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Tamil Nadu needs to initiate Vietnam-like international struggle

[TamilNet, Monday, 13 January 2014, 23:26 GMT]
It is now explicit that the genocide and continued genocide committed on Eezham Tamils as a nation, is part of a larger global paradigm of ‘statecraft’ or tradecraft conceived and executed by Washington, London, New Delhi and Beijing in unison. They won’t alter the agenda of deploying or allowing the Sinhala State to annihilate the nation and territoriality of Eezham Tamils, unless the paradigm is globally challenged as was in the case of Vietnam, or is specifically thwarted by the power of the people in the region. The latter is more relevant to the context of Eezham Tamils. Tamil Nadu and other peoples of India are duty-bound to act not for the sake of Eezham Tamils but for their own sake and for entire humanity.
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Theravada Sinhala Buddhism needs further understanding in Tamil Nadu

[TamilNet, Saturday, 04 January 2014, 04:53 GMT]
The genocidal onslaught carried out by Theravada Sinhala-Buddhist institutions of the island of Lanka against the nation of Eezham Tamils and other non-Buddhist peoples in the island is often presented by certain sections in certain countries as a necessary ‘civilisation-engineering’ that should be welcomed and supported. This is not due to innocence or ignorance. The Establishments of most of these countries were in complicity in the genocidal war either through the Tokyo Co-Chairs (USA, EU, Japan and Norway) or through joining the US bandwagon. A few others especially in Southeast Asia consider Sinhala-Buddhism a role model. But the most misleading of them all is a campaign carried out in Tamil Nadu.
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Time to wage next stage of struggle

[TamilNet, Friday, 22 March 2013, 07:13 GMT]
The Eezham Tamil grassroot may have to bring in new leadership that has faith in people’s power; that has the ability to mobilise people’s power; that gets its power from the people and that invites the ‘diplomats’ to come to it rather than going to them. Never forget that non-cooperation is an effective way of democratic struggle, especially in struggles facing imperialism. With confidence coming from the Tamil Nadu upsurge to embark on a new genre of struggle, Eezham Tamils should know converting the solidarity into a joint people’s power rather than detracting it or hijacking it. The Tamil Nadu upsurge cannot be silenced like the defeatists silencing the diaspora uprising. New Delhi and Washington may brush aside the upsurge by adamantly passing an empty resolution. But the effects of the upsurge are already showing and it depends on how the struggle is going to be led further.
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Learn Lesson and Respond Concretely: ‘LLRC’ for Tamils on US resolution

[TamilNet, Thursday, 07 March 2013, 20:08 GMT]
The draft resolution based on Sri Lanka's LLRC tabled at the 22nd Session of the UNHRC, by the USA that architected the genocidal war against Eezham Tamils, should be an eye-opening lesson to all Tamils in the world in learning with confirmation the dismissive attitude of the USA towards the annihilation-facing nation of Eezham Tamils. The attitude of New Delhi, seeing Sri Lanka an enemy of humanity as a friend of India, and its interest in seeing Washington and Colombo directly engaging with each other are already known. Tamil activists teamed between the two powers for ages, believing that one or both would come to the rescue, and were showing a mirage to the common folk now and then, should learn the lesson at least now and respond concretely in addressing the ultimate adversaries.
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Tamils will lose land forever by failing to address US, India in time

[TamilNet, Monday, 04 February 2013, 01:25 GMT]
Any international resolution on the island of Sri Lanka that doesn’t recognize and protect the nation of Eezham Tamils and its territoriality is not only useless to the affected people but also worse than the genocidal war waged against them by the International Community of Establishments. In a coordinated way, a concrete demand has to be globally made by Tamil politicians in the island, activists and public in the diaspora, and by political parties and masses in Tamil Nadu, addressed specifically at Washington and New Delhi to not hoodwink any more by deviating resolutions but to come out with meaningful international action to restore the country of Eezham Tamils to them.
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Soul searching in India, Obama wipes out tears

[TamilNet, Friday, 25 January 2013, 17:55 GMT]
If peoples of the USA and India care to scrutinize what their governments are doing to the country of Eezham Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka, they will realize that from which system certain disorders they face in their own countries originate. Both the Establishments that were in complicity in the genocide, and have tacitly approved a structural genocide to take place in the island, are engaged in another round of their machinations at Geneva in March. Once again, the USA is architecting a formula for the completion of the annihilation of the nation of Eezham Tamils – this time with specific steps of instructions to be fulfilled by the agent state in Colombo – and India, the Strategic Partner, is given with the task of designing and managing the implementation infrastructure, informed sources say.
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TESO, AIADMK could create history with tacit action on fundamentals

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 25 July 2012, 23:54 GMT]
The island transformed from colonial Ceylon into genocidal Sri Lanka has in the process witnessed two wars of brutal conquest in the last two hundred years, both of which were ultimately imperialist. The conquest of Kandy in 1815 by British imperialism bringing in the unitary state and the conquest of Vanni in 2009 by a strategic partnership of the US and Indian imperialism are not two different phenomena, if the aftermaths of the wars are compared and comprehended. The larger question arises for the peoples of the region, elsewhere, and especially for the people of Tamil Nadu in this context is whether they are going to succumb one after the other as in the past, or are going to create history for humanity by learning from history. The TESO meet will only turn into a crafty device if its convenors and participants don’t direct it to answer the fundamentals.
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Declare for referendum in any unity meeting

[TamilNet, Saturday, 16 June 2012, 00:06 GMT]
All groups of Eezham Tamils in the island and in the diaspora, seeking various shades of political solution beyond the present constitution of Sri Lanka, should meet together to present a joint stand of them, is an opinion currently pressurising all of them, mainly the TNA, both the factions of the TGTE, GTF and the Country Councils in various Western countries. While it is well known that the pressure ultimately comes from dubious international crisis management forces that are keen in diffusing the national question of Eezham Tamils through ‘tangent’ approaches, Eezham Tamil political groups could make use of the move to solidly present certain fundamentals to the edification of the so-called international community and India. The most fundamental, democratic and irrefutable stand is to demand for getting an answer from the concerned people through a referendum.
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US commander, Indian defence minister assure military aid to Gotabhaya in Singapore

[TamilNet, Friday, 08 June 2012, 10:03 GMT]
The Chairman of the US Joint Chief of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, the top most US military commander and Indian Defence Minister A.K. Anthony met genocidal Sri Lanka’s war-crimes-accused Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa behind the screen in Singapore on Tuesday to assure him of their military assistance, especially in the naval field. The high profile meeting took place while Mahinda Rajapaksa was being hosted in London and the US ambassador-designate to Colombo was talking about ‘de-militarisation’ of the north in the island. Singapore Foreign Minister Shanmugam was in Colombo a few days earlier to talk ‘business’. Following the classic British colonial strategy, Sri Lanka, Burma and Singapore are mobilised to meet threats from the East, analysts said.
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Post-UNHRC needs show of Fourth World solidarity

[TamilNet, Friday, 30 March 2012, 06:03 GMT]
Pointing out that the UNHRC resolution is not the First Step to liberation but a Closing Step conceived by Globalized Establishments to conclude the process of Tamil subjugation started by the 2002 CFA, mere exposure of the collusion games of the Establishments is not enough, but action is needed rather than the euphoric diaspora chasing mirages, writes TamilNet Economic and Geopolitical Analyst in the Asia Pacific. Being in the Fourth World of nations without state, Tamils paid the price for not building solidarity with fellow peoples of the world. We paid the highest price and should take the initiative otherwise even our future struggle will be organized only by our enemy in a reactionary way. Our alliance with Tamil Nadu is of great importance. As Globalized Establishments cannot survive without consumption and consumers, they will certainly respect the strength of numbers.
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