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Jaffna students demand US and UN agenda-setters to declare PTA detainees as political prisoners

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 14 November 2017, 23:44 GMT]
More than 1,000 Tamil students from across the faculties of Jaffna University as well as the students from the College of Education, Jaffna Technical College and High Tech institute took to the streets in Jaffna on Tuesday demanding the main intervening actors of the International Establishment to recognise the Tamil prisoners detained under the so-called Prevention of Terrorism Act as Political Prisoners. They handed over open and urgent appeals addressed to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the President of UNHRC and to the US Permanent Mission for UN in Geneva, which has been behind the drafting of the ‘consensus’ resolution with the SL State in Geneva Human Rights Council in 2015 and with postponing a final evaluation by two more years in 2017. The student leaders handed over the appeals through the UN Residential Office in Jaffna and the American Corner in the city.
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Factoring political solution more important than addressing human rights: Prof Ramasamy

[TamilNet, Monday, 13 November 2017, 21:33 GMT]
Not only did the Sri Lankan regime won the war against the Tamil liberation force, it might even win the propaganda war if the problems of Tamils in the island are exclusively focused on human rights to the neglect of the fundamental question of a long lasting political solution, commented Deputy Chief Minister of Penang state in Malaysia, Professor P. Ramasamy, told TamilNet on Monday. “Yes, human rights must be addressed, but in the larger context of the Tamil political question. It would make no sense just to address the human rights issues without factoring the political solution,” the longtime advocate of the rights of Eezham Tamils said. Focusing primarily on human rights might be an irritant to the Sri Lankan regime, but it may prefer it simply because it diverts the attention from the need of a political solution of Tamils, he further said.
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World Bank to fund genocidal Sinhala colonisation of Tamil lands in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Thursday, 09 November 2017, 23:19 GMT]
SL Mahaweli Ministry, which is led by SL President Maithiripala Sirisena, has schemed a major Sinhala colonisation programme targeting the pasturelands of Eezham Tamils in two administrative divisions of Paduvaankarai region in Batticaloa district, informed civil sources at Batticaloa District Secretariat told TamilNet this week. While 320 Tamil dairy farmers from the two divisions of Ea'raavoor-pattu (Chengkaladi) and Koa'ra'laippattu South (Kiraan) are already struggling without adequate pasturelands for their cattle, SL Mahaweli ministry has sketched out a new plan to distribute 49 acres per Sinhala colonists through a leasing programme. The overwhelming majority of the recipients are Sinhala farmers, initial reports said. The programme, if allowed to be implemented, would be one of the disastrous Sinhala colonisation schemes in the district, the sources further said.
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Student struggle should address external agenda-setters

[TamilNet, Saturday, 04 November 2017, 23:26 GMT]
The ITAK hierarchy of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), which is led by Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan and M.A. Sumanthiran, has been unconditionally supporting the budget of genocidal Sri Lanka for the past two years. It is the agenda behind the external powers and global financial outfits such as the World Bank, which directs the collaborating polity of the TNA. The ITAK collaborators receive their instructions from the soft-power players of the US Bandwagon. India is also part of it. The ITAK collaborators have succumbed to the external agenda to a Quisling level. They are not even prepared to negotiate with the agent State in Colombo, said student political observers at the University of Jaffna who witnessed the interactions between the student leaders and the ITAK in the discourse of addressing the struggle of Tamil political prisoners.
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NPC Chief Minister addresses question on future road map for Tamil struggle

[TamilNet, Sunday, 29 October 2017, 23:15 GMT]
The Chief Minister of Northern province Justice CV Wigneswaran has cast his thoughts over what he regards as significant in consolidating the future road map of Tamils in the island. Tamil leadership should realise the futility of collaborationist politics and focus on a rights oriented struggle with a positive outlook, he said. Describing the strengths, he emphasized the cooperation with Tamil diaspora, support of Tamil Nadu, stepping up global pressure on the SL Establishment, increased solidarity with Sinhalese who understand the concerns of Tamils, and the last but not the least, the edification of Sinhala masses on the real share, history and the ownership stake of Tamils to the traditional homeland in the North-East. He was also seeking attitudinal change among the upper echelons of the Tamil society.
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SL military intelligence behind systematic increase of crimes in North

[TamilNet, Thursday, 26 October 2017, 23:33 GMT]
The intelligence wing of the occupying Sinhala military is said to be behind the systematic and rapid increase of thefts, sexual harassments and narcotic spread in the Mullaiththeevu district within the last 2 months, civil sources in the district told TamilNet on Thursday as Councillor Thurairasa Ravikaran moved an awareness motion at the Northern Provincial Council at an NPC session. In a move to arrest the situation, Tamil youth and concerned grassroots activists have set up ‘vigilance committees’ and put up civil sentries at several places. However, they are unable to curb the culprits. Now, the Sinhala military intelligence is hatching plans to suppress the activities of the civil mobilisation including the vigilance committees. The occupation by Sinhala military stands at one soldier per two civilians in the district.
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Colombo seizes more lands for Sinhala colonisation in Trincomalee through engineering Tamil-Muslim divide in East

[TamilNet, Sunday, 22 October 2017, 21:55 GMT]
The authorities of occupying Colombo are seizing the lands of uprooted Tamils in Uppaa'ru, a GS area in Ki'n'niyaa division located between the East port city of Trincomalee and Moothoor division. There were at least 60 Tamil families and 8 Tamil-speaking Muslim families living in Uppaa'ru village before their displacement during the times of war. The occupying Sri Lanka Army was behind driving the people out from their villages in the late 1990s during the regime of Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge. The SL military was sustaining around 10 Sinhala colonisers in a nearby locality known as Gengasasara-thoaddam. Now, setting encroaching Muslims against uprooted Tamils, the SL authorities are trying to ‘legally’ seize the lands that belonged to Tamils.
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Unitary constitution imposing choice irrelevant to fundamentals needs rejection by Tamils

[TamilNet, Saturday, 21 October 2017, 21:46 GMT]
Imposing conditions on Eezham Tamils to denounce their sovereignty is denial of their right to self-determination. The Eezham Tamils are a distinct nation with sovereignty-based claim to exercise their right to Self-Determination. A framework for political solution should therefore recognise the nationhood of Eezham Tamils, their geographically contiguous homeland and their inalienable right of self-determination. The interim report of the Steering Committee of the Constitutional Assembly [of genocidal Sri Lanka] has not only denied the right of self-determination, but it also attempts to force upon Tamils the unitary system with a ‘Sri Lankan’ identity, both of which have been historically and democratically denounced by Tamils. Therefore Eezham Tamils should not hesitate to reject it, says Jaffna-based Tamil political analyst S.A. Jothilingam in an exclusive interview to TamilNet.
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UN Refugee agency ignorant of stranded Tamil refugees in Indonesia

[TamilNet, Monday, 16 October 2017, 07:15 GMT]
Eezham Tamil Refugees languishing for almost five years in the transit refugee camps in Medan, which is the capital of North Sumatra province in Indonesia, mobilized against the negligence by UNHCR and the local authorities last Thursday. They were demanding resettlement in a third country as promised to them by the UN body for refugees five years ago, when their boat en route to Australia was detained off the waters of Indonesia. The immigration authorities responded harshly with the arrest of 24-year-old Nathan Partheepan, one of the organisers of the agitation a few hours after the peaceful protest. Mr Partheepan is currently detained at a closed-door detention camp, where living conditions are appalling and medically hazardous. The organiser who talked to TamilNet before being transferred from the open camp, claimed he was among those recognised as refugees by the UNHCR.
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SL constitutional discourse seen coupled with ‘Vision 2025’ policy of genocidal Sri Lanka

[TamilNet, Sunday, 08 October 2017, 23:00 GMT]
The World Bank (WB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Trade Organisation (WTO) have influenced the Colombo-based unitary system to prepare ‘Vision 2025’, a policy which gives a face-lift to the ‘development paradigm’ of genocidal Sri Lanka. The drafters of SL Constitution, engineering ‘reforms’ in the unitary system, are also the agents serving the external masters. The new constitution is going to be the bed-rock for many more so-called reforms and Acts to be enacted in future to permanently lock the island as a single-unit into the bandwagonism of the West. New Delhi has already been locked in the grid as a ‘Strategic Partner’. The interim report on the constitutional discourse should be seen coupled with ‘Vision 2025’, launched in September jointly by SL President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.
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