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Hindi supersedes solutions to genocide in New Delhi’s show of imperialism

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 07 July 2015, 00:07 GMT]
When a people of a nation wish to learn a foreign language, an overwhelming request would spontaneously come from the concerned people. But when a plenipotentiary in genocidal engineering circumstances thinks of teaching a language, it is a naked show of colonialism and imperialism, as we had seen it with the European precedents, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics responding to the Hindi activities of New Delhi’s Consulate General in Jaffna. The Hindi enthusiasts in India should realize what will be the sentiments of a people when an Establishment comes to teach its language after enacting genocide, refusing to accept it as genocide, preventing any international investigations and the visit of a foreign minister on a remembrance day banned even the toll of bells in temples, the activists said.

Indian media agent P.K. Balachandran, writing in The New Indian Express on Sunday, tried to insinuate into Eezham Tamils to get into a competition with the Sinhalese in learning Hindi.

If competition in such matters is the priority today for Eezham Tamils struggling to save their nation from genocide, then they would very well think of learning Mandarin Chinese than going for Hindi.

“Among Sri Lankans, it is the Sinhalese rather than the Tamils who have a passion for Hindi. This is partly because of the hold of Hindi films on the Sinhalese and partly because the Sinhalese language is a Sankritic language like Hindi,” Balachandran wrote.

Balachandran, long operating in Colombo, brings in shame for a ‘great’ nation like India as well as for the nation of Sinhalese that a ‘passion’ for language comes through commercial films. More than the Sinhalese the tiny nation of Maldivians had a long love affair with Hindi films, but they never invited Hindi into their lives.

Balachandran dared to write that Sinhalese is a ‘Sanskritic’ language like Hindi, because in today’s India there are no Prakrit Buddhists or Jains in number to challenge his language theories. The Sinhala lexicographers always resented to the inclusion of Sanskrit words in the name of Sinhala in the dictionaries prepared in the colonial times.

While the commonalities in the substratum between Sinhala and South Indian languages are yet to be studied and projected to the general public, the super structure that is talked of in Sinhala is Prakrit and not Sanskrit. Hindi is from the Prakrits with an admixture of Persian and Semitic languages.

Prakrits are not ‘corrupt’ Sanskrit as people were made to believe, but represent older strain of languages and linguistic traits, as the name Prakrit itself means old-made or naturally made.

Prakrit is yet to find a separate classical language status in India.

The politics behind Balachandran’s usage ‘Sanskritic’ Sinhala is obvious. Besides, it is another insinuation, this time into the mind-set of the Sinhalese.

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