, 22:21 GMT]
Residents of Naayanmaarkaddu Veethi in Nalloor of Sri Lanka Army controlled Jaffna district found a young woman shot and seriously injured lying along the road Sunday around 10:00 a.m. and rushed her to Jaffna Teaching Hospital Intensive Care Unit where she succumbed to her injuries. Recently, there have been episodes of young women being shot and killed in Jaffna.
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Patient dies as SLA blocks ambulance in Vavuniyaa

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 November 2008, 22:13 GMT]
One of the five patients sent in Ambulance from Ki'linochchi Tharmapuram hospital to Vavuniyaa hospital in need of urgent treatment died Saturday night as Vanni Sri Lankan Forces Head Quarters (Vanni SF-HQ) refused permission for the ambulance to proceed to Vavuniya general hospital, Tharmapuram hospital sources said. The ambulance had sought SLA permission to proceed to Vavuniyaa along the SLA allowed road, through the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) located in Puthukkudiyiruppu.
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Perth Tamils draw attention of Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister to IDPs plight

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 November 2008, 21:58 GMT]
More than two hundred Australian Tamils held a vigil in Perth, Western Australia on Friday between 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., in front of the electorate office of Minister for Foreign Affairs Stephen Smith, to create an awareness among the Australian public and inform the Australian government about the plight of the displaced people in Wanni. This is the fourth in a series of protest vigils, being organised by the Australasian Federation of Tamil Associations (AFTA).
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Political Prisoners to fast in Colombo, Anuradhapura

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 November 2008, 15:27 GMT]
Tamil political prisoners in Colombo Remand Prison and Anuradhapura Prison have announced a one-day fast on Monday, urging the authorities to expedite their cases. The prisoners, who alleged that the authorities were conveniently availing themselves of the PTV (Prevention of Terrorism Act) provision that allows for indefinite inquiry, said even the cases that have come to the courts were being delayed. The prisoners have warned that they would launch fast-unto-death campaign if there was no positive response to their one-day fast on Monday.
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SLA intensifies artillery barrage on LTTE held Poonakari

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 November 2008, 13:36 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) in Jaffna stepped up artillery barrage since Friday and continues to pound Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) held Poonakari across Jaffna lagoon from its bases in Jaffna town and suburbs. The noise of artillery fire from the bases close to Jaffna Teaching hospital has severely affected the patients warded in the hospital, medical staff in the hospital said.
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13 upcountry Tamils detained in Colombo under PTA

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 November 2008, 13:16 GMT]
Thirteen upcountry Tamil youths arrested in cordon and search operations conducted by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and Police with the help of masked men in several estates in Udapusselawa during the last week of October are still being detained under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) in Dam Police Station in Colombo
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Five wounded, SLAF bombers attack again civilian targets in Paranthan

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 November 2008, 12:48 GMT]
Two Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) bombers attacked Kumarapuram, a suburb of Paranthan, Sunday around 12:50 p.m., causing injuries to five civilians, including a 2-year-old boy. The day was turned into another disasterous day for the child, Manoharan Vithuran, as the family was preparing to observe the 31st day rituals for their mother, Mrs. Manhoharan, who was killed in the SLAF bombardment on the same locality, 30 days ago. He was rushed to the Ki'inochchi hospital functioning in Tharmapuram and admitted at the Intensive Care Unit, according to TamilNet correspondent who visited the bombed site and the hospital.
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Impress upon Colombo to announce ceasefire, CPI urges Indian government

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 November 2008, 12:24 GMT]
The Communist Party of India (CPI) Tamil Nadu State Secretary D. Pandian, in a statement issued on Sunday, referring to the clarification by the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Political Head B. Nadesan on the LTTE stand on ceasefire, urged the Centre to take immediate steps to impress upon the Sri Lankan state to announce a ceasefire without hesitation. Referring to Mr. Nadesan's statement that the Tigers were engaged in a defensive war and that it was the Sri Lankan state that unilaterally pulled out from the Ceasefire Agreement, Mr. Pandian said.
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Tamil trader shot dead in Vavuniyaa

[TamilNet, Saturday, 08 November 2008, 23:34 GMT]
Unidentified armed men shot dead a 70-year old Tamil trader inside his shop at point blank range Friday night at Kalmadu village in Vavuniyaa police division. The victim owned the shop located in Poompukaar, a suburb of Vavuniyaa.
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Tigers reiterate consent to ceasefire

[TamilNet, Saturday, 08 November 2008, 16:42 GMT]
Liberation Tigers Political Head B. Nadesan, when contacted by TamilNet on Saturday, following reports of Tamil Nadu leaders seeking clarification on LTTE's stand on ceasefire, said "there is no hesitation on our side to reiterate our position that we have always wanted a ceasefire." It is the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) that unilaterally abrogated the ceasefire, Mr. Nadesan said and added that the Tigers were only fighting a defensive war since Colombo has thrust upon Tamils an aggressive war.
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Tamil farmer shot dead in Uyilangku'lam

[TamilNet, Saturday, 08 November 2008, 16:13 GMT]
Unidentified armed men, who came in a motorbike shot dead a Tamil civilian Sebastiampillai Selvarajah, a father of three children while he was working in his paddy field Thursday morning at Nochchikku'lam in Uyilangku'lam division in Mannaar district. The deceased also owned a cattle farm, sources said.
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White van armed men abduct Tamil civilian in Vavuniyaa

[TamilNet, Saturday, 08 November 2008, 14:38 GMT]
A 33-year-old Tamil was abducted in Vavuniyaa Friday evening by unidentified armed men who arrived in a white van, according to complaints lodged with the Vavuniyaa police Friday evening.
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CPI seeks clarification on Tamil ceasefire stand

[TamilNet, Saturday, 08 November 2008, 13:44 GMT]
Stating that the people of Tamil Nadu state and India were being led to a state of confusion by the calls that demanded both the warring parties in Sri Lanka to announce a ceasefire, the State Secretary of the Communist Party of India (CPI) Tamil Nadu, D. Pandian, urged in a statement issued from Chennai on Saturday that the Eezham Tamils' political leadership should clarify the Tamil stand on the issue. Consensus of the people of Tamil Nadu is that the Sri Lankan government should immediately stop the war. However, when questions were raised by certain sections, there is a need for clarification, Mr. Pandiyan said.
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One killed, paramilitary camp attacked in Vaakarai

[TamilNet, Saturday, 08 November 2008, 11:33 GMT]
A three-member team of attackers infiltrated into the premises of a paramilitary camp, located close to the Kathirave'li Sri Lankan forces camp, carried out a raid and escaped from the locality before Sri Lankan forces managed to cordon off the area, police said. A 16-year-old recruit of the TMVP was killed and two persons sustained injuries in the raid.
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2 youths abducted near Valikaamam HSZ

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 November 2008, 23:35 GMT]
Six unidentified armed men abducted Saturday two young labourers from their house in Kuppi'laan, a village located on the border Sri Lanka Army (SLA) High Security Zone (HSZ) in Valikaamam in Jaffna peninsula, according to complaints lodged with Human Rights Commission (HRC) Jaffna office Friday by the victims relatives.
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Ravaya: 25,000 SLA soldiers deserted under Rajapaksa regime

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 November 2008, 19:20 GMT]
About twenty-five-thousand soldiers of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) have deserted their ranks since the war began under the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime, media sources in Colombo quoted reports carried by the Sinhala weekly "Ravaya", published from Colombo. 15,000 soldiers have deserted ranks till January this year, an article based on a survey carried by Ravaya states.
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SLA soldiers assault civilians in Mannaar

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 November 2008, 18:01 GMT]
Following a shooting incident close Mannaar St.Sebastian Church Wednesday that injured two Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers, the SLA troops who rushed to the scene entered the Church and assaulted civilians who had come for the mass, civil sources in Mannaar said.
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Colombo censors live TV program for criticizing media policies

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 November 2008, 17:58 GMT]
Reports sans Frontières (RSF) in a press release issued Friday condemned the Government of Sri Lanka for censoring live during a state-owned Rupavahini program a press freedom activist from Colombo-based media watchdog Free Media Movement (FMM) for being critical of Sri Lanka's media policies. Commenting on the newly-introduced Private Television Broadcasting Station Regulations, the press release said, "this law is extremely dangerous for media freedom. Delaying its implementation is not enough. Its content needs to be changed radically."
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70 of 1,000 IDP families of Kaddaipa'richchaan relocated to their native division

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 November 2008, 13:58 GMT]
240 members of 70 displaced Tamil families from Kaddaipa'richchaan North GS area in Moothoor division in Trincomalee district were brought to their native division, 20 moths after they were forced to flee their villages, on Friday. Despite their return, they continue to be IDPs as they are yet to be resettled in their lands, which have not been cleared and their houses are in a dilapidated state, according to civil sources.
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4 killed in Tiger ambush in Ampaa'rai, weapons seized - LTTE

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 November 2008, 13:11 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) in East claimed Friday that one of their ambush units opened fire at a Sri Lankan Specia Task Force (STF) road patrol, killing 4 Sri Lankan military personnel including 3 STF commandos and causing injuries to three, including two STF commandos at 12:45 p.m. Friday at Thampitiya in Ampaa'rai district. Four T56-2 automatic rifles and ammunitions were seized by the Tigers, they said.
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Muslim youth beaten to death in Kalmunai

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 November 2008, 12:41 GMT]
Kalmunai police in Ampaa'rai district recovered Friday morning the body of a Muslim youth beaten to death, in the tsunami housing scheme area in Thu'rai Neelaava'nai Ku'lam in Maruthamunai in Kalmunai police division. Two unidentified persons had come to the victim's house and took him away Thursday evening, the police said.
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Women wing of VCK stages one-day fast in Chennai

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 November 2008, 09:10 GMT]
Thousands of women belonging to the Makalir Viduthalai Iyakkamm, the Women's Wing of the Viduthalai Chiruthaikal Katchi (VCK), went on a one-day fast in Chennai Thursday demanding an immediate ceasefire in Sri Lanka. This token fast is the first in a series of agitations that the party has decided to hold indefinitely until a ceasefire is established on the war-ravaged island. Senior Communist leader R Nallakannu and Rajya Sabha MP Kanimozhi Karunanidhi addressed the fasting protesters.
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Youth abducted in Vavuniyaa town

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 November 2008, 08:57 GMT]
Armed men, who arrived in a green colour van abducted a 26-year-old youth, who was working at a textiles shop in Vavuniyaa town, Thursday evening around 6:45, according to a complaint lodged with the police.
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SLA blocks medicines, nutritious food supplies to children, at Omanthai

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 November 2008, 08:30 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) at Oamanthai entry point turned the supply lorries away on Thursday, for the third consecutive time, refusing entry for medical supplies and nutritious food (Thriposha) for children in the Mullaiththeevu Regional Director of Health office on Thursday, according to medial sources of the district. One lorry with Thriposha was returned on 05 November and 06 November, and another lorry with medicines was refused entry on 23 October, 24 October and on 06 November.
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Vaiko, Kannappan released after 14 days in custody

[TamilNet, Thursday, 06 November 2008, 18:55 GMT]
MDMK General Secretary Vaiko and Party Presidium Chairman Kannappan were released Thursday by a Chennai city court on the basis of the Tamil Nadu Government's submission that investigations had been completed in the sedition cases filed against them. The state's Additional Public Prosecutor admitted that there was no need to extend the remand because of the completion of the probe.
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Families fleeing war in Vadamaraadchi north placed in SLA refuge camp

[TamilNet, Thursday, 06 November 2008, 18:06 GMT]
Kaangkeasanthu'rai Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) patrol units Wednesday arrested 28 persons, including men, women and small children fleeing in boats to escape Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) bombings and Sri Lanka Army (SLA) artillery barrage on Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) held Vadamaraachi North, sources in Jaffna said. Kaangkeasanthu'rai police produced the arrested in Mallaakam district court Thursday where magistrate Ms. Sarojini Illankovan directed the refugees to be placed in the newly setup SLA refugee camp located in SLA High Security Zone (HSZ) in Thellippa'lai.
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Sampanthan blames SL state for committing genocide, protests Budget speech

[TamilNet, Thursday, 06 November 2008, 13:37 GMT]
Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa presented his fourth budget to Parliament on Thursday at 1:00 p.m. while 12 members of the Tamil National Alliance who were present at the Sri Lankan parliament walked out after the parliamentary group leader of the TNA, R.Sampanthan made a statement in the well of the house, condemning the budget by the Rajapaksa government, which allocates a colossal sum of money for committing a genocide on Tamil civilians in the North and East.
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3 STF killed in Yala - LTTE

[TamilNet, Thursday, 06 November 2008, 12:39 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Ampaa'rai command has claimed that 3 Sri Lankan Special Task Force (STF) commandos were killed in Yala jungles in the border of Ampaa'rai district Thursday morning around 8:40 a.m., when LTTE fighters clashed with the STF commandos for more than 30 minutes.
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SLAF bombs Paranthan suburb

[TamilNet, Thursday, 06 November 2008, 12:34 GMT]
Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) bombers attacked a settlement at the suburb of Paranathan, 6 km north of Ki'linochchi town Thursday around 2:45, destroying houses, according to initial reports. Eight bombs were dropped by the SLAF fighter bombers. At least five houses sustained damage in the attack.
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SLA bars Vaakarai fishemen from taking food

[TamilNet, Thursday, 06 November 2008, 12:12 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) in Vaakarai in Batticaloa district imposed new restrictions on fishing in areas in Koa'ralaipattu North Regional Secretariat division which forbid fishermen taking food, and that if they go fishing in the evening they should return only next morning. SLA has also introduced a pass system in which all fishermen have to register their names at the SLA camp in Panichchangkea'ni camp when going out to, and on return from fishing, sources in Vaakarai said.
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Police arrests 2 Tamils in Vaazhaicheanai

[TamilNet, Thursday, 06 November 2008, 07:22 GMT]
Vaazhaicheanai police arrested two elderly Tamil men Wednesday in a cordon and search conducted in Kalmadu area in Vaazhaicheanai police division in Batticaloa district. Police claimed that an SLA uniform and cap were recovered in the search from the house of the arrested persons. The search began at dawn and lasted until noon, sources in Vaazhaicheanai said.
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Singapore Tamil editor V.T. Arasu passes away

[TamilNet, Thursday, 06 November 2008, 03:00 GMT]
Singapore's veteran Tamil journalist, intellectual and respected community leader Mr. V. Thirunavukkarasu (V.T. Arasu) passed away at the age of 82 in Singapore on Tuesday. He was formerly chief editor of Tamil Murasu, Singapore's Tamil daily.
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Rajapaksa to table Budget 2009 Thursday, security tightened in Colombo

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 05 November 2008, 17:07 GMT]
Tight security has been imposed in and around parliamentary complex located in Jayawardhanapura. Several roads leading to the parliamentary complex have been banned for traffic Thursday morning for one hour and in the evening when parliament concludes its session for the day. The security measures have been taken as the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa is scheduled to table his fourth Budget for the year 2009 in parliament Thursday morning in the capacity of Finance Minister.
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Mother of three killed in SLA DPU attack in Vanni

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 05 November 2008, 16:06 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Deep Penetration Unit detonated a Claymore mine targeting a tractor, killing a 49-year-old mother of three, P. Packiyaluxmy, Wednesday morning at 9:10 a.m., according to medical sources in Mullaiththeevu hospital. The woman was killed on the spot and the body was brought to Mullaiththeevu hospital.
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Sri Lankan forces with masked-men arrest 15 Tamils in Colombo

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 05 November 2008, 15:20 GMT]
About fifteen Tamil youths were taken into custody in a cordon and search operation conducted by the Sri Lanka Army and Sri Lanka Police in Aluthmawatte (Muhaththuwaram) area in Colombo city from Tuesday morning till evening the same day with the help of masked men. This was the first time in recent days the public witnessed masked men with the SLA and the Police in the search operation.
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Tamil family man reported missing in Wattala

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 05 November 2008, 15:16 GMT]
A 48-year-old Tamil civilian, who was residing in Wattala in Colombo with his family for the last 20 years, has been reported missing since October 29.
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9 Tamil civilians arrested in Gampaha

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 05 November 2008, 15:00 GMT]
9 Tamil civilians, most of them permanent residents of North and East, who had been working in business establishments in Gampaha town in the Western Province, were taken into custody by the police and Sri Lanka Army in a dusk to dawn cordon and search operation that concluded Wednesday. Police alleged that the 9 persons had 'failed to prove satisfactory reason for their stay.'
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Two Tamils from Jaffna abducted in Puththa'lam

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 05 November 2008, 14:51 GMT]
Two Tamils from Jaffna, temporarily residing in Puththa'lam, were abducted Tuesday from their houses located along Noor Mosque Road in Puththa'lam by unidentified armed persons, who arrived in white van. They are permanent residents of Maanipaay in Jaffna district, according to complaints lodged with the Puththa'lam police by their relatives.
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2 TMVP men shot dead in Ea'raavoor

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 05 November 2008, 11:05 GMT]
Unidentified armed men lying in ambush shot and killed two Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP) Karuna faction men riding on a motorcycle along Chiththaa'ndi Murukan Koayil Veethi, Wednesday around 5:00 a.m, in Ea'raavoor police division in Batticaloa district. The killers escaped from the site located 500 m from Murakkoddaancheanai Sri Lanka Army (SLA) camp.
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10 STF killed in Jayanthan brigade counter ambush - LTTE

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 05 November 2008, 10:44 GMT]
Ten Sri Lankan Special Task Force (STF) commandos were killed Tuesday night around 9:15 p.m., when the group of STF personnel were counter-ambushed by an elite commando unit of the Jayanthan brigade of the Tigers, according to Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam Batticaloa Command on Wednesday. The counter-attack took place at Koappaave'li on Badulla Road.
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Male corpse washed ashore on Point Pedro coast

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 04 November 2008, 19:58 GMT]
Point Pedro police recovered a male corpse in highly decomposed state Tuesday at Pont Pedro Munai coast on information given by Sri Lanka Army (SLA) sentries on the coast.
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STF behind massacre of 5 Tamils in Ampaa'rai - Parliamentarian

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 04 November 2008, 18:41 GMT]
Sri Lankan Special Task Force (STF) commandos at Kalmunai in Ampaa'rai opened fire on five Tamil youths who were at a liquor shop and attempted to create a story through police that the victims were Karuna cadres, TNA MP K. Pathmanathan said, citing the relatives of the victims. Later, the STF attempted to place the blame on Muslims, but some Tamil Muslim youths who had witnessed the killings had helped to avert confrontation between the Tamil, Muslim communities, the MP said.
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Sri Lanka's parliament extends emergency

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 04 November 2008, 18:36 GMT]
Sri Lanka's parliament Tuesday extended the State of Emergency for another month by a majority of seventy five votes. Eighty five parliamentarians voted for the motion and ten against. Parliamentarians of the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU), Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) and National Freedom Front (NLF), a splinter group of the JVP voted with the government, parliamentary sources said.
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Police arrests Tamil youth in Matale

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 04 November 2008, 13:49 GMT]
Sri Lanka police arrested a Tamil youth Monday evening at Ukkuwala in Matale division in central province on a report that he has close links with the LTTE, police sources said.
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Tamil civilian body recovered from abandoned well in Chilaapam

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 04 November 2008, 13:46 GMT]
The body of a Tamil civilian was recovered from an abandoned well located close to a petrol station in Munthal in Chilaapam (Chilaw) division Sunday evening. The body has been identified as V.Rajagopal, 39, of Karikkaddai area in Mathurangkuzhi, according to complaints lodged with the Munthal Police by his relatives.
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STF arrests 25 males in Vavu'natheevu, Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 04 November 2008, 13:42 GMT]
Sri Lankan Special Task Force (STF) commandos and police conducted a joint cordon and search Tuesday from 5:30 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. in Kannagkudaa in Vavu'natheevu police division in Batticaloa district arresting 25 men, sources in Batticaloa said. The arrested men are held in Vavu'natheevu police station for further inquiries, residents of Vavu'natheevu said.
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Mine ambush kills STF commando in Batticaloa - LTTE

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 04 November 2008, 12:48 GMT]
A Sri Lankan Special Task Force (STF) commando was killed and three wounded in a mine ambush at Ayiththiyamalai in Ma'nmunai division of Batticaloa district Monday evening around 3:00 p.m., LTTE said in a news release issued from Batticaloa on Tuesday.
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TMVP Karuna faction attacked in Ampaa'rai, 2 killed

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 04 November 2008, 12:34 GMT]
Unknown armed persons attacked a camp of TMVP Karuna faction in Ampaa'rai, killing two paramilitary personnel Monday around 11:20 p.m. at Akkaraippattu in Ampaa'rai, Police said. Two Karuna's men were wounded in the attack, which has come after Pillayan faction's Pradeep Master was targeted by suspected Karuna personnel.
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Ramadoss attacks Karunanidhi's vacillation

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 04 November 2008, 10:35 GMT]
Pattali Makkal Katchi founder-leader Dr. S. Ramadoss condemned Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi for changing his stand on the Eelam Tamils issue in a press release Monday. "All Tamil people will easily understand that there is an immense divide between the Karunanidhi of October 14's All Party Meeting who demanded a ceasefire, and the Karunanidhi of today who justifies the Union Government's inaction by saying that India has limitations on how far it can interfere in another country's affairs," he said.
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Tamil civilian shot dead in Mannaar

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 04 November 2008, 10:33 GMT]
Unidentified armed persons shot dead a Tamil family man In Thaaraapuram in Mannaar division Sunday night around 9:00 p.m. The dead has been identified as 53-year-old Raasu Raamasamy Yogarajah, a father of four children and a native of Chinnkkarisal in Peasaalai.
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India has not asked to stop the war - SL Foreign Minister

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 04 November 2008, 10:03 GMT]
India has not exerted any pressure on the Sri Lankan government to halt the war against the LTTE, said Sri Lanka's Foreign Minister, while responding to a demand made by Joseph Michael Perera, chief whip of the main opposition United National Party to table the secret understanding reached in New Delhi between President Mahinda Rajapaksa's special envoy Basil Rajapakse and Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjie on 26th October. 'As a step to strengthen the relationship of the two countries,' India has come forward to send 800 metric tones of food material to internally displaced people in Vanni region.
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Nedumaran slams Tamil Nadu Chief Minister's stand on Eelam Tamils

[TamilNet, Monday, 03 November 2008, 21:22 GMT]
Tamil Nationalist Movement (TNM) leader Pazha Nedumaran on Monday said that he was shocked and dismayed at Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi's attempts to "justify the Centre's inaction." Mr. Nedumaran, who is also the convener of the Tamil Eelam Supporters Co-ordinating Committee, said that the widespread protests extending to all areas of Tamil Nadu reflected that people were rejecting Mr. Karunanidhi's position and urged the party leaders, who have expressed disappointment to the ineffective response of the India's Center to the resolutions adopted in the Tamil Nadu All Party Conference, to decide upon follow up action.
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SLA photographs Jaffna University students at night

[TamilNet, Monday, 03 November 2008, 19:49 GMT]
The Sri Lanka Army entered the Ananda Cumaraswamy Hostel Saturday night with sniffer dogs during the hours of power-cut and intimidated students at the University hostel, photographing all of them, according to the Jaffna University Students' Union (JUSU). The University Society, which includes the Vice Chancellor, the academics, staff and the JUSU condemned Monday in separate statements the harassment by the military. The episode comes following reports of a former student of the Jaffna University, who had been earlier subjected to intimidation and threats by the soldiers and ended up as militant, died during a confrontation with the SLA on Saturday.
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Home guard shoots dead Sinhala girl, commits suicide in Trincomalee

[TamilNet, Monday, 03 November 2008, 17:36 GMT]
A Sinhala home guard shot dead a Sinhala girl at Galkadawela in Gomarankadawela division in Trincomalee district Sunday night around 7:00 p.m., and later committed suicide by shooting himself, police sources said. The mother of the girl was also seriously injured in the incident.
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Colombo announces another amnesty for deserted SLA soldiers

[TamilNet, Monday, 03 November 2008, 16:56 GMT]
The Government of Sri Lanka has declared another two weeks' amnesty for deserted soldiers of the Sri Lanka Army to return for duty in battle front. The amnesty period commenced last Saturday and would conclude on November 15, according to a press release by the Sri Lankan Defense Ministry. Fifteen-thousand soldiers have deserted the Sri Lankan military.
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'Political solution, not politics of food': Mano Ganesan to India

[TamilNet, Monday, 03 November 2008, 16:47 GMT]
The leader of the Western Province People's Front (WPPF) Mano Ganesan on Sunday said the need of hour for India was to push the Government of Sri Lanka to fair and reasonable political solution alluding that India was not needed for the job of supplying 800 MT humanitarian supplies. Three basics of the upheavals in Tamil Nadu were: stop the war, stop the military aid to Sri Lanka and send humanitarian aids to the needy in Vanni. "The Indian Government virtually dismissed first two and got hold of the last, comparatively easy one," Mr. Mano Ganesan said in a press statement issued from Colombo.
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Family man recovered dead, another reported missing in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Monday, 03 November 2008, 16:24 GMT]
Maanippaay police recovered Monday the body of a family man with assault injuries in a shrub land close to his house in Kaddudai in Maanippaay police division in Valikaamam. He had gone missing since Saturday after leaving home, the police said. Meanwhile, a family man from Colombo is reported missing after sending off his relative by ship from Trincomalee to Jaffna, according to the complaint lodged with Human Rights Commission (HRC) in Jaffna by his daughter.
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Tamils commemorate first death anniversary of Thamilchelvan

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 November 2008, 23:29 GMT]
Eezham Tamil diaspora as well as the war-affected people in Vanni marked Sunday the first death anniversary of Brigadier S.P. Thamilchelvan, the former political head of the Liberation Tigers who was assassinated with six members of the political division, in a Sri Lanka Air Force targeted air-strike on his residential office in Ki'linochchi on November 02, 2007.
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Discuss Tamil national question and self-determination: CPI (ML)

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 November 2008, 23:07 GMT]
"Stop the war. The Tamil national question in Sri Lanka demands a political solution”, is the headlines of a statement of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist), released in its November issue of Liberation. "The current phase of the war in Sri Lanka does call for an urgent and appropriate Indian response to bring about an immediate cessation of the war and facilitate a negotiated political settlement of the question of Tamil self-determination in Sri Lanka", urged the ultra Marxist party actively leading proletarian movements throughout India.
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LTTE planes drew Indian embassy gunfire as Rajapaksa moved to bunker- report

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 November 2008, 23:02 GMT]
Indian gunners in the Indian embassy compound in Colombo “fired relentlessly” at the LTTE aircraft that were returning to Vanni after bombing on the Kelanitissa power station Tuesday, a Sri Lankan press report said Sunday. Quoting reliable sources, the Lakbima newspaper also reported that Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse was ushered into a special bunker during the air raid ‘purely as a precaution’’. Meanwhile, the Sunday Times said the LTTE had used a new kind of bomb on the Army Headquarters in Tha'l'laadi, Mannaar and that Sri Lankan jet’s missile was unable to ‘lock on’ to the LTTE plane.
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90 Tamil civilians arrested in Chilaw

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 November 2008, 22:55 GMT]
Sri Lanka Navy with the assistance of home guards arrested about ninety Tamil civilians in a large cordon and search operation conducted Sunday morning in Kalpiddi in Chilaapam (Chilaw) district. All the detainees were natives of northeast and had been temporarily residing in Kalpiddi for a considerable period.
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5 youths shot dead in Ampaa'rai

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 November 2008, 17:11 GMT]
Five youths have succumbed to gunshot wounds after unknown attackers opened fire on them at Kurunthaiyadi in Kalmunai of Ampaa'rai district Sunday night around 9:15 p.m. The gunmen opened fire from a roadside hideout while the young men were at a liquor shop on Resthouse Road. Two youths were killed on the spot and three succumbed to their injuries at the hospital.
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Grenade attack on 4 houses in Vavuniyaa

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 November 2008, 16:27 GMT]
Unidentified armed men arriving on two motor bicycles lobbed hand grenades on four houses at different locations in Aasiku'lam area in Vavuniyaa police division Saturday night. Tension prevailed in Aasiku'lam when the bombs exploded with deafening noise, residents in the area said. The attackers fled away from the place when the villagers shouted for help.
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Only ceasefire is real relief to Eelam Tamils: Ramadoss

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 November 2008, 15:05 GMT]
Coming out publicly to voice his displeasure over the manner in which the Eelam Tamil issue was handled by the Tamil Nadu State and Union Governments, Pattali Makkal Katchi founder-leader Dr. S. Ramadoss alleged at a press meet in Chennai Saturday that not a single resolution of the All Party Meeting had met with success. He called upon Chief Minister Karunanidhi to explain as to why the ceasefire demand was not addressed. "There should be an immediate ceasfire in Sri Lanka, only that shall be the real relief to Eelam Tamils," he said.
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White van gunmen abduct 5 Tamil youths in Trincomalee

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 November 2008, 13:55 GMT]
Unidentified armed men in white van abducted five Tamil youths during the past seven days in Trincomalee district, according to complaints by public to Trincomalee district Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian, Mr. Thurairatnasingam. The fate of the five abducted youths is not known, the relatives of the youths told the MP.
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SLA soldier killed in Claymore attack in Trincomalee - LTTE

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 November 2008, 12:10 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) in a news-release issued from the East on Sunday said one Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldier was killed at Singana in Kanthalaay (Kantale) of Trincomalee district Saturday around 7:00 p.m. in a Claymore attack on an SLA patrol.
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Melbourne, Sydney Tamils stage protests, vigils

[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 November 2008, 09:26 GMT]
Australian Tamils continued silent vigils in Sydney Friday 31st October to highlight the plight of the displaced Tamil people, and protests in Melbourne Saturday against the Sri Lankan State sponsored genocide of Tamils in the Northeast.
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Colombo first to use anti-terrorism laws to punish journalists, say media watchdogs

[TamilNet, Saturday, 01 November 2008, 18:53 GMT]
The International Press Freedom Mission, a group of five international media watchdogs, which visited Sri Lanka between 25th to 29th October, said in a statement released Thursday that the mission is “alarmed at the use of an anti-terrorism law for the first time in the democratic world, to punish journalists purely for what they have written,” and added that the mission “found a deterioration in the press freedom situation since its last visit in June 2007, marked by a continuation in murders, attacks, abductions, intimidation and harassment of the media.”
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Army behind abduction of Sinhalese cattle herders, residents allege

[TamilNet, Saturday, 01 November 2008, 18:33 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers attached to Palatupana army camp Thursday night allegedly 'abducted' three Sinhalese cattle herders while they were consuming liquor with two soldiers at Doserwewa in Kataragama (Kathikaamam) according to the villagers. The incident took place around 10:30 p.m.
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Two youths die following clash with SLA in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Saturday, 01 November 2008, 18:09 GMT]
A youth died by swallowing cyanide while another was killed in a clash with the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) at a coastal marsh and shrub land in Mu'l'li in Ariyaalai, a suburb of Jaffna city, Saturday afternoon around 3:00 p.m., Sri Lankan Police said.
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Grenade attack on house of Media Co-ordinator to EP Chief Minister

[TamilNet, Saturday, 01 November 2008, 15:22 GMT]
Unidentified persons arriving on a motorbike Saturday around 1:30 a.m. hurled a hand grenade at the house of Asad Moulana, the media coordinator secretary to the Eastern Province Chief Minister, in Kalmunai police division in Ampaa'rai district, and escaped from the site. Moulana was not in the house and no one was injured in the blast, Kalmunai police said.
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Major. Gen. G. A. Chandrasiri to end service as Jaffna district SLA Commander

[TamilNet, Saturday, 01 November 2008, 15:20 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Jaffna district Commander Major Gen. G. A. Chandrasiri said, during a Special Essential Services meeting held Friday in Palaali SLA Head quarters, that his service in Jaffna will terminate on 31 December, attendees to the meeting said. He thanked the government officials for their cooperation in running the affairs in the peninsula smoothly and requested them to offer same to his successor.
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LTTE Claymore mine targets STF patrol in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Saturday, 01 November 2008, 12:08 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) detonated a Claymore mine targeting a road patrol of the Sri Lankan Special Task Force from the 6th Mile Post camp, 200 meters away from the camp, Saturday around 8:30 a.m., the Tigers said.
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TMVP person shot, injured in Vaazhaichcheanai

[TamilNet, Saturday, 01 November 2008, 09:33 GMT]
Unidentified gunmen shot and injured Saturday around 12:30 a.m a Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP) paramilitary-cum-political party person in Vaazhaichcheanai police division in Batticaloa district. The seriously injured victim was first rushed to Vaazhaichcheanai hospital and then transferred to Batticaloa Teaching Hospital around 2:00 a.m, Vaazhaichcheanai police said.
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SLN Dvora, hovercraft sunk in major naval clash - Sea Tigers

[TamilNet, Saturday, 01 November 2008, 02:53 GMT]
Naval flotillas of the Sea Tigers of the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) engaged in a major clash with the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) gunships in the seas off Naakarkoayil in Vadamaraadchi East Saturday morning from 5:15 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., sinking an SLN Dvora Fast Attack Craft (FAC) and a hovercraft. Sea Tiger officials told TamilNet that SLN engaged 20 vessels in the clash, but it was forced to withdraw after suffering casualties. Seven Black Sea Tigers laid down their lives in the operation, the Tigers said.
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LTTE leader decorates Tiger airmen, heroes of Vavuniyaa mission

[TamilNet, Saturday, 01 November 2008, 02:30 GMT]
Velupillai Pirapaharan, the leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE), on Friday conferred Awards of Valour for Tiger commandos who excelled in their performance in the LTTE operation against the Sri Lankan Forces Vanni Headquarters (Vanni SF HQ) and the Tamileelam Air Force pilots and operators who took part in consecutive and successful flight operations of attack against the targets in the South and the bases of the Sri Lankan armed forces.
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சியோனிசம் காணும் தோல்வி ஈழத்தமிழருக்குப் பலன் தரவல்ல படிமை மாற்றத்தின் அறிகுறி
24.04.22 05:44  
தீவின் நெருக்கடிச் சூழலில் ஈழத்தமிழர் தேசம் கடைப்பிடிக்கவேண்டிய நிலைப்பாடுகள்
09.04.22 14:44   Photo
குறிதவறும் ஈழத்தமிழர் தலைமைகளுக்கு வரலாறு தருகின்ற எச்சரிக்கை
21.01.22 07:24   Photo
ஈழத்தமிழர் தேசத்தின் தலைமைத்துவம் தேர்தல் அரசியற் கட்சிகளுக்கு அப்பாலானது
02.11.21 15:32   Photo
13 ஆம் சட்டத்திருத்தத்தால் கட்டமைக்கப்பட்ட இன அழிப்பை எதிர்கொள்ள முடியுமா?
15.09.21 08:19  
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17.05.21 19:23   Photo
Ananthi blames war criminal Silva for blocking collective memorial at Mu'l'livaaykkaal
09.04.21 14:46  
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23.03.21 12:41   Photo
No focus on Tamil genocide, geopolitics gets played out in Geneva in favour of QUAD formation
21.03.21 13:34   Photo
Navi Pillay explains ‘human rights’ limitations in Geneva on Tamil genocide
15.03.21 20:36   Photo
Deceived Tamil activists in UK falsely claimed ‘substantial changes’ to Zero draft
09.03.21 21:34   Photo
UK repeatedly wronged Tamils says hunger-striker, demands genocide justice
26.02.21 11:53   Photo
Tamils witness false dilemma in Geneva as geopolitical formations pit against each other
19.02.21 14:02   Photo
UK not prepared to push for ICC option in new UNHRC Resolution
07.02.21 23:16   Photo
Unprecedented P2P uprising paves the way for rights-oriented politics of Tamils and Muslims