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US deceit worse than India, China opposition

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 15 September 2015, 23:03 GMT]
Rather than questioning the consistent opposition of India and China for any international investigation on ‘Sri Lanka’, Tamils targeting the US move for domestic investigation in the current UNHRC session is condemnable, argues a Tamil Nadu based environmental NGO of special consultative status with UN ECOSOC. The ‘international investigation’ is already over with the OISL process and referring the matter to the ICC depends mainly on the support of India and China, the NGO argues further for containing the anger and protests in Tamil Nadu against the USA. The US move, hijacking the Tamil struggle for international justice since 2009, and institutionally ditching it at the UNHRC in 2015, is worse than the game of India and China in suppressing the struggle of Eezham Tamils, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island.

May 17 protests against US move against Eezham Tamils

May 17 protests against US move against Eezham Tamils
Protesters in Tamil Nadu demand Tamils to boycott US products
May 17 protests against US move against Eezham Tamils
May 17 protests against US move against Eezham Tamils
May 17 protests against US move against Eezham Tamils
The slogans at the agitation in front of the US mission in Chennai, Tamil Nadu
When New Delhi conducted the first regional or international war in 1987-1990 to suppress the liberation aspirations of the nation of Eezham Tamils, there was a host of activists, NGOs and NGO-run media, tacitly getting support from the USA, to voice against New Delhi.

In fact, the justice on the side of Eezham Tamils was strongly felt and the success is that New Delhi is even today criticised within India itself by the people of India.

But, the second full-fledged international war, against the nation of Eezham Tamils and was in support of the integrity of genocidal Sri Lanka, resulting in the genocide and institutionalised structural genocide of Eezham Tamils, was led by the USA with a bandwagon including India.

Yet, if there is hesitation among Tamils in the USA, in the other diaspora of the West, in Tamil Nadu and among Eezham Tamils in the island, in naming and targeting Washington for the sophisticated deception, that is the ‘success’ of the US hegemonic operations that have chosen the genocidal route with effective camouflage.

The extent of the ‘success’ could be seen in the Tamil Nadu NGO reactions. The USA has long infiltrated into considerable sections of ‘articulators’ in India.

Whether coming from Washington, New Delhi or Beijing, the post neo-colonial entries, following the old model of starting from the Colombo-centric island, cannot be effectively faced with a balanced polity of the peoples at the receiving end, with such an outlook of bailing out the USA, commented the Tamil activists.

The Tamil Nadu NGO that has come out with the controversial write-up, detracting address against the USA, is Pasumai Thayagam, which was founded by Dr. R. Ramadoss, the leader of the Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK, literally meaning, proletarian people's party). Pasumai Thayagam is the only organisation from Tamil Nadu accredited to the UNHRC.

The Pasumai Thayagam write-up by Mr R Arul was in response to the current agitations against the US move that are taking place in Tamil Nadu.

However, the arguments cited by the write-up, reflect the operations of some non-Tamil hands at Mr M.A. Sumanthiran's “lawyer's chamber” in Colombo that now functions as the de-facto headquarters of the hijacked section of the TNA, informed circles said.

May 17 protests against US move against Eezham Tamils
May 17 protests against US move against Eezham Tamils
May 17 protests against US move against Eezham Tamils

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