MP lists occupied temples, schools in Trincomalee

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 June 2002, 16:10 GMT]
Trincomalee parliamentarian R. Sampanthan Monday sent a letter by fax to the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe listing schools, places of worship, private lands and public buildings in the Trincomalee district which have not been vacated by the State armed forces even one hundred and fifteen have passed after signing the ceasefire agreement with the Liberation Tigers on February 23. The list included five places of worship, twelve schools and eighteen public buildings and private lands which are still in the hands of State armed forces.

The full list follows: -

Places of worship, which have not vacated by the armed forces up-to-date:

  • 1. Palathadichchenai Pilliayar Temple-Muttur DS division

  • 2. Pallampoddar Paththini Amman Temple-Tampalakamam DS division

  • 3. Roman Catholic Church- Kuchchaveli DS division

  • 4. Murugan temple on hill at Aththimoddai, Sambaltheevu-Trincomalee DS division

  • 5. Thanganagar Pilliayar Kovil-Seruvila DS division

    School buildings, which have not been vacated up to date:

  • 1. Varothia Nagar Baratahi Vidiyalyam- Trincomalee DS division

  • 2. Kanniya Tamil Vidiyalyam- Trincomalee DS division

  • 3. Thiriyai Tamil Maha Vidiyalyam- Kuchchaveli DS division

  • 4. Iranakerni Govt. Tamil Mixed School-Kuchchaveli DS division

  • 5. Kallarawa SinhalaVidiyalayam-Kuchchaveli DS division

  • 6. Nilaveli Mahavidiyalayam (only school grounds)-Kuchchaveli DS division

  • 7. Portion of Iruthayapuram Iruthaya Vidiyalyam-Muttur DS division

  • 8. Nursery school, Mallikaitheivu-Muttur DS division

  • 9. Small portion of Muttur Central College- Muttur DS division

  • 10. Al Mina Vidiyalayalam, Poovarasanthivu-Kinniya DS division

  • 11. School grounds of Vipulananda Tamil Vidiyalyam-Kinniya DS division

  • 12. Rotawewa Muslim Vidiyalayam-Morawewa DS division

    Public buildings, which have not been vacated up to date:

  • 1. Thoppur government dispensary-Muttur DS division

  • 2. Palanagar government paddy store building - Muttur DS division

  • 3. Mallikaitheivu Rural development Society building-Muttur DS division

  • 4. Kovilkudiruppu library building-Tampalakamam DS division

  • 5. Kovilkudiruppu Pradesya Sabah building sub-office building-Tampalakamam DS division

  • 6. Tampalakamam divisional secretariat quarters-Tampalakamam DS division

  • 7. Tampalakamam telecommunication buildings-Tampalakamam DS division

  • 8. Tampalakamam railway quarters-Tampalakamam DS division

  • 9. Alankerny-Eachantheevu Hindu cemetery-Kinniya DS division

  • 10. Alankerni village committee building-Kinniya DS division

  • 11. Alankerni government dispensary-Kinniya DS division

  • 12. Kuchchaveli paddy store building-Kuchchaveli DS division

  • 13. Nilaveli co-operative society building-Kuchchaveli DS division

  • 14. Nilaveli Pradesya Sabah building-Kuchchaveli DS division

  • 15. Nilaveli Agricultural Productivity Centre building-Kuchchaveli DS division

  • 16. Nilaveli co-operative sale centre building at Irrakandy- Kuchchaveli DS division

  • 17. Seruvila divisional education office building-Seruvila DS division

  • 18. Lingapuram Pradesya Sabah sub-office building- Seruvila DS division

    Schools shut down:

    Tamils who were displaced from the Muthalikulam village in the Morawewa DS division desire to return. Some of them have cultivated their paddy lands, this current yala season.

    The following schools in the Morawewa DS division need to be re-opened:

  • i) Nochchickulam Government Tamil Mixed School (GTMS)

  • ii) Muthalikulam G.T.M.S.

  • iii) Panmathawachchi GTMS

  • iv) Pankulam GTMS

  • v) Avainagar Tamil Vidiyalyam

  • vi) Nalakudiaru government Muslim mixed school.


    The set up of check points particularly in the densely populated town and outskirts need to reviewed so as to prevent harassment of the civilian population.

    Harassment of civilians at sea:


    Harassment of Tamil fishermen in the sea off Trincomalee and Mullaitivu. In parliament, I have referred to several such instances that have occurred after the ceasefire agreement. There is a need to exercise a greater degree of control over naval personnel deployed in that region.

    Private lands occupied by armed forces, which obstructs resettlement, and the restoration of normalcy:

  • i) In Ward No: 1, Kuchchaveli in the Kuchchaveli DS division, the armed forces have fenced and enclosed the private lands of about forty families, which includes the Roman Catholic Church at Kuchchaveli. These families are anxious to resettle, but cannot do so, as long as their lands are occupied by the armed forces.

  • ii) In Eachchantheevu in Kinniya DS division the armed forces have established security posts in an area comprising about fifteen private lands, consequently these families who desire to reoccupy their lands are being kept out.

    Mr.Sampanthan has the copies of this letter to the Secretary of the Ministry of Defence and the Director General of the Peace Secretariat.


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