Civil administration becomes Sinhalese in the country of Eezham Tamils

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 05 July 2011, 06:45 GMT]
140 Sinhala Sri Lanka Administrative Service (SLAS) officers who have come initially for a ‘training’ programme to Jaffna on Monday are eventually expected to be appointed to Sinhalicise the civil service of the country of Eezham Tamils. By not recruiting Tamils and Muslims to the civil service for many years now, Colombo has schemed a situation so that only the Sinhalese could be appointed to key administrative positions even in the north and east. The process that has started in the east has now come to Vanni and Jaffna. While artfully delaying urgently needed action for the national question by reducing it into an endless debate on war crimes that has no reference to genocide, the powers that abet state in Sri Lanka commit more crimes of a permanent nature in allowing Colombo on its structural genocide and extermination of Tamil nation, political circles in Jaffna said.

SLAS in Jaffna
SLAS in Jaffna
A section of 140 Sinhala SLAS officers brought to Jaffna on Monday
Among the 86 SLAS officers recruited last year there was not even one Tamil or Muslim. The pattern prevailed in the recruitments for several years. Thus, now there are only a few old Tamil civil servants remain in the service of Colombo. SL government refuses to promote non-SLAS Tamil officers into SLAS.

Colombo now plans to create ‘vacancies’ in the north and east and is going to appoint the Sinhala officers, informed sources say. The civil administration of Ki’linochchi district in Vanni is going to be predominantly Sinhalicised immediately, they say.

The colonial governor of Sri Lanka for the north, Maj. Gen. Chandrasri repeatedly says that the presence of SLAS officers in the districts should reflect the percentage of ethnicities in the island. Accordingly, he wants the majority of the civil servants in the north to be Sinhalese.

In a well-planned way the Sinhalicisation of civil service has already been implemented in the Trincomalee and Batticaloa districts.

The Jaffna municipality and Mannaar district office also now have Sinhala SLAS officers.

Meanwhile, the 140 Sinhala SLAS officers who came to Jaffna on Monday were welcomed by the colonial governor Maj. Gen. Chandrasri, the commander of the occupying SL Army in Jaffna, Maj. Gen. Hathurusinghe and by other district officials.

The 140 Sinhala officers under ‘training’ will be functioning in all the divisions of the district for one month. However, there were hints that they may be made permanent in the positions.

Hinting at the possibility, commander of the genocidal Army, Hathurusinghe said that they should serve like some of their Sinhala predecessors who served in Jaffna decades back.

Colombo’s courage to behave like colonizers and to commit explicit genocide in intensified ways in the war and its aftermath, is not its own. It comes mainly from the stand of New Delhi and Washington that guarantees the unity of the country, not recognizes the genocide and not recognizes the historical nation of Eezham Tamils in the island and its right to self-determination, but sets paradigms such as reconciliation and home-grown solution, a politician in Jaffna said.

By its every action Colombo ridicules and abuses the paradigms ‘reconciliation and home-grown solution’, because it is sure of the guarantee given to its genocidal unity whatever it commits on Tamils and is also aware of why the guarantee is given, the Jaffna politician said.

In its competitive eagerness to ‘integrate’ the island, New Delhi is not prepared to recognize even the war crimes, but it is clear that Colombo makes even the ‘starting point’ of India, the 13th Amendment, as meaningless by calculated acts such as the Sinhalicisation of civil service in the north and east, the Jaffna politician further said, bitterly adding that the Indian civil service of the East India Company tradition may now start giving training to Sinhala SLAS officers, like the training Indian Army is giving to the genocidal Army of Sri Lanka.


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