Paramilitary Karuna Group abducts 125 children in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Thursday, 15 June 2006, 06:30 GMT]
More than 125 underage youths have been abducted by paramilitary Karuna Group in Sri Lanka Army and paramilitry launched cordon and search operations since Tuesday in Batticaloa district. SLA arrested youths were handed over to paramilitary cadres and the paramilitary cadres were allowed to enter houses, beat up the underage youths and to abduct them for training. More than 75 youths were abducted in Valaichenai area, 27 youths were abducted in a cordon and search operation Thursday morning in Kiran. Another 23 youths were abducted at Santhiveli.

The abducted youths were being taken to Thivuchenai in Batticaloa - Polonnaruwa border for forced recruitment in Karuna Group paramilitary.

75 youths were arrested in cordon and search operation which was going on Pethalai, Vinayakapuram, Kannakipuram, pattiyadichenai and Kalkudah areas.

Many youths in the areas were seen fleeing towards the jungles, civilian sources said.

The youths, studying at year 9 till year 12 are being abducted by the paramilitary cadres who were riding in white vans without number plates.

Eighteen youngsters between the ages of 14 and 19 years were abducted during cordon and search operations conducted by unidentified armed men on Tuesday between 09:00 a.m and 3.30 p.m in Palm Colony, Mankerny in the Batticaloa district.

Complaints of their abduction and disappearance have been filed with the Vaalaichenai police.

The parents told police that their children were taken captive against their will.

Despite their resistance and attempts to escape, the children were abducted with the use of force and coercion the parents said.

Since the search and abductions the Colony is in a state of calamity and the people in the area have been gripped by fear.

Nine of the abducted youngsters have been named as
  1. Amelandiran Lohandiran 14
  2. Maheswaran Satheeswaran 16
  3. Kunesekaram Konthiran 17
  4. Velmuruhu Puviraj 17
  5. Kattamuththu Rameswaran 19
  6. Krishnapillai Puvanediran 15
  7. Sathasivam Selvanayagam 17
  8. Manikham Gnanasekeram 18
  9. Nageswaran Sritharan 16

The Police say the details of the other nine children are not available as papers of their abductions have not been yet filed.

Mankerni is located on the Batticaloa - Thirumalai Road en-route to Vakarai, a border area.

Armed paramilitary cadres of the Karuna Group were operating in the vicinity of the Mankerny SLA camp. The paramilitary cadres were subjecting civilians traveling within Kirimichchai, Kayankerni and the adjoining areas to constant searches and interrogation, are now engaging in the abduction and forced enlistment of youth into their ranks with the help of Mankerny SLA soldiers.

Civilians in Mankerny are gripped with fear following the abductions.


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