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Kolluk-kuṭi, Putuk-kuṭiyiruppu, Kuḍirippuva, Kuṭiyēṟṟam

கொல்லுக்குடி, புதுக்குடியிருப்பு, குடி₃ரிப்புவ, குடியேற்றம்
Kolluk-kuṭi, Putuk-kuṭiyiruppu, Kuḍirippuva, Kuṭiyēṟṟam


The settlement of the clan of ironsmiths

The new settlement

The settlement

The colony or newly populated settlement

Kuṭi settlement, usually of a homogenous group of people (Tamil, toponymic usage, Caṅkam usage, Naṟṟiṇai, 135: 4); village (Tamil, Caṅkam usage, Kuṟuntokai, 145: 1; Tirumurukāṟṟuppaṭai, 196); house, abode, home, family, lineage, town, tenants (Tamil, DED 1655, cognates in 13 Dravidian languages); house, hut, family, wife, tribe (Malayalam, DED 1655); hut, "Pẹla, Kuḍāgeya" (Sinhala, Sorata); Kuḍi: cell (Brahmi inscription, c. 1-2 century CE, Inscriptions of Ceylon, vol. II, 44); householder, cultivator, wife; "Kuṭipuruṣa, Goviyā, Bhāryayāva" (Sinhala, Sorata); Kuṭī, Kōṭa: hut (Sanskrit, etymology traced to Dravidian, CDIAL 3232, 3493); Kūṭu: (verb) to come together, assemble, associate, cohabit, be stored up (Tamil, DED 1882, cognates in 14 Dravidian languages); (noun) nest, hive, kennel, dome (Tamil, DED 1883);
Kuṭiyiruppu settlement, village (Tamil, inscription, 1185 CE, SII, v, 983; Periyapurāṇam, 685); village, quarters occupied by a special class as ryots, living, residing, life, existence (Tamil, MTL); Kuṭiyirukkai: settlement (Tamil, inscription, 961 CE, SII, xiv, 91); Kuṭiyiru: (verb) to reside, settle down (Tamil, MTL, from Kuṭi+iru: DED 1655 + 480); Kuṭi: see box on Kuṭi; Iru: (verb) to exist, remain, sit down, live (Tamil, DED 480); Iruppu, Irukkai: (noun) seat, residence (Tamil, DED 480)
Kuḍirippuva Sinhalicised form of Kuṭiyiruppu (place names in Puttalam district); Irippu: sitting, residence, position (Malayalam, DED 480); seat, royal seat (Sinhala); as in Pattirippuva: Patti+irippu: a high-pavilion royal seat; "Rajuṭa utsavādiya bẹlīma sańdahā us koṭa sệdū kuḍā gṛhaya" (Sinhala, Sorata). See boxes on Kuṭi and Kuṭiyiruppu
Kuṭiyēṟṟam colony, newly populated place (Eezham Tamil place names); Kuṭiyēṟu: (verb) to colonize, populate (Tamil, MTL, inscription, 975 CE, SII, xvii, 260; 916 CE, EI, xxiii, 45c; from Kuṭi+ēṟu: DED 1655 + 916); Kuṭi: see box on Kuṭi; Ēṟu: (verb) to rise, ascend, mount, grow, spread, be defused (Tamil, DED 916); Ēṟṟam: (noun) mounting, ascending, raising up, increasing
Kollu from Kol: working in iron, blacksmith (Tamil, DED 2133). See column 179
Putu new (Tamil, cognates in 19 Dravidian languages, DED 4275)

* * *

Kuṭi meaning village:

"உறை பதி அன்று இத் துறை கெழு சிறு குடி" (குறுந்தொகை, 145: 1)

"Uṟai pati aṉṟu it tuṟai keḻu ciṟu kuṭi" (Kuṟuntokai, 145: 1)

This small coastal village is not for me to live [as it is not consoling my lovesickness]

Kuṭi meaning the settlement of a clan or homogenous group of people:

"தன் குடி வாழ்நர் அம் குடிச் சீறூர்" (நற்றிணை, 135: 4)

"Taṉ kuṭi vāḻnar am kuṭic cīṟūr" (Naṟṟiṇai, 135: 4)

The little village of beautiful houses lived by people of their own clan

* * *

Kuṭiyiruppu meaning a settlement:

"இன்னான்கெல்லையுள் நடுவுப்பட்ட நிலத்து குடி இருப்புத் திடலும்" (Tamil, inscription, 1185 CE, SII, v, 983)

"Iṉṉāṉkellaiyuḷ naṭuvuppaṭṭa nilattu kuṭi irupput tiṭalum" (Tamil, inscription, 1185 CE, SII, v, 983)

The settlement on a high ground located in the middle of the said four boundaries

Kuṭiyirukkai meaning a settlement:

"குளமுங் குளத்தலையுங் குடியிருக்கைகளும்" (Tamil, inscription, 961 CE, SII, xiv, 91)

"Kuḷamuṅ kuḷattalaiyuṅ kuṭiyirukkaikaḷum" (Tamil, inscription, 961 CE, SII, xiv, 91)

The tank, its surroundings and the settlements

* * *

Kuṭiyēṟṟu meaning to populate or colonize:

"ஸ்ரீ கரணப் பெருஞ்சேரியென்று குடியேற்றி" (Tamil inscription, 975 CE, SII, xvii, 260)

"Śrī karaṇap peruñcēriyeṉṟu kuṭiyēṟṟi" (Tamil inscription, 975 CE, SII, xvii, 260)

[The place] was populated or colonized and was given the name Śrī Karaṇap Peruñ Cēri

* * *

Kolluk-kuṭi is a locality in Vēlaṇai in Kayts division of Jaffna district (Balsundaram, p. 156)

Putuk-kuṭiyiruppu is a place as well as a divisional headquarters in Mullaiththeevu district. The toponym comes in many other places too, in Trincomalee Town and Gravets division of Trincomalee district; Mannar Town division of Mannar district; Nanaddan division of Mannar district; Musali division of Mannar district; Koralaippattu division of Batticaloa district; Manmunaippattu division of Batticaloa district; Thampalakamam division of Trincomalee district and in Kinniya division of Trincomalee district.

Kuḍirippuva is the Sinhalicized form of Kuṭiyiruppu in Munthal division of Puttalam district. There is another place with the same name in Madampe division of Puttalam district.

Kuṭiyēṟṟam is the name of a place in Vadamaradchi North division of Jaffna district

* * *

Some related place names:


Kāttāṉ-kuṭi: Kattankudy, Batticaloa

Kaḷuvāñcik-kuṭi: Manmunai South and Eruvilpattu, Batticaloa

Cittāṇṭik-kuṭi: Koralaippattu, Batticaloa

Kalmuṉaik-kuṭi: Kalmunai, Amparai

Kuṭi-matti: translation of Civic Centre; Karaichchi, KIlinochchi

* * *


Ciṉṉa-putuk-kuṭiyiruppu: Pothuvil, Amparai

Paḻaiya-kuṭiyiruppu: Thunukkai, Mullaiththeevu

Karaiccik-kuṭiyiruppu: Karaithuraippattu, Mullaiththeevu

Kōyil-kuṭiyiruppu: Thenmaradchi, Jaffna; Karaithuraippattu, Mullaiththeevu; Thampalakamam, Trincomalee; Koralaippattu, Batticaloa

Maṇal-kuṭiyiruppu: Karaithuraippattu, Mullaithheevu

Veḷik-kuṭiyiruppu: Karaithuraippattu, Mullaiththeevu

Paṭṭik-kuṭiyiruppu: Vavuniya North, Vavuniya

Cēṉaik-kuṭiyiruppu: Kalmunai, Amparai; Eravoorppattu, Batticaloa

Paḷḷik-kuṭiyiruppu: Muthoor, Trincomalee; Akkaraippattu, Amparai

Vēṭar-kuṭiyiruppu: Manmunaippattu, Batticaloa; Eravoorppattu, Batticaloa

Murukaṉ-kōyil-kuṭiyiruppu: Kandavalai, Kilinochchi

Cēttuk-kaṇṭi-ammaṉ-kōyil-kuṭiyiruppu: Kandavalai, Kilinochchi

Vēlāyuta-uṭaiyār-kuṭiyiruppu: Kandavalai, Kilinochchi

Ceṭṭiyār-kuṭiyiruppu: Mannar Town, Mannar; Koralaippattu, Batticaloa

Kaṭṭukkāraṉ-kuṭiyiruppu: Mannar Town, Mannar

Kamakkāraṉ-kuṭiyiruppu: Mannar Town, Mannar

Kavayaṉ-kuṭiyiruppu: Mannar Town, Mannar

Kīḷiyaṉ-kuṭiyiruppu: Mannar Town, Mannar

Koṉṉayaṉ-kuṭiyiruppu: Mannar Town, Mannar

Maṭuttakkāṉ-paṭṭaṅkaṭṭi-kuṭiyiruppu: Mannar Town, Mannar

Pavilu-kiḻavaṉ-kuṭiyiruppu: Mannar Town, Mannar

Pulavar-kuṭiyiruppu: Mannar Town, Mannar

Tailaṉ-kuṭiyiruppu: Mannar Town, Mannar

Telliyaṉ-kuṭiyiruppu: Mannar Town, Mannar

Tuḷḷuk-kuṭiyiruppu: Mannar Town, Mannar

Vaittiyaṉ-kuṭiyiruppu: Mannar Town, Mannar

Kaṭṭuk-kuṭiyiruppu: Nanaddan, Mannar

Āṟumukattāṉ-kuṭiyiruppu: Eravoorppattu, Batticaloa

Naṭuk-kuṭiyiruppu: Koralaippattu, Batticaloa

Miliṭarik-kuṭiyiruppu: Koralaippattu North, Batticaloa

Laiṉaṭik-kuṭiyiruppu: Koralaippattu, Batticaloa

Kuṭiyiruppu-muṉai: Navithanveli, Amparai

Valaiya-kuṭiyiruppu-mōṭṭai: Pūnakari-Nallūr, Kilinochchi (Pooneryn OIS). Valaiyar: a fisherman community; Valai: net

* * *

Kuḍirippu/ Kuḍirippuva:

Kuḍirippuva: Muntal, Puttalam; Madampe, Puttalam

Cinna-kuḍirippu: Kaṟpiṭṭi, Puttalam

Pudu-kuḍirippuva: Kaṟpiṭṭi, Puttalam; Puttalam, Puttalam

Cēna-kuḍirippuva: Puttalam, Puttalam

Periya-paḷḷi-kuḍiyiruppuva: Puttalam, Puttalam

* * *

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